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The $700 'Keurig for Juice' is too expensive to solve a very real problem

For the last three years, Juicero has been working in secret to build the future of juice. 

Organic fruit and vegetable farmers ship their produce to Juicero's facilities. The company takes care of all the washing, cutting and prep and puts the veggies into special single-serve packets.

The Juicero machine takes the single-serving packet and presses it automatically into a glass of cold fresh juice — removing the inconvenience bar of drinking freshly-pressed juice, like a Keurig does for brewed coffee.

It's an admirable goal, but with a $700 price tag (and that's not including the juice packets) the company has a long way to go.

The Juicero of today is a product for the 1%, not the 90% that truly need an affordable, healthy, and convenient source of fruits and vegetables.

Magic in the beginning

The sleek look and feel of the machine can be attributed to Doug Evans, the founder and CEO of Juicero.

Former Apple CEO John Sculley says Steve Jobs cried at the office and that it was one reason people loved working for him

Steve Jobs — as brilliant as he was — is sometimes remembered for his not-so-nice side. 

For example, he often told his engineers, "This is s---" when reviewing their work, according to Walter Isaacson's biography of Steve.

But former Apple chief executive John Sculley, 76, says that was just one side of Steve.

"So many of the movies and portrayals of Steve Jobs just focus on the 'bad boy' Steve, or the idea that he wasn't perfect," Sculley told Business Insider. "But they don't explain why so many people loved working for him as difficult as he was, and the reason is because he was an incredibly emotional person."

What Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and 13 other highly successful tech people were doing at age 25

What were the most successful people in tech doing when they were 25?

At the time, many were already founding or making deals with multimillion-dollar companies, or simply dreaming up how they could make their dent in the universe. 

In other words, it varied from tech titan to tech titan, and it all goes to show that there's no one path to success.

To underscore that point, we've compiled these snapshots to show you what they were up to at 25.

Steve Jobs took his company public and became a millionaire.

By the end of its first day of trading in December 1980, Apple Computer had a market value of $1.2 billion, making its cofounders very rich men. Jobs, one of the three cofounders, was 25.

He later

Instagram's Mike Krieger says there are 2 reasons he's made it through 6 years without wanting to strangle his cofounder — unlike most of Silicon Valley

As Instagram cofounder and CTO Mike Krieger said, Silicon Valley is littered with the corpses of business partnerships.

In a discussion with The New Yorker's online editor, Nick Thompson, this March at the 92Y in New York City, Krieger said that he "can't stress how rare it is" that he and his cofounder, CEO Kevin Systrom, are still friends after working together since 2009.

It's even more surprising, Thompson added, given that Instagram went from a tiny startup to a billion-dollar company when it was acquired by Facebook for $1 billion in 2012.

There are two essential factors for a successful business partnership, Krieger explained.

1. You need to tolerate working next to that person for days on end (even when they don't shower)

The VC who owns the Warriors says he's one of the 10 best blackjack players in the world

Golden State Warriors' majority owner Joe Lacob is also an investor for Kleiner Perkins, one of the most successful VC firms in Silicon Valley.

As a VC, he's placed early bets on dozens of startups that went on to become massive businesses including and Sportsline.

But Lacob says he's even more accomplished in another area that requires a good deal of of risk-taking: blackjack.

In fact, he's so good, Lacob claims he's one of the 10 best blackjack players in the world, according to a profile in this week's New York Times Magazine.

“I shouldn’t say this...but I’ve won over $1 million at one sitting nine times," Lacob told the Times.

13 tough interview questions you may have to answer if you want to intern at SpaceX this summer

Forget about fetching coffee — as an intern at SpaceX, you'll help design, build, and launch rockets that could potentially take humans to Mars.

So it follows that you're going to have to answer some tough interview questions to get the gig.

Each year, more than 700 interns join SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne, California, for 80-hour workweeks at about $22 an hour in departments like avionics, dynamics, launch operations, manufacturing, and enterprise information systems.

The hiring process typically consists of two in-depth phone interviews, during which intern candidates have to answer questions like the following, which we found on

This is why Tesla events are usually a blast — even if you aren't there (tsla)

Tesla events tend to be some of the most exciting in not just the automotive world, but the worlds of business and technology. 

Sure, Apple gets a lot of attention for its events. But we're talking about tiny glass-and-metal devices here. Tesla has giant robots that sling around the chassis of entire cars.

Over the years, Tesla and CEO Elon Musk have evolved their events into spectacles. As the car maker prepares to reveal its Model 3 mass-market vehicle in Los Angeles on Thursday night, we're taking a look back.

Back in 2007, Tesla sent its first car, the Roadster, on a road trip around the US, including a jaunt through New York's Times Square. Elon Musk was a bit less refined back then. He hadn't yet become ... ... the inspiration for the Tony Stark character in the "Iron Man" movies (that's Musk on the far right).

Google shocked this man by offering sympathy on the death of his father (GOOG, GOOGL)

Last week, Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt explained that Google is working on a new generation of super smart "machine learning" apps that will create "something that's better than what humans can do."

Today, we bring you a mind-blowing example of that.

Reddit user "barney13" was experimenting with all the voice commands in Google Now and Google Photos. He's got an Android phone and pretty much uses all of the Google services, Gmail, Drive, YouTube, Google Now and Google Photos, which automatically uploads and geotags his photos. 

He was asking Google Now to show him photos from various trips he took. He asked to see his photos of San Francisco, and they appeared. He asked to see photos of Spain. There they were.

The couple that lived in the Google parking lot share what it was like to move into a house after living in a van for 2 years

For nearly two years, one Google employee and his wife lived in a small RV in the lot of the tech giant's Mountain View, California headquarters.

Pete D'Andrea, 33, has been at Google for five years, transitioning from a temp to a program manager for the research-and-development team.

A chunk of that time — January 2012 to October 2013 — was spent living in the company parking lot with his wife, Kara, 28.

They had no electricity or water during their parking-lot stint — but it allowed them to save 80% of their take-home pay, which eventually covered the down payment for their $530,000 house in the Santa Cruz mountains.

A London fintech startup said it would only join a fintech group if it could pay its membership in bitcoin

A London fintech startup determined to drive forward the use of digital currencies said it would only join trade body Innovate Finance if it could pay its membership in bitcoin.

Bitfury, a company that provides the Blockchain infrastructure underpinning bitcoin payments, paid £10,000, or 37.55 BTC (bitcoin), to join Innovate Finance, which counts Visa, IBM, and Mastercard among its founding members.

Innovate Finance — founded in 2014 to promote the UK fintech scene — has more than 150 members but Bitfury is the first one to pay in bitcoin.

A Bitfury spokeswoman told Business Insider: "This technology, while having a myriad of other uses, allows users to transfer currency using bitcoin in a secure and fast way. Because of these benefits, Bitfury seeks to make payments in bitcoin whenever possible.