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The Chinese billionaire behind Alibaba is being drawn into a bidding war over MoneyGram (MGI)

Traders are betting that Chinese billionaire Jack Ma is about to get drawn into a bidding war as he seeks to build a global payments empire. 

Ma's Ant Financial, the financial services company spun out from Alibaba, struck an $880 million deal to acquire money transfer company MoneyGram in January.

For Ant, which is controlled by Ma and underpins e-commerce giant Alibaba, the deal is a way to sidestep the painstaking legal and regulatory work it would take to build a global payments business from scratch.

But MoneyGram is one of only a few dominant players in the global money-transfer industry, and it wasn't long before another bidder emerged. Last week, Kansas-based e-payment services company

Nintendo's first Mario game for smartphones is headed to Android on March 23 (AAPL)

99 days after Mario's smartphone debut hit iPhones, "Super Mario Run" is launching for Android phones.

On March 23, Super Mario Run will become available on the Google Play app store, Nintendo announced. The platformer's first three levels are free, and users can pay $10 in-game to unlock all of its levels.

Apple struck a deal with Nintendo to bring the game to iPhones exclusively first. Before Apple announced the iPhone 7 in September, Nintendo creative director Shigeru Miyamoto introduced the game on Apple's stage.

Plus, Apple participated in marketing for the game — it even required Apple Store employees to wear Mario pins. 

The 10 highest-paying tech jobs in America in 2017

Highly skilled workers are a hot commodity, and that's especially true for tech jobs.

As a new report from job site Glassdoor shows, employers are willing to pay a premium for certain in-demand tech skills.

Based on salary reports shared by employees on Glassdoor over the past year, here are the 10 highest-paying tech jobs in the US, the current number of job openings, and what these people do:

10. Scrum master

Median base salary: $95,167

Number of job openings: 2,072

A scrum master helps facilitate an agile development team.

9. Systems architect

Median base salary: $97,873

Number of job openings: 1,167

Thousands of worlds may lurk beyond Pluto — and a stunning new animation shows the ones we've found

A new animation shows the orbits of hundreds of dwarf planets beyond Pluto. The astronomer who compiled the data says it may only capture a small fraction of dwarf planets in the solar system. A new definition of "planet" may recategorize many dwarf planets and moons as planets.

You may be familiar with our solar system's eight planets — Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. There's also their famous dwarf-planet companion, Pluto.

But this icy world may just be an appetizer to what lurks in a region beyond Pluto called the Kuiper Belt.

As this stunning animation suggests, dwarf planets may outnumber regular planets 100- or even 1,000-fold:

However, if a small group of astronomers gets its way, many of these worlds may become fully fledged planets and drop the "dwarf" label.

Where the animation comes from

Snapchat surges above $20 after receiving its first Wall Street 'buy' rating (SNAP)

Snap Inc, the parent company of messaging company Snapchat is higher by 3.9% at $20.30 per share after Monness analyst James Cakmak initiated coverage with a "buy" rating, the first for the stock since its March 2 initial public offering. Cakmak has a price target of $25 on Snap's stock. Shares plunged 11% last week towards the IPO price of $17 as traders loaded up on bets against the company.

Shares os Snapchat plunged 11% last week, nearing the IPO price of $17, as traders loaded up on bets against the company.

Samsung says you'll be able to control the Galaxy S8 with just your voice

Samsung thinks phones are too hard to use.

The answer? A digital assistant that lets you do everything with voice commands instead of poking, swiping, and tapping at your phone.

It's a bold, unproven promise that Samsung says it's bringing to its next smartphone, the Galaxy S8.

The new assistant is called Bixby, a sequel of sorts to S Voice, the voice-control app Samsung launched years ago but has since hidden on recent devices.

In a blog post announcing Bixby, Samsung says the assistant will debut on still-unannounced Galaxy S8 and activate with a dedicated button. (It's also a little strange Samsung is pre-announcing a major feature of the Galaxy S8 over a week before it formally unveils the phone.)

The first signs of Apple's next big thing may look a lot like Snapchat (AAPL)

Future Apple products will include a technology called augmented reality, which overlays computer graphics and information from the internet into the real world. Apple CEO Tim Cook has said the majority of people will soon have AR experiences daily. 

Apple's goal for this technology is to make a pair of smartglasses, but in the short term, the first fruits of the effort will bring AR features to the iPhone, Bloomberg reported on Monday.  

Some of Apple's AR team are working on Apple's iPhone camera team. According to the report, features that possibly could show up in an upcoming version of the iPhone include:

Here's what happens when a self-driving Uber fails

Internal company documents obtained by Recode show that Uber's self-driving cars regularly need human assistance. 

The metrics show that Uber's self-driving cars can barely drive a mile before they "disengage," which is when a safety driver has to take control of the vehicle. Compared to company's like Waymo, Alphabet's self-driving-car company, the data shows Uber has a very long way to go before achieving full autonomy.

Uber is conducting a pilot program in Pittsburgh using Ford Fusion cars retrofitted with its autonomous tech. The company attempted to launch another pilot in San Francisco, but was

The richest 1% of New York City residents are living in multimillion-dollar Frankenmansions

When an apartment or penthouse isn't big enough for wealthy New Yorkers, they get creative.

In recent years, a number of them have combined multiple townhouses or building floors to create supersized homes, or Frankenmansions, as New York magazine's S. Jhoanna Robledo calls them.

To construct these Frankenmansions, some prospective buyers purchase multiple buildings at once, while others approach their neighbors to offer multimillion-dollar buyouts. (In either scenario, they need the city's subsequent approval before combining properties.)

Check out these 12 Manhattan Frankenmansions owned by big names — including Madonna, Sean Parker, and Sarah Jessica Parker — outlined below in red.

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's Frankenmansion is nearly complete.

Bloomberg has bought 

The alternate ending of 'Rogue One' reveals who would have survived

Movies go though a lot of changes, but any changes made to a "Star Wars" movie are always fun to delve into, and "Rogue One" has a lot of them.

Leading up to its release and following it, the changes that were made during the film's reshoots were reported at a rapid pace.  

Now, with its Blu-ray release on April 4, there's been another press tour by the creatives behind the movie, and Entertainment Weekly got one of the screenwriters to dish a little about one of its endings in the early days of developing "Rogue One," specifically how it would have ended if Disney wouldn't have let them kill off the entire cast.