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This guy saved his lost AirPod using a makeshift magnetic 'fishing pole' (AAPL)

Anyone who has worn Apple's futuristic wireless earbuds, AirPods, gets the same question: What happens when one falls out and you can't retrieve it

That's exactly what happened to Paul Canetti, founder and CEO of MAZ, a company that builds apps for media companies like Forbes and USA Today.

He was rocking one of his AirPods on Monday, listening to a New York Times podcast, when — whoops! — one fell down a grate in New York City.

"As I opened the case to take out the second 'pod,' I fumbled and it flew out in a cartoonish arc straight into the grate," Canetti told Business Insider. 

A Stockholm suburb is redesigning its streets to be 'feminist'

To make women feel a little safer in the Stockholm suburb of Husby, local officials will redesign part of its center.

More than one-third of women report feeling unsafe walking alone at night in the US, compared to just 11% of men, according to a recent Gallup poll. And 35% of the poll's female respondents in Sweden said they do not feel secure walking outside after sunset.

A Swedish housing company, called Svenska Bostäder, is leading the plan, which includes more street lighting, especially near Husby's subway station entrance. A bar and café, which Nurcan Gültekin, a coordinator from Svenska Bostäder, says is frequented mostly by men, will also be moved. A new, undetermined business will replace it.

How to use FaceApp, the app that can age your face or swap your gender

In the era of the selfie, there's no shortage of apps that can make you better looking, turn you into a dog, or even swap your face onto someone else's. 

Now, there's an app that can alter your gender entirely, age you, or add a smile to your face. 

Called FaceApp, the app can take a selfie or a photo saved to your camera roll and alter it using neural-network technology. FaceApp is capable of adding two different kinds of smiles to your photo, aging you or making you look younger, or swapping your gender. There's also a filter called "Flash," which seems to lighten and smooth skin. 

7 smart shortcuts to use in your work email

Emails can be a serious time sink.

As Reuters reported, one 2015 survey found that US workers spend "6.3 hours a day checking emails, with 3.2 hours devoted to work emails and 3.1 hours to personal messages."

If you want to save some time and energy, it's important to figure out how to optimize your email experience.

Here are some shortcuts that can seriously cut down on the time you spend in your inbox:

Watch your email headers

"Be clear and concise with your email heading," Michael Kerr, an international business speaker and author of "The Humor Advantage" told Business Insider.

These are the coolest features on every Tesla — including the soon-to-launch Model 3 (TSLA)

There are currently three Tesla vehicles on the road: the original Roadster and its later variations; the Model S sedan; and the Model X SUV.

If all goes according to plan, the mass-market Model 3 sedan will hit the streets in 2017. It could be as early as July.

As it turns out, I've driven all of Tesla's cars, and I went for a brief ride in a prototype of the Model 3 earlier this year.

They each have their own cool features, but they all share numerous aspects — stuff that you get on each and every Tesla.

Here's a breakdown:

THE ROADSTER: Tesla's first car was a sexy little two-seater that redefined what an electric car could be. I drove the Roadster in 2010 (it was the Roadster Sport), and I sampled the car again in 2016. COOLEST FEATURE: Acceleration! Electric cars are fast. The Roadster is fast — The Sport posts 0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds. There are faster Teslas, but in the Roadster, you really feel the speed. SECOND...

A bureaucratic mistake has revealed Apple’s secret team of self-driving car experts (AAPL, GOOG, GOOGL)

A secret team of NASA veterans and robotics experts recruited by Apple to lead its self-driving car project has had its cover blown by what appears to be a simple bureaucratic snafu. 

An Apple filing obtained by Business Insider on Friday through a public records request contained the names of six individuals that Apple names as the official "driver/operators" of these driverless vehicles.

The filing with the California Department of Motor Vehicles provided the first public details about Apple's efforts testing self-driving cars, including brief descriptions of the car's "automated system" and a walk-through of the training program for test vehicle operators.

Anonymous app Yik Yak, once valued at $400 million, reportedly sold its engineers to Square for $3 million (SQ)

Payments company Square has acquired the engineering team behind Yik Yak for less than $3 million, according to a new report form Bloomberg, citing sources. 

The anonymous chat app used to be valued at $4oo million after raising more than $73 million in venture capital. At its prime, Yik Yak was considered the darling of the anonymous messaging space, having attracted a young user base of college students that would compulsively open the app multiple times a day to stay informed. 

New close-up photos of Saturn's largest moon may be the last for decades

Cassini is a NASA spacecraft that has orbited Saturn since 2004. On April 22, the probe took its last close-up photos of Titan, Saturn's largest moon. Flying past the moon nudged Cassini onto a path that will eventually destroy the spacecraft.

NASA's long-lived Saturn probe, Cassini, has paid its final visit to the planet's largest moon, Titan.

The moon is larger than Earth's and bigger than the planet Mercury. It's covered in thick haze and smog, contains seas of liquid hydrocarbons, has a crust made of ice — and just might be habitable to alien life.

Cassini flew by the giant moon and photographed it on April 22, less than two weeks after the probe captured an awe-inspiring image of Earth through the rings of Saturn.

Why the iPhone 8 could cost a lot more than a typical iPhone, in one chart (AAPL)

Apple is expected to launch a redesigned iPhone model this fall based around a next-generation display technology called OLED, and Wall Street analysts believe it could cost a lot more than the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Some analysts have even predicted that the cost of the device could top $1000, which was first reported by Fast Company

Currently, the entry price for an iPhone 7 is $650.

Why are Wall Street analysts suggesting that the next iPhone could more than before? Because the companies that make parts for iPhones are saying that the components Apple is ordering are more expensive than before.

The Galaxy S8 is a beautiful phone, but it's also extremely fragile

Samsung's new Galaxy S8 is mighty tempting with its gorgeous design.

However, with beauty comes compromise, at least when it comes to the Galaxy S8's durability.

Two YouTube channels, SquareTrade and JerryRigEverything, perform durability tests on new smartphones, and the Galaxy S8 was certainly not going to be left out.

They found that the Galaxy S8 was fragile in big impacts, but its screen stood up well against scratches. SquareTrade also found some issues with the Galaxy S8's water resistance.

Check out the results of their tests:

SquareTrade dropped both Galaxy S8 models — the S8 and S8 Plus — on their fronts and backs from a height of 6 feet.


It found that both Galaxy S8 models cracked on the front and back on their first drops. The previous Galaxy phones, the Galaxy S7...