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Napa wine country is overrun by tourists, so people are abandoning it for Sonoma — we visited both to see who does it better

For many years, Sonoma County was the kid-brother of wine country. Napa County's elite wineries, trendy restaurants, and globally-known brand long overshadowed Sonoma's charms.

But Sonoma County, which stretches across nine cities and three times the land area of Napa County, is stealing visitors thanks to its laidback atmosphere and affordability. In 2016, travelers spent a total of $1.9 billion in Sonoma County, compared to $1.3 billion in Napa County, according to an annual economic impact report. The area attracts approximately double the three million visitors who come to Napa County every year.

Electric trike-maker Arcimoto is going public — here's a closer look at its $12,000 'Fun Utility Vehicle' (FUV)

It's easy to tell the difference between a motorcycle and car, right? One has two wheels, one has four.

Except that there are now plenty of vehicles available that have three wheels.

There's the Can-Am Spyder, the Campagna Motors T-REX, and the Polaris Slingshot, to name a few. There's also the Elio, which recently paid a visit to out New York office.

Soon to join the party is the all-electric Arcimoto SRK (those aforementioned rides all run on gas), effectively a $12,000 tandem three-wheeler motorcycle that can be outfitted with a fully enclosed "cabin" or converted to delivery van duty.

Here's how to use MoviePass, the $10-a-month service that lets you see one movie per day in theaters

On Tuesday, MoviePass announced it would be slashing its rates to $9.95 a month. The service, which allows subscribers to see one film a day in theaters, saw such a spike in interest that its website crashed due to the traffic. 

As someone who has been using the service for over a year and who saw his rate cut from $50 a month, I was thrilled. I love going to the movies, and am happy to know that now more people than ever will be making their way to their local cinema. 

For those who just signed up, or for anyone who is still on the fence about joining the service, here's an explanation of how seeing a film through MoviePass works. 

There are two components to MoviePass: the smartphone app and the physical card they send you once you sign up. After you receive your card, you can create an account in the app and begin watching movies. When you open the MoviePass app, you'll find a list of theaters around yo...

'Pokémon Go' finally fulfilled one of its biggest promises
"Pokémon Go" finally added Mewtwo, a long-anticipated legendary monster, earlier this week. Mewtwo was released at Pikachu Outbreak, an annual festival in Yokohama, Japan, where two million players caught 120 million monsters. Unlike its previous big event, the disastrous Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago, the Pikachu Outbreak event was a huge success, foreshadowing big things for "Pokémon Go" in the United States and elsewhere.

Way back in September 2015, the very first trailer for "Pokémon Go" hinged on one completely irresistible image: Hundreds of Pokémon trainers teaming up to take down Mewtwo, a legendary and very popular monster.

When the game launched in June 2016, however, Mewtwo was nowhere to be found. In fact, "Pokémon Go" players didn't even get the opportunity to team up to collect powerful, legendary monsters until a

Here's why tech execs can't quit Trump's technology council (AAPL, GOOG, GOOGL, MSFT, AMZN, IBM, INTC)

President Donald Trump has aggressively courted corporate leaders to serve on various White House councils about business issues.

But after controversial remarks from Trump about the deadly protest in Charlottesville, Virginia, in which Trump equated white supremacists with those protesting against them, several business leaders have left Trump's manufacturing council, including the CEOs of 3M, Merck, Under Armour, and Intel. 

Members of another Trump council, the Strategic and Policy Forum, reportedly held a conference call on Wednesday and disbanded the group. 

After that, Trump tweeted on Wednesday that he was disbanding both groups.  

This has many in the tech world wondering: Why haven't technology CEOs dropped out of Trump's American Technology Council? Will that group disband, too? 

It's great CEOs are quitting one of t...

Millions of programmers rely on this site to do their jobs, and its CEO has big plans to make it even more helpful

Stack Overflow is the go-to site for millions of programmers, giving them straightforward answers to complicated technical questions. The company's already moving fast on its next phase of growth, says CEO Joel Spolsky, selling private versions of Stack Overflow to businesses customers, including Microsoft. Spolsky sees Stack Overflow as playing a crucial role in the software boom, helping programmers navigate the ever-more-complex world of technology.

Millions of programmers rely on Stack Overflow, the question-and-answer site for the tech industry, to do their jobs. So much so, that it's become something of an industry in-joke.

The last programming book you'll ever need

The chilling worldview of this white supremacist who helped lead the Charlottesville rally shows why so many people are furious with Trump
Vice News interviewed white supremacist Christopher Cantwell, who helped lead the Charlottesville rally Cantwell embraced violent tactics and predicted more violence in the future The extreme views he describes explain why so many are furious at President Trump over his Charlottesville response For example, Cantwell says he hopes for a leader who is "a lot more racist than Donald Trump" and who "does not give his daughter to a Jew"

On Monday, "Vice News Tonight" published a chilling 22-minute documentary featuring interviews with several of the white nationalists who helped lead the "Unite the Right" rally that devolved into violence and chaos in Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend.

Aston Martin has a new luxury station wagon — and it looks awesome

Aston Martin and cargo capacity are two things that rarely find their way into the same sentence.

Until now.

On Wednesday, Aston Martin unveiled its new Vanquish Zagato Shooting Brake two-door wagon.

The Shooting Brake is just one model in a family of special editions Aston is building in conjunction with famed Italian design house Zagato.

The other body variants include a Coupe, a four-seat Volante convertible, and a two-seat open-top Speedster.

"Zagato’s relationship with Aston Martin began with my grandfather and the DB4 GT Zagato, almost sixty years ago," the design firm's CEO, Andrea Zagato said in a statement. "To have a creative 'marriage' thrive for three generations is something as unique as the cars themselves."

Hundreds of smart locks around the world stopped working after the wrong software update was issued

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This app lets people suffering from mental illness and addiction find support groups on demand

• Huddle is a new app that lets people create and join online peer support groups. 

• The app lets users be as anonymous as they want, even letting them pixelate their face and have an auto-generated username.

• Huddle is aimed at those suffering from addiction and mental health issues, but users can create support groups around anything from women's issues to being HIV positive. 

When Dan Blackman was growing up in a small town in northwestern Pennsylvania, there weren't many places to turn for those suffering from addiction or mental illness.

Everybody knew everybody, which meant seeking out counseling or support groups could "out" you in front of your entire community.