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Elon Musk reveals what he meant by his 'funding secured' tweet (TSLA)

Elon Musk said in a company statement on Monday morning that he thought tweeting about possibly taking Tesla private was the "right and fair thing to do." Musk said Saudi Arabia's sovereign wealth fund had brought up taking Tesla private multiple times during the past two years. Musk said he met with the fund's managing director on July 31 and left that meeting confident that a deal to take Tesla private with the fund could be done.

Elon Musk is defending his "funding secured" tweet.

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MoviePass encouraged its subscribers to see 'Mission: Impossible — Fallout' on Sunday, even though it was blocked in most theaters

MoviePass tweeted on Sunday encouraging customers to see "Mission: Impossible — Fallout" with the service, but many users still couldn't access the movie. MoviePass deleted the tweet. Starting August 15, MoviePass is expected to fully implement new changes to the service, in which users can see any movie, but only three a month. MoviePass sent an email to customers later Sunday implying that subscribers would be able to see the movie starting Tuesday night. It seems even MoviePass employees are confused as to what movies are currently available on the service.


MoviePass once again confused and angered customers over the weekend when it posted a tweet encouraging them to use the service to see a movie that most subscribers couldn't access through the app. 

Google's DeepMind AI can accurately detect 50 types of eye disease just by looking at scans (GOOG)

Google's artificial intelligence company DeepMind has published "really significant" research showing its algorithm can identify around 50 eye diseases by looking at retinal eye scans. DeepMind said its AI was as good as expert clinicians, and that it could help prevent people from losing their sight. DeepMind has been criticised for its practices around medical data, but cofounder Mustafa Suleyman said all the information in this research project was anonymised. The company plans to hand the technology over for free to NHS hospitals for five years, provided it passes the next phase of research.

Google's artificial intelligence company, DeepMind, has developed an AI which can successfully detect more than 50 types of eye disease just by looking at 3D retinal scans.

DeepMind published on Monday the results of joint research with Moorfields Eye Hospital, a renowned centre for treating eye conditions in London, in Nature Medicine.


3 great TV shows you can watch on Netflix this week

Stuck on what to watch next? Look no further. We're here to make it easier to pick what shows you watch on Netflix this week.

We know what it's like to spend way too much free time choosing what to watch on Netflix, so every week we put together a list of three shows you can watch right now.

We pick shows you can finish in a day, and some you can just get started on binge-watching. We mix shows that have recently come onto the service with some old favorites you might have missed.

From The CW's sci-fi series "The 100" to NBC's "The Office," here are three great TV shows you can binge-watch on Netflix this week:

"Sugar Rush" — A Netflix Original

Seasons: 1

Episodes: 8

If the Saudis do help Elon Musk take Tesla private, the company could actually take over the world (TSLA)

The Saudi sovereign wealth fund could be the key player in taking Tesla private, according to a recent account from CEO Elon Musk. The Saudi fund is potentially enormous, even with much of its value bound up in a troubled IPO. Depending on how a possible deal shakes down, Tesla and Musk could see a massive funding boost, freed from market constraints.

On Monday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk provided some additional detail on his plans to take Tesla private.

The key takeaway is that the deal hinges on the Saudi sovereign wealth fund's willingness to finance a buyout.

Secondarily, the potential deal size

We made a timeline showing the entire history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

It all started with 2008's "Iron Man," but the Marvel Cinematic Universe actually stretches back millions of years.

The history includes far more than what we see on the screen. Thankfully, there's plenty of context within the 20 movies so far to give us a sense of just how far back it goes, and when important events not seen in the movies take place.

We've put together a timeline that details the entirety of the MCU, based on the movies (we excluded events from television shows, like the Marvel Netflix series). The timeline can be confusing, and isn't entirely concrete. We've included year ranges with each slide below to give a decent understanding of when events took place. Specific years that we know for sure are noted, as well.

Samsung's long-awaited foldable phone is 'not far away' — here are 7 things to expect from the Galaxy X

For years, we've heard rumors about a Samsung foldable smartphone called the Galaxy X.

The phone still hasn't surfaced — but Samsung's mobile business head DJ Koh said on August 10 that it's "not far away" during a press conference following the company's Unpacked event where it announced the Galaxy Note 9 phone. 

It's tough to gauge DJ Koh's "not far away" statement, whether he means 2018 or 2019. An earlier report from July suggested 2019 would be the year we finally get a peek at the Galaxy X, according to the Wall Street Journal.

A lot of phone manufacturers, including Apple, are also said to be creating similar foldable smartphones. But if Samsung stays the course, 

This chart shows how far Samsung has to go with its new Galaxy Watch to challenge Apple for smartwatch dominance

Among the many announcements at its Unpacked event on Thursday, Samsung debuted a new smartwatch, dubbed the Galaxy Watch.

The Galaxy Watch will be offered in two sizes with a battery life that the company claims will be able to operate for several days on a single charge.

But as this chart from Statista shows, Samsung is way behind in smartwatch shipments in 2017. Apple shipped out 17.7 million smartwatches last year while Samsung shipped out 3.6 million.

Facebook is shaking up its efforts to connect a billion new users to the internet (FB)

Facebook is shaking up its efforts to connect the so-called "next billion" internet users, especially those in emerging markets. All its connectivity projects are being grouped under a single umbrella, Facebook Connectivity, which has a new boss. The Silicon Valley company's efforts haven't always gone smoothly.

There's changes afoot at Facebook's wildly ambitious efforts to connect the so-called "next billion" internet users, who are expected to mostly come from emerging markets. 

On Friday, the social networking firm revealed that it is bringing all its connectivity efforts together under one umbrella — called, aptly, Facebook Connectivity. It has also hired an executive from wireless firm Ruckus Networks to lead the program, Dan Rabinovitsj.

"Let’s get the next billion people on the internet!" his LinkedIn job description now reads.

Facebook's blockchain boss David Marcus is leaving cryptocurrency startup Coinbase's board (FB)

Facebook's blockchain boss David Marcus is leaving the board of crypto startup Coinbase. His departure is a signal that the social networking giant's secretive blockchain efforts are progressing. "Because of the new group I’m setting up at Facebook around Blockchain, I’ve decided it was appropriate for me to resign from the Coinbase board," Marcus said in a statement.

In a sign that Facebook's secretive blockchain effort is progressing, David Marcus, the head of that project, announced he's leaving the board of $8 billion cryptocurrency startup Coinbase.

Marcus joined Coinbase's board in December 2017. His decision to resign "was made to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest," a Coinbase representative told CoinDesk, which