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The former CEO of Vodafone Europe told us why he's joining the board of an ad blocker

Israel-based mobile ad blocking company Shine has been generating a lot of publicity in recent months — from signing up Jamaica-based Digicel to become the first carrier to block ads for all customers across its entire network, to launching a provocative ad campaign in the Financial Times to denounce the internet ad industry.

Shine, which claims to be the only technology company that can partner with carriers to block ads a network level (before the ads are even served,) generated headlines again late last week when it announced that outgoing

Here's exactly how much your stolen credit card info is worth to hackers

The “Dark Web” houses the seedy corner of the internet that few truly understand.

And as a new research report highlights, the Dark Web also contains a growing and sophisticated economy with its own marketplaces where our “information is being openly sold,” including access to stolen financial account and card details.

McAfee Labs recently published its findings after researching these hidden online marketplaces in a document titled, “The Hidden Data Economy,” and it offers a look at how our information is valued after its been stolen.

Everything we know about the iPhone 7 so far (AAPL)
Posted November 30, 2015 0:44 AM
Everything we know about the iPhone 7 so far (AAPL)

Apple only launched the iPhone 6s two months ago, but there are already rumours swirling about its successor — some far more believable than others.

At this point, Apple hasn't even announced the iPhone 7, and it's difficult to be sure of anything.

But here's what people are saying, and what to expect.

It'll launch in October 2016..

It's highly likely Apple's next smartphone will be revealed at an event in September 2016, and will go on sale to the public the following month. It's a formula that Apple has been following like clockwork for years now.

There will be two of them.

With the iPhone 6, Apple introduced two different sizes of phone for the first time — the 6 and the 6 Plus, now followed by the 6s and the 6s Plus. 

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One of the hottest gift items this Christmas just got a huge endorsement from Wall Street (FIT, KSS, TGT)

Wearables are one of the hottest gift categories this Christmas.

That's one reason why Barclays analysts have become more bullish on Fitbit.

In a note on Monday, they upgraded the stock to "Overweight" from "Equal Weight" and left their price target unchanged at $49. 

The analysts say, "FIT is the fastest-growing meaningful consumer company in the world at 140%+ revenue y/y in 2015 (in a world lacking true growth stories)," and therefore, "we believe the current valuation levels are just too compelling to ignore."

Fitbit shares rallied by as much as 4% in pre-market trading on Monday. Since the IPO in June, they have fallen about 3%. 

These are the 10 candidates most likely to replace Marissa Mayer if she leaves Yahoo (YHOO)

A number of media reports in recent weeks have suggested investors, analysts, and Yahoo insiders have been calling into question the stability of CEO Marissa Mayer at the top of the company.

Meanwhile, activist hedge fund and Yahoo shareholder Starboard has urged the company to halt its plan to sell its $20 billion stake in Alibaba because of the risk of incurring taxes on the sale.

A DJ claims that SoundCloud is accusing him of copyright infringement over a silent song

A DJ is claiming that Soundcloud deleted one of his songs and accused him of copyright infringement — despite being a remix of total silence.

D.J. Detweiler posted a screenshot to his Facebook page of an email allegedly sent to him by the music-hosting website. In it, Soundcloud apparently tells him that its "automated content protection system" has flagged up one of his songs "may contain copyrighted content," and has been removed. (We first read saw the news on Dancing Astronaut.)

The song in question? "John Cage — 4' 33 (DJ DETWEILER REMIX)."

A star Silicon Valley entrepreneur explains how bitcoin is going to change the world

Tech entrepreneur and bitcoin guru Wences Casares saw his family lose their entire wealth three times in Argentina because of hyperinflation, a currency collapse and confiscation.

"[There's] more people in the world who need a currency they can trust than the opposite," Casares told Dan Morehead, the ex-head of macro trading at Tiger Management, in a new interview on RealVision Television, a subscription financial news service.

Those instances are what ultimately led him to the digital cryptocurrency bitcoin.

Casares created Argentina's first internet provider and later sold his online brokerage firm to Banco Santander for $750 million in 2000. He is now a star of the Silicon Valley bitcoin scene, heading Xapo, a company that provides a bitcoin wallet and storage vault.

People are falling in love with Microsoft's 'Little Bing' virtual companion (MSFT)

People in China are falling in love with Microsoft's Xiaoice, a project that translates as "Little Bing," according to GeekWire

The software is used by more than 40 million people and gathers real-world data on how people communicate in online forums, social networks, and chat rooms to respond to queries.

Essentially, Microsoft has created a more personable version of Cortana or Siri. 

"Xiaoice, by and large in terms of development of artificial intelligence, is already a huge milestone," said Dr. Hsiao-Wuen Hon, who leads the project at Microsoft. 

Uber is launching a service in London that lets you share rides with strangers for a cheaper fare

Uber is preparing to launch its UberPOOL feature in London. The service allows customers to book a ride to a destination and reduce the cost by sharing part of the journey with a stranger who is traveling in the same direction.

Uber describes UberPOOL as "the cheapest way to use Uber." It's not going live immediately, though, but will launch at 4pm on December 4.

The main selling point of UberPOOL is the lower price: Uber says it's much cheaper than a black cab, or a standard Uber. That's because several different paying customers share the same vehicle and driver.

Here's a chart from Uber showing the difference in cost between UberPOOL, Uber, Addison Lee, and black cabs: