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Broadcom and CA sink after Sen. Rand Paul calls for a national security review of their merger (AVGO, CA)

Broadcom and CA shares slid Wednesday after Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) called for a federal national security review of their merger. Broadcom announced an $18.9 billion deal to acquire CA in July.  That deal came after President Donald Trump, in March, blocked Broadcom's attempted purchase of the chipmaker Qualcomm, citing national security concerns. Broadcom, a semiconductor company which was previously based in Singapore, registered itself as a US corporation in April. CA is an American software company. Watch Broadcom and CA trade in real time here.

Hands on with Google's brand-new smartphones, the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL (GOOG, GOOGL)

Here they are: the $800 Google Pixel 3 and $900 Pixel 3 XL.

Google announced its latest smartphones during an event in New York City on Tuesday. For those who follow tech news and hardware rumors, there was little about the Pixel 3's design that you didn't know about. 

Google teased us by tweeting before the event that rumor-mongers and leakers didn't know everything, and it was true —  Google unveiled several futuristic new software features (especially related to the camera) that we're mighty excited to try out over the next few days. 

After co-founding Harry's and Warby Parker, here's the best advice I can give you about raising money

Founders often need to know how to raise capital to grow and achieve their company goals.  Jeff Raider, who co-founded Harry's and Warby Parker, has learned a number of things during the fundraising processes for these two companies, which combined have raised more than $700 million. His advice is to first ask yourself, "Should I raise capital?" From there, he outlines the entire process for raising money for a

The 11 coolest announcements Google made at its biggest product event of the year (GOOG, GOOGL)

On Tuesday, Google invited journalists to New York City to debut its newest smartphone, the Pixel 3, among several other hardware goodies.

Google made dozens of announcements over its 75-minute event, but a handful of "wow" moments truly stole the show.

Here are the 11 coolest announcements Google made at its big hardware event:

1. The Pixel 3 has an impressive-looking feature called Night Sight, which could blow other low-light modes on rival smartphones out of the water.

Google came up with a better solution to flash photography in smartphones, which "blinds your friends and leaves you with an unnatural-looking photo," according to Google's Liza Ma.

Google's Waze is challenging Lyft and Uber with a new feature that enables people to share rides and split gas money (GOOG, GOOGL)

Waze is launching a new feature called Carpool that will enable drivers to give people a ride for money. Riders can filter drivers by a range of criteria, including gender, star ratings, or whether they are a coworker. Waze Carpool charges riders 54 cents per mile. 

Google-owned Waze announced on Wednesday that it plans to expand its carpool service to all 50 states, directly competing with ride-sharing services like Lyft and Uber. 

Starting on Wednesday, the Waze Carpool app will enable users to find rides from Waze drivers that are headed in the same direction, not unlike Lyft Line and Uber Pool, the startups' respective carpooling features. 

Payment for the ride will be handed inside the app. For the rest of October, rides are $2. After that, the cost will be determined on a per-mile basis at 54 cents per mile, Waze said. 

13 directors Disney should seriously consider for 'Guardians of the Galaxy 3' after firing James Gunn

When Disney fired James Gunn from directing "Guardians of the Galaxy 3" in July, it came as a shock to many, and was the result of offensive tweets from years ago resurfacing online. However, fans have hoped for the last three months that Disney would change its mind.

On Tuesday, Warner Bros. confirmed that Gunn will write DC's "Suicide Squad 2," putting to rest any hopes fans had that Gunn would return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Google gave Google Assistant a weirdly specific backstory to get her voice just right

Google Assistant loves kayaking. That's according to the weirdly specific backstory given to the actress who plays Google's equivalent of Amazon's Alexa. Google executives told The Atlantic that they wanted Assistant to be humble, helpful, and a little playful. Google Assistant also has a BA in art history and won a $100,000 on a kid's version of TV gameshow "Jeopardy!"

Virtual assistants need just the right voice — not too human, not too robotic.

That's according to the personality teams at Google and Amazon, who spend their working days crafting the right tone for Google Assistant and Alexa.

In a

The ‘Tesla of China’ IPO’ed last month in the US — take a look inside the swanky clubhouses they are using to try to lure wealthy people to buy their cars

Chinese electric-car startup Nio, which has been touted as the Tesla of China, went public in the US last month. The company is competing with Tesla in China, where the American automaker generated $2 billion in sales last year. Nio is trying to win over customers with perks like its exclusive clubhouses for customers known as Nio Houses, which are a cross between a co-working space, a cafe, a daycare center, and an event space. I recently a got a look inside the Nio House in the heart of Beijing. It was a calm, inviting space that would be a great place to stop by for a breather before or after a long day at work.

Chinese electric-car startup 

Snap slides to record low after announcing scripted shows (SNAP)

Snap shares continued to slide Wednesday after the photo-messaging app announced the launch of its new scripted shows, called "Snap Originals." Snap shares have been hammered this year, hitting a record low on Wednesday. Watch Snap trade here in real time.

Even Snap's launch of its new scripted shows, called "Snap Originals," isn't helping lift its share price, which hit a fresh record low Wednesday morning.

After briefly jumping 2% in premarket trading following the announcement, shares slid into the red as the market opened, touching a new low of $6.80 apiece.

The most popular music artists of the last 10 years, according to Spotify

This month marks 10 years since music-streaming service Spotify launched, and to celebrate, the company revealed its most popular artists, albums, and songs of the last decade in a campaign called "Decade of Discovery."

In the decade since its debut, Spotify has helped redefine how we listen to music and now has 180 million monthly active listeners across 65 countries.

With its "Decade of Discovery" playlist, Spotify collected the most-streamed songs of the last 10 years for users to listen to here. Its top global artists of the decade include mostly pop and rap musicians, from Drake to Ariana Grande.

Below are the 10 most globally streamed artists on Spotify of the last 10 years:

10. Ariana Grande 9. Calvin Harris 8. Justin Bieber