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The far right is floating conspiracy theories about a CNN reporter who profiled a pro-Trump Reddit user
Several far-right personalities online have fueled conspiracy theories about CNN reporter Andrew Kaczynski, who profiled "HanAssholeSolo," the Reddit user whose WWE meme was tweeted by President Donald Trump. Critics of CNN have shared the stories, which have numerous factual inaccuracies about Kaczynski's reporting and social-media activity. CNN has pushed back against some of the reports.

The far right is escalating its war on the CNN reporter whose profile of a pro-Trump Reddit user sparked swift backlash.

Numerous false stories about Andrew Kaczynski, who has been accused of blackmailing the Reddit user who created the WWE meme retweeted by President Donald Trump last Sunday, have surfaced on far-right blogs and social media in the past week.

Kaczynski's article last Tuesday about Reddit user "

The fascinating life of Nikola Tesla, the genius who electrified the world and dreamed up death rays

July 10 is the birthday of Nikola Tesla, who would have been 161 years old today.

It's a good day to celebrate the life of the Serbian-American engineer and physicist: Without Tesla, you might not be able to affordably power your home, let alone read this sentence.

Tesla filed more than 300 patents during his 86 years of life, and his inventions helped pave the way for alternating current (AC), electric motors, radios, fluorescent lights, lasers, and remote controls, among many other things.

Some of his ideas later in life, however, seem strange even now. He once described plans for a death ray, for example, and eluded to another idea for an impenetrable "wall of force" to block and destroy foreign invasions.

Here's a glimpse into the remarkable life of one of history's most important — and eccentric — geniuses.

Amazon has around 80 million reasons to be excited for Prime Day (AMZN)

Tuesday is Amazon Prime Day, a sales event in which Amazon discounts a number of items for those who subscribe to its Prime membership service.

It is, in short, going to make Amazon lots of money.

Prime currently has somewhere in the ballpark of 85 million subscribers, according to recent

These 13 words and 10 tips will help salespeople close more deals faster

They say selling is more art than science, but there's definitely some skill involved.

And according to marketing-software maker HubSpot, there are certain words salespeople should use to boost their chances of closing more deals, and, beyond that, there are certain characteristics common to top salespeople.

According to Hubspot there are 13 words that great salespeople use to close more deals. They are ... 1) "You" It makes prospects feel more "special."

Poland is about to launch a fake Mars colony on a hilltop

A group affiliated with the United Nations is launching a fake Mars and moon colony. Called M.A.R.S., the faux habitat is located in the remote countryside of southern Poland. Six volunteer astronauts will work and live inside M.A.R.S. for two weeks, starting on July 31. Organizers hope to use the data and lessons they learn to support real missions to the moon and Mars.

Atop a forested ridge in southern Poland, a mission on the surfaces of both Mars and the moon is about to launch.

The two-week mission is just a simulation, of course, since no entity on Earth is prepared to

Twelve real tech job interview questions you don't want to be asked (MSFT, GOOG, TWTR)

The gigs at top tech companies are notoriously competitive. Tales of free food, company swag, and decked out offices draw applicants from top universities and companies around the world. 

Using Glassdoor's interview review section, we've picked out of the toughest (and weirdest) interview questions asked of applicants for jobs at Google, Microsoft, and Twitter. 

We hope you never encounter these, but study up — you never know what your next job might hold. 

How would you design and test a toaster?

Job: Senior program manager 

Company: Microsoft

You come to work and it's your first day. There is no one in the office expect for a few interns, but nobody is there to tell you what to do. What will you do?

Job: Account executive and sales solution professional 

Company: Microsoft

Design a vending machine

'This implicates us in their propaganda': The US just made a striking concession to the Kremlin

US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin emerged from their first one-on-one sit-down since Trump took office, both claiming victory.

The two superpower leaders discussed a slew of topics, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told reporters after talks ended, but analysts across the spectrum agree that Putin emerged the winner of the meeting.

One outcome has drawn particularly sharp criticism from observers: the development of a joint US-Russia coalition tasked with combatting cyber threats and boosting cybersecurity.

Here's your guide to all 22 versions of the Porsche 911

There are few vehicles in the automotive universe more iconic than the Porsche 911.

Over the years, the rear-engine sports car has gotten bigger, faster, and more technologically advanced. But its spirited driving dynamics and on-track capabilities have continued to make it a favorite among enthusiasts worldwide.

You often hear the complaint that all current 911s look pretty much the same. And if you ask critics such as Jeremy Clarkson, host of Amazon's "Grand Tour" show, he'll tell you that all Porsche 911s since the model's debut in 1963 look identical. The truth is, most of the various versions of the current generation of 911s do look similar, yet they can all be identified by numerous subtle but important differences.

It's looking more and more like Twitter actually condones some abuse to retain its celebrity users (TWTR)

We don't usually write about Kardashian drama. 

But on Wednesday, we wrote several stories about the reality TV clan's latest imbroglio.

Why? Rob Kardashian (Kim's younger brother) posted sexually explicit pictures of his ex girlfriend (Chyna Blac) on Twitter. The amazing thing was not Kardashian's odious behavior but the fact that the "revenge porn" pictures were not immediately taken off the site

For a good 30 minutes, Twitter users commented on the pictures and wondered why Twitter was not acting faster to remove them.

Why indeed?

After all, Twitter has been trying to

California once imagined a future without cars with this bike superhighway

Drivers in Los Angeles spend an average of 90 hours a year stuck in traffic. But back in the 1890s, California imagined a different future for the city's streets.

The state planned to build a for-profit, six-mile bike-only highway only for bikes that would stretch from Pasadena to downtown Los Angeles. It was the brainchild of Pasadena resident Horace Dobbins, who began construction after city approval in 1897.

Three years later, it opened as an elevated tollway that collected 10 cents per biker, or about $2.50 in today's money.

Only 1.3 miles of the cycleway were actually built. The city tore it down a decade later since it never made a profit.