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8 of the most expensive real estate developments in American history

With an estimated cost of $20 billion, New York City's Hudson Yards neighborhood is set to become the most expensive private real estate development in American history.

When construction is complete in 2024, it will include all types of buildings, from luxury condos to boutiques to offices.

Elsewhere in the US, there are several similar projects — some of which cost billions.

Take a look at a few below.

City Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Located on the Las Vegas Strip, the City Center features 16.7 million-square-feet of casinos, high-end shops, hotels, and luxury condos.

Construction on the estimated

This former Apple prodigy just got $9.5 million from Steve Wozniak to make robots that yank staples from documents

Alex Fielding has already had a heck of a career.

In 1996, at the age of 18, he joined Apple, where he worked on the first iMac under the just-returned cofounder Steve Jobs.

In 2001, he and Apple cofounder Steve "Woz" Wozniak started up Wheels of Zeus (abbreviated as "WoZ," get it?), a company that made GPS tags so companies could track inventory. Over the years, Fielding would go on to cofound or work at other startups with other ex-Apple execs, too.

Now, that Apple pedigree has come back into play as Fielding's newest venture, Ripcord, is officially launching with a $9.5 million dollar investment from Kleiner Perkins, Lenovo's cousin investment firm Legend Star, Lux Capital — and Steve Wozniak, the Woz himself. If that's not enough nerd cred, Ripcord is actually a NASA spinoff, too.

Ruport Murdoch reportedly sold $125 million in Theranos stock for just $1 (NWSA)

Rupert Murdoch has sold his $125 million stake in beleaguered blood testing startup Theranos, according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal

Citing a source familiar with the deal, the Wall Street Journal says the company bought back Murdoch's shares for just $1. That price tag could potentially allow Murdoch to write off his investment in Theranos as a loss, a move that could let the media mogul save millions on taxes owed on other investments, the report speculated.

There's about to be a solar 'boom' in India and companies are lining up to profit

India is betting big on renewable energy and solar companies are taking notice.

SunPower CEO Tom Werner said India is about to become the biggest market for solar energy, primarily because of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's interest in growing the sector.

"The market that’s going to boom is India," Werner told Business Insider. SunPower, the second biggest solar installer in the US, is owned by European oil giant Total.

Modi wants to spend 210 billion rupees ($3.1 billion) on state aid for India's solar panel manufacturing industry to increase India's photovoltaic capacity and create an export industry, according to Bloomberg. Called the Prayas initiative, short for Pradhan Mantri Yojana for Augmenting Solar Manufacturing, the plan has not yet been made public.

GameStop tanks after missing on sales and signaling it will close some stores this year (GME)

GameStop on Thursday reported fourth-quarter profits that topped analysts' expectations, but sales that missed forecasts amid weaker demand for its gaming consoles. 

In its earnings release, the video-game retailer said its core category was weak, especially in the second half of last year, as the console cycle aged with a dearth of new hardware releases. A previous update on holiday sales showed that top gaming titles did not sell well in the fourth quarter.

The company said it was hurt by the aggressive Black Friday promotions its competitors had. It expects to close between 2%-3% of its stores worldwide this year, according to the earnings statement.

This ex-Googler wants to fix social media and make you a viral Facebook and Twitter superstar

In 2008, Bindu Reddy left her job as product lead on Google Apps — she was involved in the earliest planning stages of the search giant's ill-fated social networks, Google Buzz and Google+, but saw the writing on the wall.

"It was clear that Google was not evolving to be a social company," Reddy told Business Insider.

That was a problem for Reddy, who sees social media as a crucial mechanism for anyone, anywhere to have a voice. That's especially true during these politically turbulent times, she said, when social media is enabling people to speak up for what they believe in. Not to mention, having a personal brand can increase career opportunities.

How the next 'Star Wars' movie 'The Last Jedi' will deal with the death of Carrie Fisher

We finally have some insight into how Disney is confronting the death of its "Star Wars" star, Carrie Fisher, as it prepares to released the next movie in the saga, "Episode VIII," aka "The Last Jedi," which comes out December 15.

One thing has been made clear by Disney CEO Bob Iger in a new interview: Fisher's General Leia role will not undergo any tweaking, nor any CGI reviving of the actress along the lines of what we saw in "Rogue One."

"We had to deal with tragedy at the end of 2016. Carrie appears throughout 'VIII,'" Iger said, according to The Hollywood Reporter. "We are not changing 'VIII' to deal with her passing. Her performance remains as it is in 'VIII.' In 'Rogue One,' we had some digital character. We are not doing that with Carrie."

Google Maps has a new feature to ensure you never forget where you parked your car (GOOG)

Google has introduced a new feature to make sure Android users never forget where they park their cars. 

The update, first spotted by Android Police, comes in the form of a new menu option when you open Google Maps and tap on the blue icon that indicates your location. You will now be given the option to "save your parking" which will then place a blue "P" on the spot. 

Adidas built a pop-up store that uses high-tech sensors and lasers to build you custom clothes

Adidas is testing out a new way to attract customers and keep up with trends.

The German athletic-wear company has launched a pop-up store in Berlin that will scan your body, design you a custom sweater, knit it for you in the store, and have it ready for you in four hours. 

While the store is just temporary, the move is part of a bigger push by the company to compete with its main rival, Nike, according to Reuters' Emma Thomasson.

Here's a look at how the concept will work:

The store is called Knit For You and it's located in a shopping center in Berlin, Germany.

Source: Reuters

Inside the store, customers can design their own swe...

Microsoft's web services have been hit with a major outage (MSFT)

Microsoft's online services, including Xbox Live,, Hotmail, Office 365, the Windows Store, OneDrive, and more, were hit with what appears to be a nationwide outage on Tuesday afternoon. has logged almost 200 reports thus far confirming the outage. The Microsoft Office 365 service health dashboard acknowledges the problems and says that Microsoft is looking into it.

It's the second Microsoft outage in March, after services went out for an hour in a similar fashion. 

We've reached out to Microsoft for comment. In the meantime, don't stress if you can't get into your Microsoft accounts or software right now: It's down for everyone, not just you.