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Why one of Facebook's most successful video publishers had to scramble to re-think its whole strategy to cash in on ads

Publishers like Tastemade built big Facebook audiences by churning out lots of short content. But now many need to shift gears. That's because Facebook has begun inserting ads into video clips, but only if they run 90 seconds or more. For Tastemade, that's meant shooting videos using more TV-like conventions, like cliffhangers before ad breaks.

Over the past few years, Tastemade got really, really good at making very short recipe videos on Facebook (aka food porn).

Think a 30-second clip of an unseen chef making delectable-looking fried shrimp tacos – one of which has generated over 26 million views since last June.


The 2 key reasons behind the $1.1 billion Google-HTC smartphone deal (GOOG)
Google is buying part of HTC's smartphone division for $1.1 billion, and acquiring 2,000 new employees. It's a lifeline for HTC, which has struggled in recent years. And it demonstrates that Google is serious about its smartphone ambitions as its Pixel phones go head to head with Apple and Samsung, analysts say.

After weeks of rumours, it's finally official: Google is buying part of HTC's smartphone business.

The Californian technology giant is spending $1.1 billion (£820 million) to acquire a significant proportion of the struggling Taiwanese firm's engineers, as well as access to intellectual property, as it doubles down on its hardware plans.

There are two key reasons for the deal, analysts say.

First, it offers a lifeline to HTC — helping the company keep going and ensuring a key partner for Google doesn't drop out of the hardware game.

Amazon's latest CAPTCHA idea tests your understanding of Newtonian physics (AMZN)

Amazon has landed on a curious way to determine whether you're human or bot during a CAPTCHA test — by testing your understanding of physics.

The company has filed a patent application for a new CAPTCHA method which would show you a 3D simulation of something about to happen to a person or object. That something would involve Newtonian physics — perhaps an item is about to fall on someone, or a ball is about to roll down a slope. The test would then show you several "after" scenarios and, if you pick the correct option, you've passed the test.

You can see in the patent filing that Amazon's engineers had some fun designing the scenarios, seemingly referencing childhood cartoons that rely on physics for humour.

The guys behind OkCupid and SparkNotes are making an encrypted competitor to Slack

Maxwell Krohn and Chris Coyne, a cofounder duo behind OkCupid and SparkNotes, are launching a competitor to Slack.

In 2015, the pair cofounded Keybase, an encryption-focused startup. On Monday, it announced an early version of Keybase Teams, a chat app designed for use by teams and in the workplace — much like Slack, the buzzy Silicon Valley app popular with startups and media companies and worth $5.1 billion. (We saw the news via Fortune.)

Swedish payments company iZettle gets €30 million to invest in artificial intelligence for small businesses

Swedish payment terminal company iZettle has won €30 million (£26.6 million) in funding from the European Investment Bank (EIB) to explore artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning for small businesses.

AI and machine learning knowledge and technology are often geared towards big companies, and small businesses don't usually have the funds to develop solutions tailored to their needs. To tackle this problem, Stockholm-based iZettle plans to invest in research and development over the next three years, specifically to benefit smaller businesses.

"We're proud to receive this stamp of approval from the EIB," said CEO and cofounder of iZettle Jacob de Geer.

"It's the type of offer you can't refuse and it will allow us to further accelerate our growth and continue to level the playing field for small businesses, giving them access to tools to take on the big corporations," he said.

UK fintech startup GoCardless has raised $22.5 million in new funding

London-based fintech startup GoCardless has announced that it has raised $22.5 million (£16.6 million) in funding from investors including Accel Partners.

The company helps businesses to process recurring payments around the world, and it uses an international network to process payments in the UK, the Eurozone, and Sweden.

GoCardless cofounder Hiroki Takeuchi has now returned to his role as CEO following a serious bicycle accident in September.

The accident left Takeuchi unable to use his legs, and he has spoken candidly about his recovery

Apple has released its huge new iOS 11 software update for iPhone and iPad (AAPL)

Apple's iOS 11 software for iPhone and iPad is now available to download.

The company's latest mobile operating system — announced by Apple CEO Tim Cook in Cupertino last week — can be downloaded by going to Settings > General > Software Update.

There are a host of new features available in iOS 11 and many of them are instantly noticeable.

"iOS 11 brings augmented reality to hundreds of millions of iOS devices and new professional capabilities improve images in Photos and Camera," Apple wrote in a news announcement on its website. "Siri is more natural and useful and a redesigned App Store makes it easier to discover apps and games."

Here are some of the biggest changes in iOS 11:

Control Center has been completely redesigned so that users see their most used settings when the...

The price of Bitcoin has a 91% correlation with Google searches for Bitcoin

The current price of Bitcoin has a 91% correlation with the volume of Google search requests for Bitcoin-related terms, according to a study by SEMrush, a search engine marketing agency.

The study used a database of 120 million US keyword searches linked to the cryptocurrency. It showed that the price of Bitcoin in US dollars rose and fell largely in tandem with the number of search requests for terms like "Bitcoin," "Bitcoin price" and "Bitcoin value."

At one level, the study merely confirms the obvious: As Bitcoin becomes more expensive, and thus more exciting, more people search online to find out how it is doing. On the other hand, it is nice to see statistics confirm your hunches. While the study looked at the correlation between searches and prices, it did not — sadly — say whether searches predicted or trailed the Bitcoin/dollar exchange rate.

A Stanford professor thinks AI will be able to detect your politics, IQ, and sexuality — but not everyone agrees

A Stanford University professor who went viral last week after publishing a study that suggested artificial intelligence (AI) can tell whether a person is gay or straight based on photos believes AI will also be to determine a person's IQ and their political leanings, simply by looking at their face.

Michal Kosinski is cited in The Guardian saying that sexual orientation is just one of the many things that AI will be able to determine in the coming years by looking at our faces.

He predicts that self-learning algorithms with human characteristics will also be able to identify:

a person's political beliefs whether they have high IQs whether they are predisposed to c...

These electric cars will challenge Tesla in the next 5 years

Tesla has consistently been ahead of the curve on electric cars, but major automakers are finally starting to pose competition.

Audi, Volkswagen, and Mercedes are just a few companies that are planning to unveil an electric car by 2020. We got a glimpse of what they have in store at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show.

Scroll down for a closer look:

BMW is giving its i3 a facelift for 2018. The automaker will release a sport edition called the i3s that comes equipped with a starting range of 97 miles and 184-hp electric motor.

You can read more about the i3s here.

BMW also debuted a new Mini concept that will serve as the basis for a production model in 2019. There's no word on specs yet, but the concept shows the next Mini may not have chrome features for the first time.

You can get a