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An ex-Facebook exec who 'went home to die' is making a device to scrap the costly procedure that almost didn't save her

Former Facebook executive Mary Lou Jepsen said a near-death experience inspired her latest project, a device that she said would let us "look inside any part of the body." Jepsen has been vague about the technology but said it would be affordable and wearable with MRI-like capabilities. She claims the device could have a broad range of applications, including learning more about a range of mental illnesses as well as heart disease and certain types of cancer, but has yet to release further details.

A brush with death inspired ex-Facebook executive Mary Lou Jepsen's latest venture — a technology that she claims will enable us to peek inside our bodies and brains.

"Why let people suffer if we can find out what's really going on?"

Tesla strikes another deal that shows it's about to turn the car insurance world upside down (TSLA)

Tesla has created a customized insurance package, InsureMyTesla, that is cheaper than traditional plans because it factors in the vehicles' Autopilot safety features and maintenance costs. InsureMyTesla has been available in 20 countries, but Tesla just recently partnered with Liberty Mutual to make the plan available in the US. InsureMyTesla shows how the insurance industry is bound for disruption as cars get safer with self-driving tech.

Tesla struck a deal with Liberty Mutual to create a customized insurance package — and the move shows how the electric automaker is intent on disrupting the insurance industry.

The new plan is called

This $1.5 billion tech company you've never heard of has insane perks including massage therapists, a pool, and woodside yoga (SAS)

SAS is a software company based in Cary, North Carolina. Its 900-acre campus offers a ton of amenities and perks. Take a look inside.

Imagine you got to work in a village-sized campus with your nearly 6,000 coworkers. Some of your company's perks included a soccer field, daycare, tons of beautiful artwork, a pool, manicures, and as much food as you could ever want.

Well, that's just a day at work for SAS employees.

"SAS has always believed that if you treat people well, keep them challenged with interesting work, and respect them and their contributions, they will do their best work for you," Shannon Heath, senior communications specialist at SAS, told Business Insider. "Simply put — treat employees like they make a difference, and they will make a difference."

Here all of the bonuses and new Pokémon added to 'Pokémon Go' for the next two weeks

Pokémon Go is throwing an in-game Halloween event for the next two weeks with special bonuses and new Pokémon to catch. All Pokémon from the original game's third generation of creatures will be made available by December.

"Pokémon Go" creator Niantic Labs is throwing an in-game event for Halloween.

The promotion includes special bonuses and the addition of a few new Pokémon from the original game's third generation of creatures. The perks and new Pokémon will be available in the hit game between Friday, October 20 and Thursday, November 2.

Here's how Niantic is encouraging more gameplay for the next two weeks:

New Pokémon from the original game's third generation of creatures, including Duskull, Dusclops, Sableye, Shuppet, and Banette are now available. More previously available dark-type Pokémon, like Houndor and Gastly, are spawning more frequently in the game. Double Pokémon candy will be awarded for in-game actions li...

Tech companies have a Baby Boomer problem
Posted October 21, 2017 0:30 AM
Tech companies have a Baby Boomer problem

All the recent focus on sexism and gender discrimination in Silicon Valley has obscured another long-festering diversity problem for the tech industry: ageism. 

Now job hiring website Indeed is shining a spotlight on the issue. The company recently conducted a survey of 1,011 currently employed US tech workers. The survey results indicate how little age diversity there is in tech and how little tech companies are doing to change the situation. 

One glaring finding: 46% of respondents said that the average employee age at their company was between 20 and 35.

Here's some of what Indeed found and how the industry is approaching the issue of age discrimination:

Survey respondents said they mostly work with younger workers.

Only 26% of respondents to Indeed's survey said that the average employee at their firm was over 40.

The 21 US cities with the highest startup growth
Posted October 21, 2017 0:30 AM
The 21 US cities with the highest startup growth

Startup growth is on the rise — and not just in San Francisco and New York. 

That's according to the 2017 Kauffman Index of Growth Entrepreneurship, a study that measures startup growth at the city, state, and national level.

The study focuses on metrics like the average employment growth at startups, how many companies have scaled up, and how many high-growth startups are in a given area. This year, entrepreneurship grew in 26 of the 40 metro areas measured.

The usual big players like San Francisco and Boston stayed relatively stable compared to 2016's ranking, but other mid-sized cities went through some changes in the past year: Indianapolis and Atlanta both jumped 10 spots since last year, and Minneapolis cracked the top 10. 

These are the 10 types of Russian military aircraft known to be stationed in Syria

The most recent satellite images of the Russian-operated Hmeimim air base in Syria show Moscow has deployed more advanced fighter jets to the region, according to The Drive.

The satellite images, taken in mid-July, show 33 jets and a smaller number of fixed-wing aircraft.

There could, however, be more than 33, as some jets and aircraft could have been conducting sorties or flying elsewhere when the images were taken.

Moscow first

McDonald's and other restaurants are trying to appeal to millennial employees by offering daily paychecks

McDonald's, Outback Steakhouse, and several dozen other food and hospitality retailers are using daily paychecks as a means to give low-wage workers more flexibility with their finances.

Steve Barha, CEO of Instant Financial, the technology company enabling retailers' move to same-day pay, said the option is partly meant to cater to a preference shared by millennial employees that quick cash is better than waiting two weeks for a lump sum.

"Basically, their life is real-time," Barha told Business Insider. "Their communication is real-time. Their transportation is real-time, with Uber and Lyft. So this program really aligns with their real-time life and being in control of their whole life experience."

5 things to know before Dreamforce, the 170,000-person tech conference taking over San Francisco in November (CRM)

Dreamforce is Salesforce's massive tech conference that practically shuts down the city of San Francisco for the better part of a week and it will begin soon: November 6 to 9.

The streets of San Francisco will be packed with the 170,000 attendees eager to learn about tech and enjoy an onslaught of music concerts, parties and other events.

To do this event right takes a bit of planning, and maybe even a bit of shopping.

With over 2,700 sessions, speakers like former First Lady Michelle Obama, a concert featuring Alicia Keys and Lenny Kravitz, and countless unofficial meetings to be had, it's a busy time and a doozy to plan for. You may have your tickets booked and a calender filled out, but are you really ready for Dreamforce?

Maybe not. But have no fear. We've compiled the five things you need to know before showing up to Dreamforce this year. Don't say we didn't warn you.

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The 5 best new shows of the fall that you have to watch, ranked

This fall has been quite disappointing for new TV shows, but that's actually a good thing. 

With so little shows being worth your time, you'll actually have time to catch up on those that matter. Netflix dominated this year, since more than half of the shows on our list are Netflix Originals.

If you don't watch them right now, you should definitely add them to your queue.

Here are the best new shows of fall 2017, ranked: 


5. "The Deuce" — HBO

With "The Deuce," David Simon proves that he's not a one trick pony. Simon knows how to make gritty, hard-to-watch characters and stories impossible to look away from. "The Deuce," set in the 70s and starring James Franco, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Method Man, follows the rise of the porn industry, specifically in New York City's Times Square. 

4. "The Mayor" — ABC