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Amazon is hiring full-time house cleaners — possibly for its Prime membership program (AMZN)

Amazon may soon offer free house-keeping service to its Prime members.

That's what two new job postings, first spotted by The Seattle Times' Angel Gonzalez, seem to suggest.

The jobs, titled "Home Assistant," are intended to help the customers keep their homes clean, do laundry, and put groceries away. The positions seem full-time as Amazon is offering company stock, insurance, and overtime pay as part of the package.

Here's the full job description:

Uber’s bankers wouldn't give private investors revenue or income, calling it a useless ‘obsession with incremental information’

Uber has always been strict about keeping its financials a secret — to the point that some banks are refusing to work with the company, according to a new report from Bloomberg

Both JPMorgan Chase and Deustche Bank declined the chance to sell Uber shares to their clients in a private offering because the ride-hailing company wouldn't provide details about its finances, according to Bloomberg. 

However, other banks were happy to take their place. Morgan Stanley and Bank of America both ended up selling Uber shares to their clients even without the basic financial information disclosed, the report said. Morgan Stanley did not respond to request for comment.

Big ideas vs incremental obsession

Here are the newest stars of 'Stranger Things' who have joined for season 2

Several new faces are joining Netflix's hit "Stranger Things" for its second season.

A few of the actors you'll probably recognize — especially if you were a fan of the '90s sitcom "Mad About You" or the "Lord of the Rings" movies. Others you'll probably meet for the first time on the show's sophomore season.

But what we're most sure about is that the show's creators and writers, brothers Matt and Ross Duffer, will deliver another thrilling, blast-from-the-past, sci-fi adventure.

All the actors whose characters survived last season are expected to return. (And Millie Bobby Brown will reportedly reprise her role as Eleven.) The series is set to return in 2017.

So while you're waiting, why not get acquainted to the new kids on the block?

Silicon Valley is betting its money on Hillary Clinton

As we head into Election Day, one way to figure out which candidate has a leg up is to "follow the money."

That's exactly what MapD Technologies is trying to do. MapD is a database and data visualization company that recently used its trove of data to shed light on political donations and their trends. While much of this information has been publicly available before now, MapD's visualization is unique in that it accounts for any donations, regardless of amount. It also uses data going back to 2001, covering political donations made to presidential candidates, down-ballot candidates, and SuperPACs.

As the team began to find trends in political donations over the years, one thing became clear — Silicon Valley has gone blue. 

A new site is making it easy to send pizza to voters trapped in long lines

On this election eve, the lines outside polling places across America are already making us want to tear our hair out. From Chicago to LA, eager voters have been waiting hours to cast their ballots.

The good news: a grassroots initiative called Pizza to the Polls aims to make voting less miserable with pizza. The nonpartisan site has been taking in reports of long lines at polling places and reportedly delivering free pizzas to hungry Americans.

Facebook is finally getting serious about its ‘Snapchat problem’ (FB)

For the past couple of years, Facebook has done nothing significant about its Snapchat problem.

Sure, Mark Zuckerberg and co. have tried to clone parts of Snapchat with failed apps like Slingshot. But Facebook has never really thrown its full weight behind taking Snapchat head on.

Until now.

During Facebook's quarterly earnings call this past week, Zuckerberg explained that Facebook now sees the camera as the future of how people share and communicate.

"In most social apps today, a text box is still the default way we share," he said. "Soon, we believe a camera will be the main way that we share."

While he didn't name Snapchat specifically on the call, make no mistake: Facebook's full attack on Snapchat has begun.

The camera company


iPhone sales haven't bottomed out yet, says the most accurate Apple analyst (AAPL)

Apple's iPhone, the company's most important product, has seen three straight quarters of sales declines on an annual basis.

Most analysts expect the iPhone to grow slightly year-over-year in the quarter ending in December, thanks to strong demand in the United States for the iPhone 7 Plus. But that doesn't mean the iPhone's skid is over. 

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is predicting that Apple will continue to see iPhone sales decline over the first half of next year. 

"We forecast total shipment volume of iPhones will decline YoY [year-over-year] in 1H17 due to weak demand in China, slow shipment volume of 4.7” iPhones in 1Q17, and the lack of a new iPhone SE in 2Q17," he wrote in a note distributed to clients on Friday seen by Business Insider.

Here's how much marijuana it would take to kill you

Nearly half of Americans say they have tried marijuana at least once in their life.

With more people lighting up than ever (and nine states voting on the legalization of marijuana on Election Day), it's important to remember how many fatally overdose on the drug.

Zip. Zero. That's according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, which collects data on a range of other substances, both legal and illicit, and the Drug Enforcement Administration.

For comparison, opioids, which include prescription pain relievers and heroin, killed more than

Tinder's competitors are banking on its sleazy image

When Tinder launched in 2012, every match felt like an adrenaline rush, or at the very least, a spark.

But those matches are no longer quite as exciting. Oftentimes, they lead to quick hookups, sleazy come-ons, or nothing at all. That leaves a big opening for Tinder's dating app competitors .

Although Tinder has a huge user base (

Motor Trend: The Chevy Bolt makes most other electric cars 'utterly irrelevant' (TSLA)

While we wait for Tesla's mass-market Model 3 to arrive sometime in late 2017, we can start to mull over the Chevy Bolt — a 238-mile-range electric vehicle, stickering for $29,995 after credits — that's heading to dealerships in California and Oregon before 2016 is in the record books.

Motor Trend took things a step further recently and conducted a head-to-head comparison between the Model 3 and the Tesla Model S 60, at $66,000 the cheapest Tesla one can currently get.

It wasn't a fair comparison, and Motor Trend admitted as much, but the idea was to see if Chevy's new EV could match up against the premier 200-plus-mile electric car in the market.