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Apple's Refurbished Mac Store is its best-kept secret where you can buy devices in perfect condition with a nice little discount — here are the best deals

Apple has a web store that's hard to find on its main website called the "Refurbished Mac Store."

It's a place where Apple sells almost any kind of refurbished devices, not just Macs, for a nice little discount. And not all of them are older models. Many refurbished devices are current-generation. 

For most of the refurbished options, you get a 15% discount across all the different models. For example, you get a 15% discount on all refurbished MacBook Pros, whatever specs they have. For iPhones specifically, you get a 10% discount across the board. 

I was amazed by the quality of my

This VC explains why she's sticking to small checks even as $100 million rounds become the norm in Silicon Valley

When Shruti Gandhi started Array Ventures in 2015 she had two principles in mind: Invest early, and help founders. While the world of venture capital is full of $100 million checks and billion-dollar valuations, Gandhi prefers to fund seed stage rounds in the $500,000 to $1 million range. The former IBM engineer has a decade of experience on the technical side of things, so she knows when a product is ready to move a market forward. It's this technical expertise that makes it so Gandhi and Array can get in early — and still bring in big returns. 

In a world where startups see a growing number of zeros at the ends of checks — and, thus, at the end of their private-market valuations, Shruti Gandhi's approach to venture capital may seem downright miserly. 

A hot startup has covered San Francisco with billboards. Here’s why the CEO says the ads are worth every penny

San Francisco is covered with billboards for Brex, a startup that provides corporate credit cards to startups.  Plenty of startups find opportunities to brag about spending so little money on marketing, but Brex cofounder and CEO Henrique Dubugras says the ads were worth every penny. Brex, which has raised a total of $57 million in funding from Peter Thiel and Y Combinator, spent only $300,000 on the ads plastered on bus stops, buildings, and billboards.


In San Francisco, there are few places to escape them.

Jet-black billboards advertising Brex, a startup that offers the first corporate card for startups, loom over the streets and sidewalks. 

When you realize you are living in an alternative dimension, not the real US. Bus stop ad in SF on way to

The biggest tech companies are about to undergo a major reshuffling on the stock market — here’s what’s coming, and why it matters

MSCI and S&P are soon to make some changes to how tech companies are categorized on the S&P 500 for the first time since 1999.    On September 28, a new Communication Services sector will replace the current Telecoms sector, and will include some of the biggest stocks including Facebook and Netflix. It's only the second sector addition since 1999, and is a recognition of how consolidation has melded the telecom, media, and internet industries together.   Exchange-traded funds that track S&P 500 sectors will be most affected by the reclassification, and some big providers are already making changes ahead of the implementation. 

Some big changes are coming to the US stock market.

The 20 best superhero movie performances of all time

Superhero movies are known for their blockbuster, money-making appeal, but they can also produce some stellar performances.

Acting goes overlooked for most moviegoers when watching a superhero movie. And you generally don't see actors in superhero movies nominated for big awards like the Oscars (except for that one time). 

But there are plenty of performances that are not only great on their own terms, but capture what makes their respective characters so great. The best superhero movie performances take what's on the comic book page and add another layer to it on the screen.

We looked at the best performances in superhero movies to determine the top 20. The only rule was that we picked a specific movie — for instance, Robert Downey Jr. has played Iron Man in multiple movies throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but which one is he the best in?

You might be paying for iPhone app subscriptions you're not using — here's how to cancel them (AAPL)

You might have several monthly or annual subscriptions for content or apps billed through iTunes. Here's how you can check what you're subscribed to through Apple. 

Nobody likes paying for things they don't use. 

So if you're an iPhone user, you should double-check to make sure you didn't accidentally stay subscribed to an app or service you thought you cancelled. 

It's actually pretty hidden in the App Store — TechCrunch's Josh Constine called the settings "buried" and a "dark pattern design." 

App subscriptions are an emphasis for Apple. It held

'Crazy Rich Asians' dominates the box office with a $25.2 million weekend take, $34 million 5-day opening (T)

"Crazy Rich Asians" won the weekend box office with an estimated $25.2 million, and has taken in $34 million since it opened on Wednesday. It's the latest movie this year to prove that if Hollywood offers movies with authentically diverse voices, audiences will come.

For the second-straight weekend, a Warner Bros. movie is atop the domestic box office mountain.

"Crazy Rich Asians" won the weekend box office with an estimated $25.2 million, and has earned $34 million since it opened on Wednesday.

The studio can point to two very different titles for its late summer surge. This weekend, "Rich Asians" proved there's a market for a movie with an all-Asian cast (and a romantic comedy), while

51 pieces of politically charged artwork actor Jim Carrey has posted to his nearly 18 million followers on Twitter

Actor Jim Carrey has become a political artist and activist on Twitter, amassing over 18 million followers. He regularly tweets politically charged and timely artwork — and has sparked backlash in some cases. A clear style emerged in the art back in November. As Carrey steps back in front of the camera for an upcoming Showtime series, "Kidding," we revisited his Twitter art catalog.

Actor Jim Carrey has gained a reputation this year for being an outspoken political artist and activist on Twitter.

He's stepping back in front of the camera later this month with a new Showtime series, "Kidding," and was recently profiled for the first time in years in

Millennials are obsessed with raising plants, and one New York-based startup is poised to capitalize

Millennials are buying more plants than ever. Many are waiting longer to buy homes and are living in smaller, urban spaces for longer, which drives an interest in raising plants.  The Sill, a direct-to-consumer plant seller, has made shopping for plants tech-friendly, advising customers on which types would be most suitable for their living circumstances and delivering plants directly to their door.  The company just closed a $5 million round of funding led by Raine Ventures, bringing its total raised to $7.5 million.

Eliza Blank is in the business of selling plants to novices. 

It looks like Elon Musk and Grimes stopped following each other on Instagram and Twitter (TSLA, FB, TWTR)

Tesla CEO Elon Musk and indie pop star Grimes no longer follow each other on Instagram. Musk unfollowed Grimes on Twitter early Sunday. It's unclear whether the pair remains a couple. The unfollowing comes after a difficult week in the spotlight for Musk, which sent Telsa stock down nearly 20% in 10 days.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk and indie musician Grimes appear to have stopped following each other on social media after a difficult week in the spotlight that sent Telsa stock tumbling down nearly 20%.