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Facebook just revealed that a huge hack affected 30 million people, and Wall Street doesn't seem to care (FB)

Wall Street gave a collective yawn Friday following Facebook's disclosure that 30 million users were impacted in a hack first disclosed in late September. Facebook stock was down by less than a percentage point on Friday following the news. Overall, the company's value is down 7% — or $47 billion — since the hack was first disclosed, though most of that seems to have been as part of a larger market downturn. Facebook is currently valued at about $440 billion.

Facebook stock by fell less than a percent on Friday, despite the company's confirmation of what appears to be the largest security breach in its history.

The company lost just 0.44% — or $0.68 per share — in value after it announced that 30 million users were affected by the massive hack, which it first disclosed two weeks ago.

Snap is an 'attractive candidate to go private' if management can’t reverse its usage trends, analyst says (SNAP)

Snap shares rallied Friday after receiving an upgrade from Pivotal Research. The stock's current price makes the company an "attractive candidate to go private" if management can't reverse its usage trends, Pivotal Research said. Shares have lost more than 60% of their value since Kylie Jenner tweeted her displeasure with the Snapchat app's redesign in February. Watch Snap trade in real time here.

Snap shares rallied as much as 8.5% Friday after receiving an upgrade at Pivotal Research, who said the company is an "attractive candidate to go private" if its management is unable to reverse its current usage trends.

30 million Facebook accounts were hacked and people are furious (FB)

Facebook announced Friday that 30 million users were affected by a massive hack it first made public two weeks ago. The reaction — as perhaps expected — has been extremely negative across the internet.  People are pointing to the irony of Facebook launching the Portal, its in-home hardware device, earlier this week and are calling for Zuckerberg to be fired. 

Facebook announced Friday that 30 million users were affected by a massive hack it first made public two weeks ago.

Reactions across the internet have been extremely negative. 


The 10 best used cars to buy to get the most for your money

The automotive data and research site has compiled a list of the 10 cars that experience the highest amount of depreciation over a five-year period. Luxury sedans took six of the 10 spots on the list, including three vehicles from BMW, the most of any automaker. General Motors and Daimler each had two.


Over time, some cars lose more value than others for reasons that don't necessarily have to do with their quality. For example, the year an auto company releases an updated version of a vehicle, prior versions of that vehicle lose value, even if the average consumer might be satisfied with them. This presents opportunities for used car buyers to find deals on cars they may think are undervalued.

The automotive data and research site

Snapchat just introduced new selfie filters meant specifically for your cat (SNAP)

Snapchat can now detect your cat's face and apply lenses to it.  Previously, the app could generally only detect human faces for its selfie lenses — but it would occasionally work with animals.  For now, Snapchat is specifically focusing on cat lenses, and not other pets. 

If you've painstakingly tried to get Snapchat filters to apply to your cat without luck, your time has come. 

Snapchat just announced the introduction of cat lenses, meaning the app is now able to reliably detect cats' faces. Previously, the lenses were only meant for human faces, but you could get it to work on your pets if you were lucky. 

For some reason, Snapchat has chosen to focus specifically on cats, and not other animals.

In a tweet announcing the new feature, Snapchat showed off a few of the filters in action — including a cat with bats flying around its face, and a few cat owners taking selfies with their grumpy-looking, glasses-wearing cats.


Tech billionaires Marc Benioff and Jack Dorsey are clashing over a key law that could seriously impact the San Francisco homelessness crisis (CRM, TWTR, SQ)

A San Francisco measure on the ballot in November caused a stir among the tech elite on Friday. Proposition C would tax the largest businesses in the city to fund homelessness services. It could bring in $250 million to $300 million in revenue annually. Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff is a strong proponent of the measure. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey used his social network on Friday to oppose Benioff's support, though Benioff was quick to respond.

Several of San Francisco's most powerful tech CEOs publicly locked horns on Friday over a measure that would make the city's largest businesses pay a greater share of the bill for homelessness services.

In a series of tweets,

23 tips and tricks to get the most out of your Apple Watch (AAPL)

The Apple Watch packs a surprising amount of tools into a tiny package.

From messaging to productivity to advanced fitness tracking, the Apple Watch has something for everyone.

But not every Apple Watch feature is obvious from the get-go. Apple has filled the watch — which is now on its fifth iteration, the Apple Watch Series 4 — with neat tricks and helpful tools to make using the watch a lot easier. And now that the latest version of Apple's smartwatch operating system, WatchOS 5, has arrived, there are even more cool tricks (as long as you have an Apple Watch Series 1 or newer). 

After millions of Facebook accounts were hacked, here's how to secure your social media accounts and operating systems (FB)

Although two-factor authentication likely wouldn't have stopped your data from being stolen in the Facebook hack, the event is a reminder that your passwords can be easily accessible.  Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a more secure method of logging in to accounts, email, and operating systems. It often comes in the form of a text message with a code, but it's even safer to use a physical security key that you plug into your computer.  Companies like Yubico make relatively inexpensive security keys that can prevent your accounts from being accessed by bad actors. 

The recent Facebook hack in which the private information of millions of users was stolen is an unfortunate reminder that our passwords aren't always as safe as we think they are.

22 astounding facts about the moon landing from 'First Man' that are actually true

An estimated 530 million people around the world had their eyes on NASA astronaut Neil Armstrong as he took one "giant leap for mankind" on July 20, 1969.

Armstrong cemented his role in history that day, becoming the first person to step foot on the moon. Today, walking on the lunar surface is an honor only 11 other men share. 

But the backstory of how Armstrong was selected for that job and his tumultuous path to the moon are less well known. 

In the movie "First Man," actor Ryan Gosling plays a young Armstrong in the ambitious and sometimes tragic lead-up to his unlikely journey to the moon. 

Elon Musk denies report that James Murdoch is the top choice to replace him as Tesla's chairman (TSLA)

Elon Musk just denied a report that James Murdoch is top choice for the next chairman of Tesla. The FT has reported that Murdoch, the CEO of 21st Century Fox was favored for the role, but Musk pushed back via Twitter. "This is incorrect," the Tesla CEO tweeted, without elaborating. Musk has been forced to vacate the role as part of a settlement with the SEC that is also seeing him pay a $20 million fine over his abortive effort to take Tesla private.

Elon Musk has denied a report that James Murdoch is the top choice to be the next chairman of Tesla.

On Wednesday, The Financial Times reported that the 21st Century Fox CEO and son of Rupert Murdoch would take the role being vacated by the electric vehicle entrepreneur following a settlement with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).