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Parts of Oklahoma now have the same earthquake risk as California — and a new study found a scarily direct link to fracking

Oklahoma is being pummeled by earthquakes, a phenomenon scientists have strongly tied to wastewater injection and the practice of fracking. A new study highlights just how strong that connection is.  According to the US Geological Survey, the earthquake threat level in some parts of the state may now be approaching the level for some parts of California.

Over the course of a few days in August, Oklahoma was pummeled by seven earthquakes.

The wave started on a Tuesday night, when five quakes struck the central part of the state in less than 28 hours. The shaking continued extended into the early hours of Thursday as two more hit.

An Apple legend and ex-Tesla exec says he is 'sad how little progress' Autopilot has made (TSLA)

Chris Lattner, a former Apple developer, spent nearly six months leading Tesla's Autopilot software team in 2017. He left the company last June.  On Friday, Lattner criticized the software's current state on Twitter. He said he was "sad" at the lack of progress he has perceived since he left the company. The Autopilot feature gives Tesla vehicles semi-autonomous capabilities in some situations.

Tesla's Autopilot feature has become the subject of controversy

'The global leader in cloud computing:' Here's what Wall Street is saying about Amazon's impressive quarter (AMZN)

Amazon's fourth-quarter earnings report topped analyst expectations as its web services business continued to explode. Shares soared 6% on the news, and are trading north of $1,450 Friday.

The ecommerce behemoth posted earnings of $3.75 share, beating the expected $1.83 by a wide margin. Revenue of $60.5 billion topped the $59.85 billion that Wall Street was anticipating. Amazon Web Services posted sales of $5.1 billion, up 44.6% year-over-year. 

Amazon's impressive report has Wall Street analysts excited. They see AWS as a key driver of the company's future growth while there seems to be minimal concern about the tech giant's advertising and ecommerce businesses. 

Here's what the analysts on Wall Street are saying:

Morgan Stanley: BULLISH

Dow tumbles more than 500 points as big tech disappoints and bond yields spike

Stocks are getting slammed, with the Dow Jones industrial average down more than 500 points. Tech stocks reported mostly disappointing earnings. Job numbers were good, but may be too good for some economists. Oil prices are slipping. Watch the price of the Dow move in real time here.

The Dow Jones industrial average is down 486.71 points, or 1.88%, in its biggest slide since May.

The big drop come after some of the largest companies in the world reported disappointing earnings for the holiday quarter. Of the mega-cap tech stocks that reported this week,

RED announced its $1,200 smartphone is coming this summer — take a look at all its futuristic technologies

Last summer, the professional camera company RED announced it would release the "world's first holographic media machine" in early 2018.

The Hydrogen One phone, starting at $1,195, was immediately available to preorder.

RED teased an image of the Hydrogen One and gave the popular YouTube tech reviewer Marques Brownlee (known as MKBHD) a nonfunctional prototype, but not much else was shared about the device for several months.


Here's a list of Samsung devices expected to release after the Galaxy S9

The Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are all but confirmed, but details have surfaced about several other Samsung devices that may release in 2018, including the Galaxy S9 Active and the Galaxy Note 9. 

A senior member of the XDA developer forum discovered the codenames for several unreleased Samsung smartphones and tablets within the code for a leaked version of Android 8.0 Oreo for the Galaxy Note 8. The list identifies the Galaxy S9 as "star" and Galaxy S9+ as "star 2," while the Galaxy S9 Active is listed as "astarqlte" and the Galaxy Note 9 as "crown."

Here's what we learned about Samsung's phones and tablets coming in 2018:

After the Galaxy S9 and S9+, Samsung will release the more rugged "Active" versions of those phones. <...

Ferrari's CEO shoots down claims that Tesla's Model S is secretly a supercar (TSLA, RACE)

Tesla has posted some crazy fast 0-60 numbers for its Model S, raising comparisons with supercars. But there's more to supercars that straight-line speed. Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne helpfully pointed this out.

The Tesla Model S P100D, with "Ludicrous Mode" acceleration, can go from 0-60 mph in a mind-boggling 2.3 seconds. This has led to declarations that this all-electric four-door, a family sedan for the future, is secretly a supercar.

That 0-60 speed might be faster than what some of the world's proper supercars can achieve, but the CEO of one of those supercar brands isn't having any of it.

Here are the top 10 buzziest commercials of Super Bowl 2018

The hefty $5 million price-tag for a 30-second commercial is hardly a deterrent when you have a stage as big as the Super Bowl. But not all brands — or rather commercials — are created equal. 

Some ads are just funnier, crazier or more emotional than others, creating a buzz before they even hit the TV screens on the big game day.

Amobee tracked engagement around the digital content put out by brands around their Super Bowl commercials between January 1 and February 1, 2018, and compiled a list of the buzziest brands this Super Bowl.

What it's really like to work at Amazon, according to employees

Amazon has fostered the reputation of having high employee burnout. But employees have shared several pros to working at Amazon through Glassdoor that many people might not have known about. Pros of working with the company include great compensation and ample opportunity to learn. Cons employees report include inconsistency in management and a cutthroat environment. 

Amazon has a reputation for having a churn and burn company culture.

In the past several years, various articles have surfaced in the media describing the company's approach to inspiring performance from staff. 

For instance, in 2015,

You'll be able to share gifs of every big Super Bowl moment during the game thanks to the startup Tenor

Sprint has partnered with the startup Tenor to create a series of gif ads tied to its Super Bowl commercial. The wireless company is hoping both Eagles and Patriot fans share images from its campaign to communicate with friends while watching the game Sunday night. Tenor is also planning to create gifs for all of the Super Bowl ads as well as key plays during the game.

Sprint wants to help you share your feelings during this year's Super Bowl.

The wireless company has partnered with the gif ad startup Tenor to roll out a series of gifs tied to its upcoming Super Bowl ad, which features a human-mocking fictional robot name Evelyn who likes to take selfies.