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11 reasons driving a supercar isn't as cool as you think

Ah, supercars! They are the thoroughbreds of the automotive world. They can cost millions, they go very fast, and they attract plenty of attention in traffic and when pulling up to valet lines.

People dream about owning a Ferrari, a Lamborghini, a McLaren, a Pagani, or a Bugatti all their lives, from a tender young age right up until they experience that third or fourth midlife crisis. And though these storied brands make more domesticated, "practical" machines, it's the super-sexy supercars that capture the imagination.

But ... are they really all that?

Well, they are. But they're also, on many levels, beautiful, exotic, alluring, exciting total pains in the ass. Here's why.

1. They're LOWER to the ground than some reptiles

Google and Google Home promote fake news story about Obama 'shocking the country' by running for a third term

The promotion of fake news is a big problem that sites like Facebook and Google are scrambling to fix. Both companies have made efforts to bury bad links from their algorithms, but some stories are still slipping through.

Right now on Google, if you type in "can a president run a third term," the top result shown is fake.

An answer from the site pops up in Google's featured snippet section and claims that President Obama "shocked the country this morning" by announcing he'd be running for office again.

Which of course, a president of the United States cannot do.

16 events from 2016 that should give you hope for the future

This past year might have been a trying one, but among the negative news stories were plenty of bright spots.

For every celebrity death, there was a scientific breakthrough. For every bit of political nonsense (well, maybe not every bit of nonsense) there were leaps forward in clean energy.

In case you're feeling down about 2016, here's a reminder that, in a lot of ways, the world really is getting better.

Populations of tigers, pandas, and manatees all started growing for the first time in years.


All of Portugal ran on solar energy for four days straight.


Scientists detected gravitational waves for the first time ever, furthering our understanding of the origins of the universe.

This is why you should go ahead and warm your car up when it's cold

There's a "you're doing it wrong" meme that's showing some strong staying power these days: You don't need to warm up your car when it's cold — in fact, if you do, you could harm your engine.

The engineering behind this revision of what many folks have been told their whole lives is solid, and you can watch this Business Insider video to get the lowdown.

Modern cars don't use carburetors to blend the fuel-air mixture. They use electronic fuel injection, so a warm-up in cold weather isn't mechanically necessary.

How to use Do Not Disturb, the best way to set limits on your iPhone's notifications (AAPL)

One common New Year's resolution in the age of smartphones is to disconnect more and live in the present.

If you're trying to set better limits on how you use technology in 2017, and you're an iPhone user, you should use a feature called Do Not Disturb. 

Although it won't shock you if you mindlessly scroll on Instagram for hours, it will help you control the notifications that sometimes lead to mindless email, social networks, and texting. 

Although Do Not Disturb is built into every single iPhone, and has been for years, it can be a little bit confusing to get started. But when you do, you'll find it's perhaps the most powerful tool Apple provides for controlling when you receive those distracting, attention-grabbing notifications (except for perhaps turning your phone off entirely).

The Jaguar XF is a luxury sedan with the soul of a sports car

Over the past few years, Jaguar Land Rover has been one of the fastest-growing car companies in the US market. However, most of this growth has been thanks to the Land Rover part of JLR. In 2015, JLR's US sales surged 26% to more than 85,000 cars, but only about 14,000 of them were Jags. In fact, the Jaguar brand's sales fell 8% last year. 

For 2016, Jaguar is making an all-out push to even things up with its corporate sibling. At the core of Jag's strategy is the introduction of three new cars. 

The new second generation XF is the first of Jaguar's new lineup to land on our shores. The new XF will soon be joined by the BMW 3-Series-fighting XE sedan and the highly anticipated F-PACE crossover SUV.

Although the first generation XF remains very aesthetically pleasing, after nearly a decade in the public eye, it was time for a change. 

Tonight's countdown to 2017 will be 11 seconds long

Tonight's traditional New Year's Eve countdown to 2017 will take 11 seconds instead of 10.

The National Physical Laboratory, the body responsible for measuring time in the UK, will add a leap second to the last few moments of 2016.

Clocks will strike 23:59:60 for a second before 2017 dawns to account for the slowing rotation of the earth.

"The atomic clocks housed at NPL are nearly a million times better at keeping time than the rotation of the Earth," the laboratory said.

"Leap seconds are used to provide a link between the extremely stable time scale based on atomic clocks and the more variable time scale of the solar day," the NPL said.

14 apps to help you manage your money

The UK is seeing an explosion in financial technology companies and plenty of them are pitched at consumers.

BI has rounded up some of the best apps and services around right now that can help you do everything from manage your household bills and save money to keeping track of your work expenses.

The 14 apps we've highlighted could help you track, save, make more money. Check them out:

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Scientists are attempting to bring back an ancient elephant-sized cow

Scientists are close to bringing back a huge ancient cattle species called an auroch.

Aurochs roamed Europe for thousands of years until the last of their kind died in the Jaktorow Forest in Poland in 1627. They were 7 ft tall and weighed around 1,000kg.

Since 2009, European science teams have been breeding cattle which still carry auroch DNA. Two programmes are attempting to revive a version of the auroch through breeding.

One is Operation Taurus, which has selectively bred 300 calves with auroch DNA via a process called back-breeding. They select breeds of cattle which have certain auroch characteristics and each generation of calves gets closer to the original auroch in appearance, behaviour and genetic makeup.

There are several breeds of cattle the scientists use which have characteristics closest to the auroch, including the Maremmana from Italy and Podolica and Busha breed from the Balkans.

This Amazon engineer quit to become a brewer and now sells beer to Ireland's tech scene

Staff at Amazon's Dublin office were treated to a special tipple this year. Locally brewed craft beer was laid on. Not only that, it was actually made by one of their own.

The beer for the tech giant's Irish Christmas party was supplied by Metalman Brewing, a nearby microbrewery founded by former Amazon engineer Grainne Walsh.

"We push our beer a lot in the tech community in Dublin," Walsh told Business Insider.

"We were up at Amazon, we did Airbnb prior to that. We try to ingratiate ourselves in the tech industry. There's usually someone knocking around who I know from my previous life."

Walsh, whose background is in network engineering, worked for Amazon in Ireland from 2007 to 2011, setting up several internal technical teams.