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Michelle Obama on Sheryl Sandberg's 'lean in' strategy: 'That s--t doesn’t work all the time'

Michelle Obama said that the "lean in' approach for women in the workplace, advocated for by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, isn't always enough for women. She said that the idea that women can have it all at the same time is "a lie." "It’s not always enough to lean in, because that s--t doesn’t work all the time," Obama said. Sandberg's approach has been criticized for suggesting that individual women have to be the solution to workplace inequality rather than widespread policy changes.

Michelle Obama criticized Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg's "lean in" strategy as insufficient for women trying to excel in their careers.

"That whole 'so you can have it all.' Nope, not at the same time," Obama said at an event for her book "Becoming" in New York,

I've never had so many people ask me about headphones when I was wearing the Surface Headphones, but I just can't recommend them (MSFT)

Microsoft's $350 Surface Headphones are the company's first-ever headphones. They look beautiful and are very comfortable.  But the sound quality fall short, especially compared to the competition.

I get it, the Microsoft Surface Headphones are new, flashy, and perhaps something that can compete with the top choice in audio and noise cancelling quality — Bose's QuietComfort 35 II headphones.

As a result, I've had several people come up and ask me if I was, indeed, wearing the Surface Headphones. There's a buzz surrounding these things.

Parents, don't get ripped off: 'Fortnite: Battle Royale' is a free game and probably always will be

Don't be fooled by anybody indicating otherwise: The world's most popular game, "Fortnite: Battle Royale," is free to download for everybody, on every platform.  Major retailers offer a number of different "Fortnite" bundles, but they mostly add additional bonuses to the free game, like costumes and in-game currency — the game itself is, again, free.  Like the most popular smartphone games, "Fortnite" makes its money by offering optional perks for real-world currency.  People who are new to "Fortnite" should also beware of scams offering free V-Bucks, the game's currency.

With the iPhone Shortcuts app, you can make your phone perform tasks much quicker — here are the best shortcuts people have created

Apple released iOS 12 for its iPhones and iPads this year, and one of the newest features in an app called Shortcuts. The app lets you create shortcuts for your phone to perform certain actions if you know a little something about programming. But fortunately, tech-savvy users out there have been busy creating their own Shortcuts that you can use for free. Here are some of the best shortcuts we've found, which let you easily transfer playlists, create GIFs from live photos, and even turn on your flashlight with the "lumos" command (a la Harry Potter).

If you've yet to discover the new Shortcuts tool on your iPhone, you're missing out on something that can make your life a whole lot easier.

Apple's newest software, iOS 12, was released to iPhones and iPads in September with lots of

This futuristic car could solve a multibillion-dollar problem facing Amazon, Walmart, and Target

The company behind Walmart's pickup towers has developed a self-driving car that delivers packages to homes and businesses.  The car uses a robotic arm to place the packages in pickup lockers outside homes and businesses. Eventually, it will be able to deliver to mailboxes and pickup towers as well.  Autonomous delivery could be a boon for retailers, which have seen shipping costs balloon in recent years.

The company behind Walmart's pickup towers has developed a self-driving car that could upend the last-mile delivery industry. 

Here's the best and easiest way to switch from an Android device to an iPhone (AAPL, GOOG)

Switching from an Android phone to an iPhone can be tough, because you have to adjust to a whole new operating system.  But making the switch itself only requires a few steps, and Apple even created a special app to help you out.  Here's how to quickly and easily switch to an iPhone from an Android device. 

Switching from Android to iOS can be daunting — you're not just switching to a new device, you're switching to an entirely new operating system. 

But it turns out that the switch itself actually might be the easiest part. 

Back in 2015, Apple introduced an Android app called

Forget 2018 — these are the nine biggest games set to arrive in early 2019

Many of the biggest upcoming games are missing this holiday season, intentionally making way for an 800-pound gorilla: "Red Dead Redemption 2," the new opus for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One from the folks behind "Grand Theft Auto."

With "RDR2," tearing up the charts, major upcoming games like EA's "Anthem" and Sony's "Days Gone" are getting out of the way, and they're not the only two.

Here are all the big games bolstering the first months of 2019:

1. "Resident Evil 2" (Remake)

The long-awaited remake of fan-favorite horror classic "Resident Evil 2" is nearly ready — it's set to arrive early in 2019, just like so many other great games currently in development.

Astronaut says a neglected telescope is NASA's best chance of defending Earth from 'city killer' asteroids — 'for God's sake, fund it'

Small asteroids can strike Earth with the force of many nuclear weapons and destroy entire cities. A small fraction of such asteroids is estimated to have been found, but NASA is supposed to find 90% of them by 2020. Retired astronaut Rusty Schweickart says a relatively inexpensive space telescope, called the Near-Earth Object Camera, could find these space rocks — and quickly. NASA has denied full funding to NEOCam multiple times because the agency's mission selection process is weighted toward scientific firsts. NEOCam's supporters say the

An HR exec who's worked at Facebook and Amazon says no one should become a manager without taking a key step

Before making someone a boss, allow them to have some management experience, so they know what they're getting into. That's advice from Bharath Jayaraman, vice president of people at Paxos and a former HR exec at Facebook and Amazon. Jayaraman recommended allowing would-be managers to mentor a new hire on their team and then decide if this is something they're interested in.

Becoming a boss isn't easy.

You go from being evaluated on your technical skills to being judged on your people-management skills, and possibly from working all day at your desk to spending hours on hours in meetings.

It's a jarring transition for many new managers, said Bharath Jayaraman — but it shouldn't be.

Facebook cofounder Dustin Moskovitz's Asana is now worth $1.5 billion

On Thursday, Asana — a collaboration and productivity software company started by the Facebook cofounder Dustin Moskovitz — announced it had raised a $50 million series E funding round. Asana is now valued at $1.5 billion, passing the so-called unicorn valuation of $1 billion. "It's really nice to cross over that concrete mark," Moskovitz said. 2018 has been a momentous year for Asana, as the company raised its $75 million series D in January and says its revenue is growing 90% year-over-year. With the latest funding, Asana plans to continue its international growth (first by opening an office next week in Australia) and increase its number of employees to 600 from 400 by the end of next year.

After more than a decade, Asana can finally call itself a unicorn.