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Tesla is reportedly building another tent at its Fremont factory (TSLA)

Tesla is reportedly planning on building another gigantic outdoor tent that can help with production of its electric Model 3 sedan and other car models.  Tesla has applied with the city of Fremont, California—where its factory is located—for a permit to build a 4,000 square foot outdoor tent. In June, Tesla used a giant outdoor tent to reach a second-quarter production goal of 5,000 Model 3 vehicles per week.

Tesla is reportedly planning to build another gigantic outdoor tent that can help with production of its compact Model 3 sedan and other car models. 

Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen is battling non-Hodgkin's lymphoma for the second time in 10 years

Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen has been diagnosed with a recurrence of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Allen, who heads Vulcan Ventures and owns the Seattle Seahawks NFL team, previously battled the disease in 2009.

Paul Allen, the tech billionaire who cofounded Microsoft, announced Monday that he is again battling lymphoma.

Allen, 65, was diagnosed in 2009 with non-Hodgkins lymphoma. The disease has returned, he said in a statement on his personal website.

"My team of doctors has begun treatment of the disease and I plan on fighting this aggressively," he said. He continued: "My doctors are optimistic that I will see good results from the latest therapies, as am I."

Despite the disease,

'Mega Man 11' is the run-and-gun reboot fans have been waiting years to play

"Mega Man 11" revives an iconic character, mixing classic gameplay with modern graphics and presentation. Precise controls and unique special weapons make Mega Man a joy to play, despite unforgiving pitfalls and tough enemy bosses With four difficulty settings, the game is welcoming for newcomers but still holds a challenge for veterans of the series. The updated presentation and voice acting bring a refreshing dose of personality to a tried and true formula.

"Mega Man 11" is the game fans of the series have been waiting for. It treats the Blue Bomber with the sort of love and respect that a 30-year-old franchise deserves.

Once easily recognized alongside iconic characters like Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man has struggled to make the jump to the current generation of consoles. Until now.

Sniper Joe, an age-old Mega Man enemy, guards the path with his shield and blaster.

The DEA’s surprising shift on marijuana could keep a booming $1 billion industry in check, experts say

For the first time in 46 years, the Drug Enforcement Administration has changed its stance on the marijuana compound CBD.  Rather than reclassifying CBD entirely, the agency changed how it regulates federally-approved drugs made with the compound. Those drugs — only one of which, called Epidiolex, currently exists — are now classified as Schedule 5 drugs, meaning they're the least-strictly regulated. Researchers, advocates, and entrepreneurs say the move is good news for the CBD industry as a whole. Here's why.

Google will let some people play one of the biggest video games of the year for free, right from the Chrome browser — even if you have a lousy PC (GOOG, GOOGL)

Google will stream the "Assassin's Creed Odyssey" video game to play directly from the Chrome web browser for its experimental game streaming service, called Project Stream. You'll be able to play the game from Chrome much like you would with a console or PC, except the visuals for the game and your controller inputs will be transmitted over the internet.  Better yet, it'll be free.  The catch: There are a limited number of spots for Project Stream.

Google will let people play "Assassin's Creed Odyssey," one of the most-anticipated video games of the year, straight from the Google Chrome web browser for a new experimental service called Project Stream, the company announced on Monday.

Nvidia hits at an all-time high after Goldman Sachs says it sees a big opportunity in gaming cards (NVDA)

Nvidia shares hit an all-time high Monday after Goldman Sachs said it sees tremendous growth opportunities with its gaming cards.  Shares touched a record $292.06 —up about 4% — on Monday. Watch Nvidia trade in real time here.

Nvidia shares hit an all-time high Monday after Goldman Sachs said it sees tremendous growth opportunities led by its new Turing architecture and inference capabilities. Nvidia shares rose about 4% — to a record high of $292.06 — on Monday.

According to a note by Goldman, Nvidia's gaming business is on the verge of accelerating as its benefits from the introduction of Turing-based products. The bank expects the introduction of the Tesla T4 chip for servers and TensorRT software to boost inference capabilities in data centers. 

'Black Mirror' season 5 is reportedly coming to Netflix this year, and it could include a choose-your-own-adventure episode

"Black Mirror" season 5 is expected to come to Netflix in December, according to a new Bloomberg report. Netflix is also developing interactive specials where viewers can choose the next storyline in a show or movie, according to the report. One of these "choose-your-own-adventure" programs could be an episode of "Black Mirror."


"Black Mirror" could be returning sooner than expected. According to Bloomberg, which cites anonymous sources, the fifth season of the hit sci-fi anthology series is expected to come to Netflix in December.

MoviePass emailed former subscribers to tell them they'll be enrolled in a new plan unless they opt out, and experts are calling it 'unfair and abusive' (HMNY)

On Friday, MoviePass sent out an email to subscribers, some of whom claim they had already cancelled their subscription or let it lapse, offering them a one-movie-per-day "test group" plan for $9.95 to get them using the service again. However, the email states that unless you opt out, your membership will be automatically restored and you'll be charged $9.95 on a monthly basis beginning October 5. Many former MoviePass users who canceled or never renewed their monthly membership are upset after learning the company planned to re-enroll them without their consent. Joan Martínez Evora, Lecturer in Business Law at University of Miami Business School, described the MoviePass email to Business Insider as "unfair and abusive," and Andrew C. Wicks, Ruffin Professor of Business Administration at the University of Virginia's Darden School of Business, saw the email as "inappropriate and potentially bordering on bullying the customer."


Elon Musk follows 69 accounts on Twitter — here they are

Elon Musk's Twitter account has gotten a lot of attention lately.

Musk, who is CEO at both Tesla and SpaceX, uses his Twitter account to share ideas, company announcements, and jokes with his 22 million+ followers.

But some of his tweets recently drew the attention of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which sued Musk last week for tweeting "false and misleading statements" about taking Tesla private. Musk settled with the SEC over the weekend, after agreeing to resign as Tesla's chairman and pay $20 million from Tesla and $20 million from his own account as a fine to the SEC.

Some iPhone XS owners are reporting that their new iPhones have problems charging (AAPL)

Some iPhone XS owners are reporting issues with charging their new iPhones. Affected iPhones won't begin charging when the screen is turned off. It'll only start charging when the iPhone is awakened. Some users said they need to unplug and replug the Lightning cable into their new iPhones. YouTube channel Unbox Therapy seemingly confirmed that some of the nine iPhones it tested had issues charging.

Some iPhone XS owners are reporting on the MacRumors forum and the Apple support forum that their new smartphones have charging issues.