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Tesla may be about to make a huge push into China (TSLA)

Tesla is making big moves to secure the Chinese market, which could be its most lucrative opportunity yet.

A 'Wonder Woman' sequel is already in the works, and director Patty Jenkins is involved

It looks like our wish has come true, or mostly: A "Wonder Woman" sequel is in the works and its director, Patty Jenkins, is involved.

But there's a catch: She's not officially the director yet.

In a profile on Warner Bros. head Toby Emmerich for Variety, the studio chief confirmed that Jenkins is already working on a sequel to the studio's smash hit.

According to the story, the sequel is planned to take place in the past but not during World War I, which was the period for the first movie. 

Keeping things close to the vest, Emmerich coyly said in the story, "It will take place somewhere between 1917 and 2017." 

Variety also

12 modest but insanely expensive homes for sale in Silicon Valley

In Silicon Valley, the more suburban area south of San Francisco, house-hunters find a confluence of a mild climate, a strong economy with high-paying jobs, and a tech sector unlike any in the world.

The environment attracts a competitive housing marke. It's not uncommon for prospective owners to place bids well above listing prices, often for more than $100,000 over asking.

We took to Zillow to find the most modest but expensive houses on the market — under 2,000 square feet selling for over $1.1 million. They could be all yours, if you've got the funds to spare.

The listing describes this 1,130-square-foot cottage in Palo Alto as a "darling home tucked away on a quiet street ... close to Stanford campus, Google, [and] Facebook."


You might have free Amazon credits waiting for you thanks to Apple — but they expire this week

Because of a lawsuit over e-book prices that was settled years ago, you may have credits that can be applied to purchases on Amazon waiting in your Amazon account. 

To check if you have credits, simply click this link.

But even if you have credits from the settlement, you have to use them by June 24 — this Saturday — or they'll expire. 

Last March, the Supreme Court declined to hear a long-running case about Apple price-fixing e-books, making an earlier $400 million settlement final.

For the past year, Apple's been paying it out. You might have credits for free e-books waiting in your inbox — but, as a reminder, they expire on Saturday. 

Here's how it works:

You're eligible if you...

Apple CEO Tim Cook talked to Trump about immigration (AAPL)

The most powerful people in the technology industry, including the CEOs of Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon, attended a series of meetings at the White House on Monday.

One of the meetings was a roundtable with President Trump. It was the second group meeting with the President since the election that several of the CEOs had attended.

A dour-looking Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, was able to chat about immigration with Trump during the meeting, The New York Times' Maggie Haberman reported on Tuesday

Cook told Trump that tech employees may be worried that they have been targeted by Trump's proposed immigration ban. He's previously said that there was an Apple employee temporarily stuck overseas when the ban was first enacted. 

NEWS - Tim Cook told POTUS that the administration needed to show more heart on immigration issues, me...

America's most scenic drive has been devastated — here are the photos

California Highway 1 is the longest route in the state, stretching 655 miles down the coast. The road offers pristine ocean views. Songs have been written in its honor.

But a series of landslides earlier this year swallowed up significant swaths of the highway in and around the ever-popular Big Sur region. A mudslide on May 20 spewed one million tons of rocks and debris onto the highway, as well as the cliff beneath it.

Here's what the road looked like before (in March) and after (in late May).

One of the most amazing parts of the new 'Super Mario' game is a throwback to classic 8-bit Mario

The newest entry in the long-running "Super Mario" series, "Super Mario Odyssey," has a delightful throwback to the original "Super Mario Bros."

Better yet: It's built in to each of the game's worlds. Look at this madness!

As you might've already guessed, you enter the 2D plane through the 3D, pixelated pipe at the base of the cylindrical building. As Mario passes through the pipe, he becomes 2D once again. 

From there you play the 2D section just as you would in the original "Super Mario Bros." back in the '80s, or as you might've in the last year on an NES Classic Edition console.

This is what the game normally looks like, for the record:

These 2D sections are strewn throughout the game's various worlds. 

And they come in different varieties.

11 books on science Bill Gates thinks everyone should read

For decades, Bill Gates made billions in technology. Now he's spending that money on fighting disease and climate change.

It's no wonder the man loves science.

Over the years, Gates has recommended a number of science-related books to the public. Some deal with the environment, others with the cosmos, and others with stopping tiny biological invaders.

Here are some of his favorite titles.

'Thing Explainer: Complicated Stuff in Simple Words' by Randall Munroe

Munroe, the mastermind behind the xkcd web comic, published a book in 2015 that explained pieces of modern technology using only the 1,000 most common words in the English language.


Amazon just solved the greatest uncertainty of buying clothes online (AMZN)

Buying clothing online is tricky.

Amazon, in adding to its ever-expanding benefits for Prime customers, will now let customers try on clothing before purchasing it. The program is part of the new Prime Wardrobe, which Amazon announced today.

The program is similar to many "box" services currently on the market, like StitchFix and TrunkClub, where a few clothing items are sent to the customer, who then gets to try on the clothing before deciding what to keep and purchase and what to send back. Amazon gives seven days to make a decision, and shipping is free both ways.

Google's latest Easter egg is a fidget spinner hidden within the search results

In a move that will likely be hailed for years to come, Google has finally entered the fidget spinner game. 

If you've managed to avoid news of the fidget spinner fad up until now, fidget spinners are tiny spinning toys that have garnered their own following. But instead of producing physical versions of the wildly popular toy, Google has hidden a digital spinner within its search engine. 

To use the spinner, simply Google the word "spinner." The virtual toy will be the first item on the results page, and you can flick it using your mouse. 

The tech giant has also given you the option to change the spinner into a numbered wheel, should you so desire. You're able to select anywhere between 2 and 20 numbers, and it works the same as the fidget spinner.