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Uber just changed its logo — and people are already calling it ugly

Uber unveiled a new logo on Tuesday.

The new look debuted alongside the latest Uber app update, version 2.118.8.

Uber's new logo is already causing quite a stir on Twitter, with many quick to declare the logo ugly. Of course, that's not uncommon when a hugely popular app significantly changes its look — just look at the uproar that sprang up when Spotify changed the shade of green it used in its app.

A sports blogger with 250,000 followers barged into Twitter headquarters demanding to be verified (TWTR)

Even "Twitter-famous" individuals with hundreds of thousands of followers crave the blue check mark that comes with official Twitter verification.

Twitter verifies certain people, mostly famous people, to prevent others from impersonating them on the service.

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy found out on Tuesday that showing up unannounced at Twitter's headquarters is not the best way to get results. 

Portnoy livestreamed his attempts to talk to Twitter's verification department at the company's New York office on Tuesday. It didn't work.

Portnoy is the founder of Barstool Sports, a crude yet beloved sports blog, which was purchased by Peter Chernin's Chernin Digital Group last month for between 10 and 15 million dollars

Here's what Wall Street is saying about the blowout quarter that made Google the world's most valuable company (GOOGL, GOOG)

Alphabet, the company formerly known as Google, is now the world's most valuable company

On Monday after the market close Alphabet reported earnings that far exceeded expectations on revenue that also topped estimates. 

And while the company's new corporate structure gave investors a bit more insight into the outside projects the company is investing in — which it called "Other Bets" — the cash burn out of these segments was less than some expected. 

Following Alphabet's report Wall Street's reaction was almost universally positive as all ten analysts we heard from had a "Buy" or equivalent rating on the stock. 

Here's what the Street had to say.

Credit Suisse: OUTPERFORM <...

European regulators are meeting to discuss the legality of sending data across the Atlantic — here's what you need to know

A group of European regulators are currently discussing the future of a key part of the modern digital economy: transatlantic data transfers.

Just about every major modern tech company — and thousands of non-tech companies — routinely send data between the US and the EU. Because of European data laws, certain legal frameworks need to be in place to legitimise these transfers, otherwise the companies could find themselves facing legal action.

But three months ago, Europe's top court struck down the mechanism used to do this — plunging companies into legal limbo. The deadline for a new deal to be agreed upon has now passed, and negotiators are scrambling to get it finished.

Safe Harbor?

Analyst downgrades Twitter to 'where it should have been all long' — SELL (TWTR)

Twitter is facing serious issues and now one Wall Street analyst has turned on it in a big way.

Scott Devitt at Stifel released a note Monday downgrading Twitter from a "Hold" to a "Sell" rating and in doing so eviscerated the company.

Devitt compared Twitter to tech fads that have imploded before, writing: "We are returning our rating on Twitter shares back to where it should have been all along — Sell."

Devitt added,  "Twitter is a product that has never fully developed into a sustainable public company due to either poor strategy, poor execution, or that it was never destined to be one."

Marissa Mayer spent $1 million making a motivational book for Yahoo employees (YHOO)

In an attempt to motivate and inspire Yahoo employees, CEO Marissa Mayer had a big red book custom made and delivered to the staff last fall, according to Kara Swisher at Re/Code

The book cost $1 million to produce, and according to Swisher it was supposed to give employees a sense of what Yahoo is and some insight into her view of Yahoo. 

Swisher has some photos, and you should go check them out. (If you're a Yahoo employee and you want to share the book or photos of it, we'd love to check it out. Email us:

As for Mayer's outlook on Yahoo... Swisher makes it sound like Mayer wants to stick with the company and figure out a turnaround. Yahoo's board has no desire to fight Mayer, so it sounds like they're going to give her a shot at fixing the company.

THE NEW RETAIL: The top trends disrupting retail at each stage of the purchase funnel

No time offers a clearer window into how consumer and retailer shopping trends are shifting than the holiday season. The fourth quarter is always the busiest time of year for brands and retailers — it's when many of them move from red to black.

This holiday season indicated that there's never been a better time to be a consumer. The rise of online and mobile shopping has given consumers more choice, flexibility, and often better service, and retailers are shifting their strategies to keep up.

In a new report from BI Intelligence, we look at some of the top trends affecting retailers at each stage of the purchase funnel and how they're responding to those shifts.

Here are some of the key takeaways:

Within digital, consumers are spreading out their retail purchasing across channels, forcing retailers to spread out their online marketing budgets. Paid search, affiliate marketing, and email all increased...

Apple is expected to launch a new iPhone and iPad on March 15

Apple will hold an event on Tuesday, March 15, where it will announce updates to the iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch software, reports Mark Gurman at 9to5Mac

Apple is expected to release a 4-inch iPhone, tentatively named the iPhone 5se, the iPad Air 3, and new accessories and software for the Apple Watch.

According to the report, the new iPhone will look like the iPhone 5S, but will come with updated components, including the same processor that's currently used in the iPhone 6S. It will retail starting at $450, but customers will most likely be able to upgrade its internal storage to 64GB for additional cost.

ISIS has reportedly released its first Android app

Islamic State militants can now share their radio broadcasts all over the world through an Android app, dark-web news site Vocativ reports

The app cannot be downloaded using the Google store like normal apps, and can only be accessed through APK files (a file format used for installing software on Android operating system), that the group's followers are spreading online. 

According to deep web analysts at Vocativ, who discovered the app, the files are distributed on Islamic State-linked social media and forums to allow those who download the app to listen to the group's al-Bayan radio broadcast. 

The radio station, which

Inside Marissa Mayer's struggle to revive Yahoo's troubled research lab (YHOO)

Google has its famous X lab, Microsoft has Microsoft Research, and Yahoo has Yahoo Labs.

The in-house research labs are a badge of honor, showcasing a company's advances in everything from artificial intelligence to speech recognition, and signaling to the world that the company is in the big leagues.

But Yahoo's efforts to maintain an advanced research operation have been bumpy and its in-house research lab is now showing signs of a breakdown inside its ailing parent company.

Although it has produced a good amount of research, the lab has struggled to find a clear role within Yahoo, sparking internal conflicts and raising questions around its existence as a standalone unit, according to more than a half dozen former employees we spoke to.