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The 24 hottest cars at the LA Auto Show
Posted December 2, 2018 0:26 AM
The 24 hottest cars at the LA Auto Show

The Los Angeles Auto Show begins on Friday and runs through December 9 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Major automakers like BMW and Mercedes-Benz, as well as startups like Rivian and Byton, will show off production and concept vehicles. This year's lineup includes vehicles that represent the auto industry's present and future, from gas-powered SUVs and pickup trucks like the 2020 Lincoln Aviator and 2020 Jeep Gladiator to electric vehicles like the BMW Vision iNext and Rivian 1T. The LA Auto Show marks the beginning of a six-month period in which automakers will show consumers what they can expect to see in showrooms over the next few years.


Black Friday and Cyber Monday set records — but combined, they still only made up half of Alibaba's Singles Day online sales (BABA)

Cyber Monday online sales hit $7.9 billion this year, up 19.3% from 2017.  While Cyber Monday set American online shopping records, it was far less than Alibaba's Singles Day sales — even when combined with Black Friday sales. Here is how the biggest online shopping days so far in 2018 measure up. 

As the Black Friday dust settles, it is time to see how the kickoff to this year's holiday shopping season measured up. 

According to the National Retail Federation, 41.4 million people shopped only online from Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday.

This $30,000 rig is the craziest gaming setup we've ever seen

Lewis Hilsenteger from the YouTube channel Unbox Therapy created up the craziest gaming rig we've ever seen. With all the various components, the entire setup costs about $30,000. You have to see it to believe it.

Lewis Hilsenteger is always showing off the latest and coolest technologies over on his YouTube channel, Unbox Therapy.

But Hilsenteger may have outdone himself with this particular setup, which he filmed earlier this year. He rigged up a $20,000 gaming computer to probably the craziest-looking game chair we've ever seen, added three monitors, and designated snack areas to create the "ultimate gaming PC setup." He even threw in a PlayStation 4 Pro, just for good measure.

Check it out.

This is it: the "ultimate" gaming experience, according to Hilsenteger. It's comprised of an elaborate gaming chair, a high-end gam...

Black Friday is not just about physical sales — Apple's App Store may have set a single-day US record (AAPL)

Apple may have set a one-day app sales record in the United States on Black Friday with $52 million in sales. That's according to a new analysis from Sensor Tower, an app analytics firm.  Games, many of which were discounted, drove the big day. 

Black Friday isn't just for doorbusters and deals — a lot of people download apps, too.

That's according to a new analysis from Sensor Tower, an app analytics firm, which found that US consumers set a new single-day revenue record for the App Store, the software distribution platform for iPhones and iPads. 

Apple grossed $52 million that day — of which about 70% go to the app makers, and 30% goes to Apple.

One of Amazon's most powerful tools is putting a target on its back, and it could turn into a problem for the company (AMZN)

Regulators in Europe have zeroed in on a specific part of Amazon's business that they say could be anti-competitive. The scrutiny involves the company's dual role as both a direct retailer — buying goods wholesale and selling them to consumers — and as a platform for other retailers to sell their goods. The issue is the data and how Amazon uses it. In the United States, Sen. Elizabeth Warren has had a similar take on Amazon's role. Amazon's third-party marketplace is core to its retail growth, and if regulation should curtail it, the company's future growth could be impacted.

European regulators have set Amazon in their sights.

Germany's competition watchdog — the Federal Cartel Office, or the Bundeskartellamt —

This Andreessen Horowitz General Partner discusses the future of home buying and the startups that are turning the 'broken' real estate industry on its head

Andreessen Horowitz General Partner Alex Rampell spoke about tech companies that are disrupting the home buying experience. Rampell describes the broken process of buying a home today — mainly, the fixed 6% real estate agent fee.  He explains that the industry is evolving to help lower the friction and bring more transparency to the process for home buyers.  The full video of Rampell's presentation can be found here.

At Andreessen Horowitz's annual Innovation Summit on Thursday, a16z General Partner Alex Rampell spoke about tech companies that are disrupting the home buying experience. 

Rampell describes the broken process of buying a home today — mainly, the fixed 6% real estate agent fee — and highlights tech companies like

Did Mic layoff their entire editorial staff ahead of their sale to Bustle Digital Group to break a union?

On Thursday, Mic laid off its entire editorial team ahead of an acquisition by Bustle Digital Group, which said it plans to relaunch the site in 2019. Elite Daily also laid off staff ahead of its acquisition by Bustle in 2017. Labor lawyers said laying off unionized staff before a sale, while legal, is a way for the acquirer to avoid recognizing the union. 

On Thursday, millennial-aimed publisher Mic

A 'party drug' with potential to be the next blockbuster antidepressant is edging closer to the mainstream, but it could set you back $9,000

Once dismissed as a "party drug," ketamine is emerging as a potential alternative treatment for depression. A growing list of academic medical centers now offer the drug, including Columbia University, which began offering ketamine to patients with severe depression this fall. Ketamine works differently from common antidepressants like Celexa or Prozac and has been called "the most important discovery in half a century." Pharmaceutical companies, including Allergan and Johnson & Johnson, are also working on developing blockbuster

Police in the San Francisco Bay Area took an unusual approach to stop a Tesla operating on Autopilot as a drunk driver slept behind the wheel

Police in the Northern California town of Redwood City arrested a man they found sleeping behind the wheel of his Tesla Model S as it drove down a highway early Friday morning. The electric luxury sedan had been traveling south on Highway 101, going about 70 mph, California Highway Patrol Officer Art Montiel told Business Insider. Montiel said officers believed the Tesla was operating on Autopilot because the driver, Alexander Samek, did not respond to their lights and sirens when they tried to pull the vehicle over. Police stopped traffic behind the Tesla while another officer traveling in front of the car gradually slowed down, forcing the semi-autonomous sedan, which can respond to varying traffic speeds and accelerate or slow down accordingly, to a complete stop.

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt listed the '3 big failures' he sees in tech startups today

Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google, gave the Centre for Entrepreneurs lecture in London this week. In a draft of the speech, seen by Business Insider, Schmidt outlined what he sees as the three big market failures holding back tech entrepreneurship today. He said tech startups need to be more diverse, less product driven, and more willing to partner early.

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt has listed the three "big failures" in tech entrepreneurship around the world.

Schmidt outlined the failings in a speech he gave at the Centre for Entrepreneurs in London this week. He later expanded on his thoughts in an interview with former BBC News boss James Harding.

Below are the three mistakes he outlined, with quotes taken from both a draft of his speech seen by Business Insider, and comments he delivered on the night.

1. People stick to who and what they know