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Ocado shares tanked because of this worrying revelation from Amazon UK's boss

Ocado shares tanked in today's trading session after investors started to abandon the stock on one piece of terrifying news.

And what's so worrying for investors in Ocado, which is an online grocery delivery group that also creates a whole heap of technology that it can sell to other businesses?

Chris North, the CEO of Amazon UK, said in an interview with The Guardian newspaper that Ocado's biggest rival "Amazon Pantry" is going to rapidly expand its range of products, despite only launching in November.

The news killed the stock today:

An amateur astronomer found something intriguing in the sky on Christmas Day

Although no three kings were present at the time, amateur astronomer Emmanuel Conseil discovered a "new star" or nova in the Triangulum Galaxy on Christmas Day.

He made the discovery using the online Slooh observatory, whose telescopes are located in the Canary Islands. It was the second time Conseil had discovered a nova this way.

Slooh did a live broadcast of the galaxy and its "new star" on its webpage Tuesday afternoon, and will host a second show next week Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. EST, when scientists will hopefully know what kind of nova it is.

"The object was there on my images on Christmas Day, but not there on the 24th. It's pretty new!" Conseil said in a statement.

New star?

Apple is going to have a tough year (AAPL)
Posted December 30, 2015 0:52 AM
Apple is going to have a tough year (AAPL)

Suddenly, things aren't looking great for Apple in the near term. 

Let's briefly run down why:

iPhone sales could go negative for the first time in history.  iPad sales are shrinking, and show no sign of improving. The Apple Watch is not the blockbuster people thought it was going to be.  Apple TV is OK, but nothing revolutionary. Apple's software and services — Apple Music, Maps, Health, Photos — are just OK.  Smart, rational people in the media like Nilay Patel of The Verge, and Ben Thompson of Stratechery, think Apple's products were kinda meh in 2015.

Clinkle, the once-hot payment app that raised $30 million and nearly went bust, is pivoting again

Clinkle, the mysterious payment app that raised $30 million, failed to gain traction, and then lost a chunk of its staff, is pivoting.

TechCrunch's Josh Constine reports that Clinkle is now pivoting away from being a mobile payments and loyalty debit card startup, and it's becoming an SDK (software development kit) called Treats — a referral service. 

Other apps can integrate Treats to let users win rewards for referring their friends to the app, Constine reports, citing emails he's reviewed in which Clickle CEO Lucas Duplan has apparently tried to encourage other startup founders to integrate the Treats SDK into their own apps.

When Clinkle finally launched last year,  it looked like a prepaid debit card program and was initially only available at select colleges.

T-Mobile and YouTube are fighting over the word 'throttling' — and it has big implications for the future of media

T-Mobile has responded to YouTube's claims that wireless carrier is "throttling" YouTube videos by default, and predictably, T-Mobile objects to YouTube's phrasing.

T-Mobile recently rolled out a binge-friendly program called "BingeOn" that lets many of its customers stream video from popular services like Netflix and HBO without it counting toward their data cap.

But one byproduct of this program is that T-Mobile delivers videos at low-quality 480p resolution by default. This is true even for services that aren't part of the program, according to YouTube, who

Football legend Joe Montana is raising a $25 million venture capital fund, and he's already invested in a few billion-dollar startups

NFL Hall of Famer Joe Montana is closing a $25 million fund for his venture capital firm Liquid 2 Ventures, according to an SEC filing unearthed by Fortune.

The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback told Business Insider at Y Combinator's Demo Day earlier this year that he was close to closing a new startup investment fund close to that amount.

"We're in the process of getting paperwork done, but it'll probably be around $20 to $25 million," Montana told us at the time.

Apple asked 11 artists to create art using iPhones and iPads — and the results are stunning (AAPL)

Apple's "Start Something New" campaign aims to show the world how creativity is possible on an iPhone. The company commissioned 11 artists to create artwork using only an iPhone and various third-party apps. 

The work ranges from impressionistic to realistic, with a variety of different scenes and inspirations. 

SEE ALSO: These incredible works of art were created with Apple products

Darren Pearson made this work, entitled "Drawing with Light," with an Apple Watch and an iPhone 6s Plus. 

Lu Jin created "Painting ?uid landscapes" with an iPhone 6s and a Mac. 

Tiffany Bozic created "Illustrating nature through its details" with an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. 

A buzzy bitcoin startup led by Blythe Masters is reportedly struggling to raise funding

Digital Asset Holdings, a buzzy bitcoin startup headed up by the legendary Blythe Masters is struggling to raise funding, according to a report in The New York Times.

Masters rose to fame at JP Morgan, where she pioneered the credit default swap in the nineties. She turned heads in March 2015 when news broke that she was joining Digital Asset Holdings, a startup focusing on the blockchain.

The blockchain is the technology underpinning bitcoin, the dgital currency. It's a decentralised ledger of all transactions on the network, and can be used to transfer value very quickly and cheaply.

While bitcoin is struggling to get any mainstream appeal, buzz is continuing to grow around the blockchain — which financial institutions view as a way to streamline their businesses. Blockchain is "no longer a choice,"

14 places to go if the world is going to end
Posted December 30, 2015 0:58 AM
14 places to go if the world is going to end

December's weather has been pretty much apocalyptic in some parts of the world. Huge areas of Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina and the UK have been heavily hit by floods.

Add to this the devastating, unseasonal tornadoes in Texas, and the crazily high temperatures on the east coast of the US and in continental Europe.

Man-made climate change is starting to take its toll, and the world will soon officially have warmed up by 1°C since 1900, causing massive changes to our planet. 

There's also the rise of Islamic State, and increasing tensions between Russia and Turkey after the latter shot down a Russian plane in November. All in all, the world is in a bit of trouble.

The chairman of Google says British startups should embrace Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (GOOG)

Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman of Alphabet (formerly Google), today advised British startups to market their products on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter if they want to grow their businesses.

"If you’ve got a great product, get it out there and the rest is obvious," Schmidt told UK entrepreneur Rohan Silva during an interview on BBC Radio 4 today.

Silva, who knows Schmidt from his days as a policy advisor to David Cameron, asked Schmidt what startups can do to market a product on a limited budget.

"Go out on Twitter, use Facebook. Instagram now is having a huge renaissance in terms of marketing and promotions."

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Schmidt also encouraged startups to use Google's advertising system to market their products.