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China may build a smog-eating 'forest city' filled with tree-covered skyscrapers

The eastern Chinese city of Nanjing, like many of the country's urban areas, suffers from intense smog.

The Air Quality Index, which uses a scale from 0 to 500 (with higher numbers indicating worse pollution), rates Nanjing's air quality as 132 — a level considered unhealthy for the public, especially those with respiratory disease.

The Italian design firm Stefano Boeri Architetti believes that building towers covered in plants could help the city reduce its pollution. The company recently announced that it will build two skyscrapers that will hold a total of 1,100 trees and 2,500 cascading shrubs on their rooftops and balconies.

Inside young Silicon Valley's elite meeting about the soul of the entire global economy

There's a particular kind of people that get onto helicopters in New York City and fly to the Rockefeller estate about an hour's drive away. There, they attend a 200-person dinner with former heads of state, Admirals, CEOs, media elite and billionaire investors — shmoozing, chatting about business ideas, having a few glasses of wine. The next morning, they wake up and talk about the newest innovations in jet engine technology with some kids from MIT.

I will use a word to describe them — a word that has been thrown around with a negative connotation it simply does not deserve. These people are globalists.

And last weekend a number of these people — most of them young Silicon Valley types with an entrepreneurial bent — gathered for a meeting of the

Apple is catastrophically late to the self-driving car game (AAPL, GOOG, TSLA, F, GM)

After thinking that the Apple Car — "Project Titan" — was pretty much dead, we saw it crawl from the grave via a filing in California to test a self-driving technology on public roads.

With this move, Apple joins a host of other automakers and tech companies that are already permitted to test their autonomous experiments on the Golden State's highways and byways.

And thanks to some intrepid reporting by Business Insider's Kif Leswing, we now have some idea of what Apple is actually up to. 

Director: Trump told Roger Stone not to cooperate with the Netflix documentary about him

President Donald Trump was one of the primary subjects in the new Netflix documentary "Get Me Roger Stone," an account of the longtime Republican operative and Trump confidant.

But Trump may have had second thoughts about sitting down with the film's directors.

Speaking before the premiere of their film on Sunday, co-director Dylan Bank said after conducting an interview with Trump, the then-real-estate mogul called Stone to tell him not to cooperate with the directors.

"Roger, after the interview with Trump, told us that Trump called him and said, 'I don't think you should do this movie, this is a hit piece, these guys are asking a bunch of tough questions,'" Bank said. "So I bet he'll love the movie."

Google Photos is Google's best service — here's why you should be using it

There are moments in life when your phone's camera is crucial: your child's first steps, or their graduation from high school, for instance.

But your phone is likely full of stuff, and you could end up facing this obnoxious message:

There are few things as frustrating in our convenience-filled world as repeatedly running into your phone's storage limit. It means an action as simple as taking a photo is delayed while you free up space ... often by deleting old photos.

For most people hitting that storage limit, there's one culprit: photos. 

They take up a lot of space, and you take a lot of them — you might even be taking "HDR" photos (which are even larger files than standard photos). So, what do you do? You have two main options:

Buy a phone with more internal storage, which costs more money. Regularly offload photos and delete them from your phone, which costs your time.

We took a helicopter to dinner at the Rockefeller Estate with the most powerful business players you've never heard of

Last Thursday evening, some of the world's most innovative minds joined each other for dinner at one of the country's most storied old-money estates.

The dinner was held by the Kairos Society, an elite group of young business entrepreneurs working to solve global issues, as part of its annual Global Summit. The summit brings together leaders from across industries — from Amazon CTO Werner Vogels to Virgin Galactic CEO George Whitesides — for a three-day event filled with discussion on how to solve market failures in industries like social security and retirement, affordable access to healthcare, and fake news, among others.

3 websites a smart job hunter checks every day
Posted April 24, 2017 0:23 AM
3 websites a smart job hunter checks every day

There are tons of sites on the internet that can help you land a good job.

But you'd better be careful, or you'll find yourself wasting all your time surfing the web instead of actually applying for roles.

So, which sites should you stick to when you're trying to land a new gig?

Business Insider spoke with Nicole Williams, a career expert and author of "Girl on Top" and "Wildly Sophisticated," about the websites that can help take any job search to the next level.

Here are the three sites she recommended:

1. LinkedIn

Williams, a former

Audi is building an electric SUV to take on Tesla — and it just became available for pre-order (TSLA)

Tesla's Model S and Model X are soon going to have some serious competition.  

In September 2015, Audi revealed its all-electric e-tron quattro concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The SUV, which is slated to come to market by 2018, will have three electric motors, a range of about 300 miles on a single charge, and quick charging capabilities. 

The company has not yet given a final price for the vehicle, but on Monday Audi opened up reservations to buyers in Norway. Customers in the country can pay about $2,500 to reserve the car. 

President Trump just called outer space to congratulate NASA's record-breaking female astronaut

President Trump has made a long-distance call to Peggy Whitson, a decorated NASA astronaut who just broke the US record for the most cumulative days spent in orbit.

Whitson and her astronaut colleague Jack Fischer took Trump's call at the International Space Station (ISS) live on NASA Television on April 24. Their conversation covered everything from getting to Mars, microgravity's effects on the human body, and the necessity of drinking water recycled from urine.

Trump was flanked by his daughter Ivanka in the Oval Office, as well as NASA astronaut Kate Rubin. He congratulated Whitson then peppered her and Fischer with questions.

Sheryl Sandberg on tragically losing her husband: 'I’m a different person now'

It's been two years since well-known Silicon Valley executive Dave Goldberg died tragically and suddenly from a treadmill accident at a Mexican resort while vacationing with his family.

Goldberg was the beloved husband of Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and, as is her way, she took her grief and turned it into something that she hopes the whole world can learn from: another book, which is available for sale on Monday.

This one is about finding your inner resilience and coping with adversity. The book is called "Option B" and is co-authored with psychologist and best-selling author of "Give and Take" Adam Grant.

The name came from a story she included when she posted a long, heartbreaking essay shortly after her husband died.