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Twitter has a big problem with celebrities driving traffic to Instagram (TWTR)

A new study, published by Adrianus Wagemakers of JFNE Consulting, suggests that celebrities are moving more and more toward Instagram, taking everyday users with them. This comes at a time when Twitter's user growth is flagging and investors are getting spooked.  

Wagemakers previously argued that Instagram was receiving a lot of traffic from Twitter as content wasn't differentiated enough. 

Android users are loyal to Google — except when a new iPhone comes out

Research firm Ericsson has published data on the customer retention rates (i.e. how many people buy a new phone with the same operating system) for iOS, Android, and Windows (on mobile).

According to the data, loyalty to Android is higher than iOS, until Apple releases a new iPhone. Older iPhone users then become less likely to buy Android and buy a new iPhone, while Android users increasingly jump ship.

The Ericsson data measures Q3 2015 — the quarter when Apple released the iPhone 6S — showing that the percentage of users who swapped an iPhone for a newer iPhone jumped to 4.5% from around 1.1%. The percentage of Android users who went from Android to iPhone doubled to 0.6%.

George Osborne says he's going to double funding for UK spy agencies to help them fight terrorists

Chancellor George Osborne today unveiled a plan to double funding for Britain’s cyber security agencies.

Speaking at the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) in Cheltenham, West England, Osborne said the UK will spend £1.9 billion over the next five years countering terrorism plots that are being facilitated by the internet, including those from Islamic State.

"We are not winning against those who would hurt us in cyberspace," he told a room full of spies, academics, government officials and company leaders.

"The truth is that we need to run simply to stand still. The pace of innovation of cyber attack is breathtakingly fast, and defending Britain means that we have to keep up. At the heart of cyber security is a painful asymmetry between attack and defence. It is easier and cheaper to attack a network than it is to defend it. And the truth is that this asymmetry is growing."

Apple's new patent wants you to control notifications with your eyes (AAPL)

Notifications on your iPhone might one day respond to your gaze.

Apple has been granted a patent for the "delay of display event based on user gaze."

In plain English, this refers to your iPhone tracking where on the screen you're looking — and delaying notifications until your gaze is fixed in the appropriate place.

For example, you might misspell a word in iMessage. Right now, a pop-up message would appear immediately asking if you want to correct it. But if the technology described in US Patent No. 9,189,064 was implemented, your iPhone would wait until you're looking at the right place to show the notification.

A 15-year-old boy has been charged with airline bomb hoaxes and hacks

A 15-year old boy has been charged with hacking offenses, Devon and Cornwall Police announced on Tuesday afternoon.

The boy, from Plymouth in South-West England, is accused of making bomb hoaxes against airlines in the US, and for targeting websites around the world with denial of service attacks — a way of overwhelming a site with traffic so it goes down.

He was charged on November 16 with five offenses — three under the Computer Misuse Act, and two under the Criminal Law Act.

He has been bailed, and will appear before Plymouth Youth Court on December 18.

This story is developing...

These are the 5 investors giving the most startups seed money

In the last five years, the amount of startups that have received seed money from venture capitalists has skyrocketed.

The average number of "seed round" deals has jumped from 484 in 2010 to 1,943 last year, according to data shared with Business Insider from Pitchbook. It's worth noting that there has been a slight downtrend in the number of deals this year, though the actual capital invested has not dipped.

Venture capitalists have already invested $1.97 billion in seed rounds this year, up from 2014's $1.95 billion, according to Pitchbook.

Pitchbook looked through its data going back to 2010, and and found that 2,387 investors have participated in at least one seed round. 

So which venture capitalists have led this five-year charge?

Twitter is experimenting with letting users react to tweets with emoji (TWTR)

Twitter is shaking up how its users react to tweets.

First, it replace the option to "favourite" tweets with a heart-shaped "like."

Now, it appears to be experimenting with a more flexible way for the Twitterati to respond to messages on the social network: Using emoji.

A Twitter user who goes by the handle @_ninji told The Verge that they had accessed a developer version of the Twitter app when they stumbled across the feature.

They were given the option to ??, ??, or even ?? tweets.

I can't believe they're finally letting me ?? tweets (The best part is that it's not even a joke, I just found this…)

— Ninji, infamous dog (@_Ninji) November 16, 2015

The Oxford Dictionaries 'Word of the Year' isn't a word

Oxford Dictionaries has announced its Word of the Year — and it's an emoji.

"Face with Tears of Joy" emoji has been selected by the dictionary company as the "word" that "best reflected, the ethos, mood and preoccupations of 2015."

The crying-with-laughter emoji beat out a number of other topical words and phrases for the top spot, including "ad blocker," "on fleek," "lumbersexual," and "sharing economy."

Oxford Dictionaries reasons that emojis aren't new — but their use has dramatically increased this year.

In a statement, Oxford Dictionaries President Casper Grathwohl said (

A Chinese tech company has developed a smartphone battery that charges to 50% in 5 minutes

Huawei, the Chinese smartphone giant, has developed a battery that can charge to 48% in around five minutes, the BBC reports

Fast charging technology works by including sturdier components which can deal with a higher power input, according to Android Authority.

Qualcomm has also been experimenting with fast charging, offering a 60% charge in five minutes. Samsung's Galaxy S6 handsets can get four hours of usage from 10 minutes charge

Huawei also developed a battery that can charge to

A startup that chooses where to invest people's money admits it accidentally emailed sensitive data to the wrong people

Nutmeg, a startup that provides investment management services via the internet, admitted that it suffered a technical glitch that allowed its customers to access the personal data of its other clients, according to Citywire.

The company, led by CEO and founder Nick Hungerford, said that a coding fault in its email platform "Nutmail" meant that 32 customers saw other individual's investment reports when they logged into their own accounts.

The incident occurred after 32 clients were wrongly placed into a group to receive messages from Nutmail. As a result, they were able to access other people's personal data, including names, addresses and investment details.

Nutmeg, a company backed by prominent venture capitalists like Balderton and