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This puppy mastered a 3D-printed wheelchair after being born with only 2 legs

Tumbles, a puppy from Ohio that was born with only two legs, could only get around in fits and starts before scientists at the Ohio University Innovation Center designed him his very own wheelchair. 

The scientists gave him his first wheelchair fitting in early November. Crystal Richmond, a volunteer photographer at Friends of the Shelter Dogs, has been documenting his progress ever since.

Three weeks later, it's fair to say Tumbles has mastered the wheelchair.

This is Tumbles the dog. He's from Ohio, and was born without front paws. Nonetheless, he's one happy pup...


Amazon just revealed its battle plan against Netflix by adding 'partners' like Showtime and Starz (AMZN, NFLX)

Amazon has taken one step closer to becoming a cable company with the launch of its new “partners program” that will allow you to add premium subscriptions like Showtime and Starz to your Amazon Prime account.

The update will give Prime users the ability to add over 30 over-the-top options, and create their own personal bundles.

Subscriptions for Showtime and Starz will cost $8.99 per month to add to your account.

While this seems to put Amazon into more direct competition with cable companies like Comcast or even DirecTV, it isn’t necessarily a new business model — just new for Amazon. Hulu has offered Showtime as an ad-on to its service since July.

But Amazon’s offerings are much more expansive, and show a significant break in direction from rival Netflix.

Both Netflix and Amazon have been focusing on original content, especially over the last year. Amazon won

Comcast is looking for 'a reason that makes sense' to offer wireless phone service

Comcast is experimenting with a plan to expand into the wireless phone business, but the cable company is still trying to find the right mix of features and business model, CEO Brian Roberts said. 

“We’re looking for enhanced features, we’re looking for value add, we’re looking for a reason that makes sense,”  Roberts said during a talk at Business Insider’s IGNITION conference in New York on Tuesday.

Roberts noted that Comcast has dabbled in the wireless phone service in the past but that it “hasn’t been a huge success.”

Seedrs wants to crack the US by selling European startups to America

UK crowdfunding platform Seedrs is on the cusp of launching in America — but how exactly will the company succeed in cracking a market where so many others have failed?

"Our big message there is we’re the platform that gives people access to European startups," CEO Jeff Lynn told BI at the Fintech Connect Live conference in London on Tuesday.

Seedrs, launched in 2012, lets ordinary people invest in startups from as little as £20 ($29.95). The online platform aims to digitise traditional "Angel" investor networks by putting the deal flow online.

The company announced back in October that it is launching in the US, following regulatory changes there that make it easier for people to invest in companies online.

Uber has hired the man behind Google Maps on iPhone

Daniel Graf has been hired by Uber as the head of Marketplace Dynamics, according to Re/Code

According to his LinkedIn profile, Graf lead the team responsible for making the third-party Google Maps app for iPhone after Apple removed it as the default option in favour of its own mapping software. The software, while not as popular as Apple's own, received over 10 million downloads in two days

Graf will report to Jeff Holden, Uber's chief product officer who

The world's largest PC maker is suggesting that users uninstall its own software

Lenovo, the world's largest PC maker by shipments, is instructing users on how to uninstall its own software after a vulnerability was discovered. 

The warning, which is posted on Lenovo's Support pages, reads as follows (emphasis ours): 

Lenovo was recently alerted by a cyber-security threat intelligence partner and US-CERT to a vulnerability report concerning its Lenovo Solution Center (LSC) application. We are urgently assessing the vulnerability report and will provide an update and applicable fixes as rapidly as possible. To remove the potential risk posed by this vulnerability, users can uninstall the Lenovo Solution Center application using the add / remove programs function.

Amazon explained why it gives away apps for free (AMZN)

Amazon's Underground App Store, which launched in August, gives away thousands of paid-for apps for free. The store pays a developer for each minute a user uses the app. 

The model costs Amazon a lot of money, but the company hopes it will put it ahead of the offerings from Google's Play Store and Apple's App Store. 

Aaron Rubenson, the director of Amazon's App Store, told The Inquirer how the model works.

"We heard [from customers] that there are so many apps and games out there it's difficult to know which ones are of good quality and which are worth spending money on," he said. Making all apps free, and then paying developers themselves, removes this problem. 

Snapchat is down for some users
Posted December 8, 2015 0:10 AM
Snapchat is down for some users

Snapchat is down for some users, according to reports on social media and the official Snapchat Support Twitter account. 

The service appears to have been down for several hours. Business Insider checked at around 8 a.m. GMT and could not load any Snapchat stories. Sending snaps also appears not to be working. 

The outage appears to be affecting European users specficially. 

Tweets are currently flooding in reporting that the service is down

Judging by the volume of tweets, the issue appears to be pretty widespread in the U.K. 

Hi! Some Snapchatters are currently experiencing loading issues. Our team is aware of the problem and working on a fix now!

— Snapchat Support (@snapchatsupport) December 8, 2015

Apple Maps is dominating Google Maps on the iPhone (AAPL, GOOG)

Apple Maps is now used by three times as many people as "its next leading competitor" (which is likely Google Maps) on the iPhone and iPad, according to Apple

The service, which launched three years ago, suffered numerous problems. Apple CEO Tim Cook apologised and promised fixes. The changes worked, however, as the app now has over five billion map-related requests per week

Google's Map app was removed as the default client when Apple Maps launched. Google made a third-party version which has been downloaded more than 10 million times

Apple has made an iPhone case that improves battery life to 25 hours (AAPL)

Apple has released a battery case, called the Smart Battery Case, that improves the iPhone's battery life by up to 25 hours. 

Third party vendors, such as Mophie, already produce various battery cases that plug into the iPhone's Lightning port and provide extra power beyond the built-in battery. 

The case comes in black and white versions and is designed for the iPhone 6 and 6S.