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$8 billion Atlassian brings on a new CMO to help it move in on Microsoft Office (TEAM, MSFT)

Atlassian, the $8 billion Aussie teamwork software titan, is a little different from most tech companies.

Just for starters, when it filed for its 2015 IPO, it revealed that it had been consistently profitable since the decade previous — without doing a single round of traditional venture capital financing.

Furthermore, Atlassian has gotten to this point without a traditional outbound sales team, instead relying largely on word-of-mouth to bring in big deals. And still, it generates free cash flow every quarter.

Why 'Attack of the Clones' is the worst 'Star Wars' movie — and one of the worst movies ever

May marks the 40th anniversary of "Star Wars: A New Hope," but it also has another, less joyful milestone: the 15th anniversary of "Attack of the Clones," which was (to our disappointment) released to a theater near you on May 16, 2002. 

But maybe it's not as bad as everyone says it is or as bad as I remember it. Maybe it's secretly the best prequel. I hadn't seen it in a long time, so who am I to judge? Turns out, I was right.

NASA has noticed a puzzling change in Saturn's hexagon, a weather system the size of 2 Earths

A giant hexagon is swirling at Saturn's north pole, and scientists don't fully understand it, despite years of observation by NASA's Cassini spacecraft.

The hexagon — a jet stream that traps an entire polar weather system — is as wide as two planet Earths. It's so big, in fact, that "small" vortices inside of it are often twice as wide as the largest hurricanes on Earth.

This week, NASA released new images and animations of the hexagon.

The photos show that the giant weather system changed from turquoise to a ruddy yellow in just a few years' time — though the 1,800-mile-wide central vortex (about the length of the US East Coast) has kept a rich blue color.

We tested the new Nokia 3310's camera against the iPhone 7

Against all expectations, a basic £50 phone that doesn't even have a touchscreen has been one of the most eagerly anticipated tech launches of the year.

That's because it's the new Nokia 3310 — a remake of the 2000-era indestructible classic, coming this time around with a colour screen, a web browser, and even a camera.

Sure, leaks of its announcement sent nostalgic fans into a frenzy. But is it actually any good?

We decided to put the retro device's two-megapixel camera through its paces, and compared it to the camera found in a rather more premium handset — the iPhone 7.

Read on to see how it fared in Business Insider's real-world test. The results may, or may not, surprise you.


New iPhone 8 renders show what it could look like with the fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone (AAPL)

New renders of what could be the design of the iPhone 8 have been posted on Chinese social media platform Weibo.

Two rendered images — spotted by 9to5Mac — show an iPhone in three different colours with what appears to be a Touch ID fingerprint sensor beneath the Apple logo on the rear of the device.

They also show an edge-to-edge display, vertical dual camera design, and no physical home button, which ties in with other leaks and reports.

The Touch ID sensor has traditionally been on the front of the iPhone but

Bitcoin blows past $2,500, $2,600, and $2,700

The bitcoin rally just keeps going. Thursday's action has run bitcoin above $2,500, $2,600, and $2,700 for the first time.

It hit a high of $2,749 before paring its gains. Currently, the cryptocurrency trades up 11.2%, or $270, at $2,682 a coin. It has gained in 27 of the past 30 sessions and has tacked on more than 130% over that time. 

Bitcoin has climbed aout 20% since Tuesday's close, propelled by news that the Digital Currency Group, representing 56 companies in 21 countries, reached a scaling agreement at the Consensus 2017 conference in New York. 

The announcement was the latest bit of good news for the cryptocurrency. In early April, Japan announced bitcoin had become a

Qualcomm wants manufacturers to pay up during its massive legal fight with Apple (AAPL)

Qualcomm isn't backing down in its massive legal fight with Apple over royalty payments.

The chipmaker has asked a US court to force iPhone suppliers to keep paying it royalty fees, while it continues its legal battle with Apple.

In an injunction filed on Wednesday, Qualcomm said it wants third-party manufacturers for the iPhone, like Foxconn, to pay licensing fees. We first saw the filing reported by Axios.

In a statement given to Axios, Qualcomm general counsel Dan Rosenberg said: "We are confident that our contracts will be found valid and enforceable but in the interim it is only fair and equitable that our licensees pay for the property they are using."

This is just one strand of Qualcomm and Apple's complicated fight.

The dispute began when

There are hundreds of piracy-enabling 'Kodi' gadgets for sale on Facebook, even after a ban

Facebook recently banned the sale of piracy-enabling gadgets on its user marketplace. But there are still hundreds of devices listed on Marketplace, promising free movies and TV and making no attempt to disguise themselves.

Despite a recent ban, there are still hundreds of piracy-enabling devices for sale on Facebook's user marketplace that promise to let users watch movies and premium television channels for free.

These are "Kodi boxes" — gadgets that contain open source video streaming software, and are often tweaked to give customers access to pirate content before being sold. Kodi's developers don't condone this illegal activity — but because the software is open source, there's little they can do to stop it.

Sir Jony Ive has been appointed chancellor of the world's number 1 art school (AAPL)

Jony Ive, the Brit who has risen to become Apple's chief design officer, has been appointed chancellor of the Royal College of Art (RCA).

He will take up the role in July and replace British engineer Sir James Dyson.

"I am thrilled to formalise my relationship with the RCA, given the profound influence the college has had on so many of the artists and designers that I admire," Ive said in a statement.

"Our design team includes many RCA alumni, who embody the fundamental values of the college. I look forward to advising both the college and students, hoping that my experience proves useful in their work."

Ive has led the Apple design team since 2006 and he is responsible for the look and feel of Apple's entire product line (iPhone, iPod, iPad, MacBook and Apple Watch) as well as major architectural projects like the company's new Apple Park HQ in California.

Google DeepMind is edging towards a 3-0 victory against world Go champion Ke Jie (GOOG)

Google DeepMind has won its second game against world Go champion Ke Jie in China, putting it one step closer to a 3-0 victory.

The company's self-learning AlphaGo AI agent is playing 19-year-old Ke Jie at the "Future of Go Summit" near Shanghai this week in a three-game match.

The win against Ke Jie — who has been playing Go since the age of 5 — puts AlphaGo just one victory away from a 3-o win.

"#AlphaGo wins game 2," wrote Google DeepMind cofounder and CEO Demis Hassabis on Twitter. "What an amazing and complex game! Ke Jie pushed AlphaGo right to the limit."