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Morgan Stanley likes the idea of a Tesla semi-truck (TSLA)

"A Tesla semi-truck is coming."

That's how Morgan Stanley autos and shared mobility analyst Adam Jonas kicked off a research note published on Thursday.

Tesla has promised to unveil the semi-truck in September. which if we've read Elon Musk's Master Plan, Part Deux correctly will be all-electric and somewhat self-driving —

"With the imminent launch of the Model 3, launch of the gigafactory, development of the Model Y and integration of SolarCity, why does Tesla care about trucking?" Jonas asked. 

Good question. I think the semi is indeed a

How a startup went from building servers out of wood to a $20 million business — without giving control to outside investors

Over the last 10 years, Silicon Valley startup BackBlaze has quietly established itself as a useful and popular service, letting you back up your entire PC or Mac to the cloud for $5 per computer per month.

On Thursday, BackBlaze CEO Gleb Budman revealed to Business Insider that the company just closed a $5 million sales quarter, putting it on track for a $20 million annualized run rate (ARR), the amount of money that BackBlaze projects it will bring in this year if its current rate of business continues.

Compared to certain other Silicon Valley startups, BackBlaze isn't necessarily a standout. Dropbox, one of BackBlaze's biggest competitors, is also ten years old this year. Dropbox, valued at $10 billion, is

More data suggests that the next iPhone could cost a whole lot (AAPL)

Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty disagrees with other Apple analysts mostly on one estimate: what the average selling price of an iPhone will be next year. 

Huberty writes in a research note distributed on Thursday that she estimates the average iPhone will sell for $753 in 2018, which is significantly higher than the Street's consensus of $675.

Apple is believed to be launching a high-end iPhone this fall that is rumored to cost as much as $1,000. This year's iPhone could have a "more power efficient OLED display, wireless charging, 3D sensors, and a new curved form factor," according to Huberty. 

Apple is also increasingly selling more iPhone 7 Plus models, which have a bigger screen than the iPhone 7 and cost over $100 more. 

Both of these trends point Huberty's models to a more expensive average selling price for iPhones in the future. 

What it's like to attend a $90 'pot brunch' where guests eat gourmet food and get high

In a sunlit warehouse in San Francisco, guests mill about while nibbling on lemon curd tarts with edible flowers. Then a gong sounds, signaling that the next round of marijuana joints is being served on the patio.

In May 2015, chef and cannabis enthusiast Coreen Carroll and her partner, Ryan Bush, hosted the first ever Cannaisseur Series event. The underground pop-up restaurant invites medical marijuana patients to share intimate, gourmet meals and weed with like-minded individuals.

Google Home is getting a significant update (GOOG)

Google's connected speaker is getting an anticipated update Thursday.

Google Home will now support multiple Google accounts and tell the difference between users' voices. That means you'll be able to get customized answers for every Google user in your house.

It's a small, but significant update. One of the big weaknesses with connected speakers like Google Home and Amazon Echo is that it's difficult to switch accounts. That means just one person's calendar, email, messages, music playlists, and more on a device the entire household is supposed to share.

Google's new update solves the problem.

Here's how it works

The most effective way to smile in dating app photos varies by gender — here are 5 tips on what photos to pick

When you're choosing the right photo for your dating app profile, the setting can make a huge impact, and it varies between men and women.

Dating app Hinge analyzed its data to find out which types of shots proved most successful. Here are the most useful things they found:

Smiling varies by gender. Hinge found that there was a gender difference when it came to the question of whether to smile with teeth or without teeth. Women smiling with teeth were 76% more likely to get a like than those smiling without teeth. For men, it was the opposite. Men smiling without teeth were 43% more likely to get a like than those smiling with teeth. Stop it with the selfies. Hinge found selfies were 40% less likely to receive a like. Get off the beach. For both genders, beach photos were relatively less likely to get a like, whereas sports photos were more likely to ...

What marijuana really does to your body and brain

Marijuana's official designation as a Schedule 1 drug — something with "no currently accepted medical use" — means it's pretty tough to study.

Yet both a growing body of research and numerous anecdotal reports link cannabis with several health benefits, including pain relief and helping with certain forms of epilepsy. In addition, researchers say there are many other ways marijuana might affect health that they want to better understand.

A massive 

35 movies coming out this summer that you need to see

We’re on the cusp of the summer-movie season, and it's going to come fast.

Last year, the big complaint about summer movies was that too many sequels and reboots turned out to be duds. And though you will surely get some of that this summer, on paper at least, this batch seems promising.

You have highly anticipated sequels like “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2,” “Alien: Covenant” (the sequel to “Prometheus”), and “Despicable Me 3,” and on the reboot side, you have Tom Cruise resurrecting “The Mummy,” The Rock flexing his muscles in “Baywatch,” and Tom Holland as Spidey in “Spider-Man: Homecoming.”

And let’s not forget “Wonder Woman,” Christopher Nolan’s war movie “Dunkirk,” and Luc Besson’s gorgeous-looking sci-fi epic “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.”

Here are 35 movies coming out this summer that you need to se:

"Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" (Release Date: May 5)

Jimmy Kimmel finds a replacement for Bill O'Reilly's Fox News show

Like many of the late-night hosts on Wednesday, Jimmy Kimmel couldn’t resist poking fun at the big news that Bill O’Reilly has been dropped by Fox News

The cable news network cut ties with O’Reilly following a barrage of sexual-harassment allegations. The successful political commentator heard the news while on vacation.

“Fox News decided to extend Bill’s vacation to forever,” Kimmel said on his show.

Kimmel also gave an exclusive look at O’Reilly’s "replacement," which was in fact a bit with Kimmel’s security-guard sidekick, Guillermo Rodriguez, as the host of a parody Fox News show called "The Guillerm O'Factor."

'It was pervasive': CNN anchor discusses personal experience of harassment at Fox News

CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota opened up on Thursday about her personal experience with sexual harassment at Fox News in the wake of Bill O'Reilly's departure from the network.

The "New Day" host said on her show that "there is a feeling that there's more to come," pointing to a Department of Justice investigation into whether Fox News misled shareholders about the extent of sexual harassment cases at the network. 

But Camerota, a 16-year Fox News veteran, also acknowledged that experienced "more than one" instance of harassment by former CEO Roger Ailes. She also discussed frustration with the feeling that no one could stop his behavior.