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Peugeot unveiled a stunning concept car that can drive itself

French car manufacturer Peugeot unveiled a stunning concept for an autonomous future, on Monday.

Called the Instinct Concept, the vehicle is designed to learn from your habits to adjust the driving experience accordingly. For example, the car can access your calendar to know when you are traveling to an important meeting and will adjust the route to ensure you get there with plenty of time.

Scroll down for a closer look at the concept:

The Peugeot not only envisions a future where self-driving cars are ubiquitous, but one where people rely on the Internet of Things ecosystem.

Although consumers are beginning to adopt connected internet devices like Amazon’s Alexa, we have yet to enter a reality where everyday homeowners are connecting their lights and TVs to the internet on a mass scale.

But that’s the kind of reality the Instinct Concept is meant to thrive in. Peugeot outlines a world where your car tal...

Apple is turning the iPhone into a Samsung Galaxy phone (AAPL)

After years of accusing Samsung of cribbing its designs and ideas, Apple seems to be looking to its smartphone rival for inspiration for the next iPhone.

The Wall Street Journal dropped a big report Tuesday on what to expect from the next iPhone, and a lot of the new features are things that have become defining elements of a Samsung device.

Let's break it down:

A curved screen. The WSJ report says the iPhone will have a curved screen. This was a feature that Samsung first introduced in 2014 with

Dispatch from Day 1 of Mobile World Congress

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This Chinese tech company wants Apple to build its own in-display fingerprint sensor

BARCELONA, Spain — Goodix, a Chinese technology manufacturer that has released a fingerprint reader that can be embedded within the screens of smartphones, wants Apple to produce its own version of the feature for the iPhone 8.

That's a surprising statement — once Apple releases its own version of an in-display fingerprint sensor, Goodix's product is no longer new and innovative.

But CTO Bo Pi told Business Insider at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that Apple launching its own sensor will likely lead to even more Android phone manufacturers wanting to buy Goodix's sensor.

Goodix's product is sold directly to Android phone manufacturers who can use it in their own devices. It means that people don't have to rest their thumb or finger on a physical button, but instead can unlock their phone by placing a finger directly on the screen at a designated point.

Here are the latest plans for Google's crazy new campus (GOOG, GOOGL)

Google first announced plans for its futuristic new campus nearly two years ago, and things have come a long way since then. 

The campus, named Google Charleston East, will be located near its current location in Mountain View, California. It marks the first time Google has built offices from scratch, instead of taking over previously existing buildings. 

Google recently submitted updated plans for its campus to the City of Mountain View, the first time its revealed what the new building will look like in nearly a year. 

UBS: Apple already has 1,000 engineers working on AR in Israel and a new product may appear on this year's iPhone (AAPL)

Augmented reality (AR) will likely be Apple's next major product innovation, according to analyst Steven Milunovich and his team at UBS.

In a research note seen by Business Insider, Milunovich writes that Apple CEO Tim Cook has repeatedly "broken the silence on future products with regards to AR," citing numerous comments he has made about AR as evidence that the company is pursuing it as the next big thing.

"According to some industry sources, the company may have over 1,000 engineers working on a project in Israel that could be related to AR," the note also says. Apple has also made numerous AR-related acquisitions including:

PrimeSense (a 3D sensing company based in Tel Aviv). Metaio (developed software that lets users look at products and then apply different colours and finishes, based in Germany). RealFace (cyber-security and facial recognition, also in Tel Aviv).

Ancient penguins were giant animals for 30 million years, according to a newly-discovered fossil

The evolution of penguins is a bit of a puzzle for scientists. Did their ancestors fly or were they always confined to land and sea?

More importantly, were they always the size they are now?

Scientists from New Zealand and Senckenberg finally have some answers, thanks to their recent discovery of a fossil belonging to a giant, 150-centimetre long penguin. The fossil dates pack to the Paleocene era approximately 61 million years ago, making it one of the oldest penguin fossils in the world.

According to a new study which the scientists

Inside the Apple Museum in Prague – 41 years of Apple products and a tribute to Steve Jobs (AAPL)

It turns out that Prague is home to the biggest private exhibition of Apple’s products in the world. 

In the heart of the Czech Republic capital city's Old Town, the Apple Museum takes you through 41 years of the company's fascinating history. 

As well as displaying almost every Apple product ever made, the museum is a tribute to the California company's late cofounder, Steve Jobs. Portraits of Jobs cover the museum's walls and his quotes are everywhere. 

Here are some photos from its most impressive displays (shot on an iPhone 6 Plus)↓↓↓

SEE ALSO: UBS: Apple already has 1,000 engineers working on AR in Israel and a new product may appear on this year's iPhone

The museum is in the centre of Prague's old town. Its walls are full of Steve J...

A fintech veteran spent 3 years and 'a huge amount of money' secretly building a new bank — here's how it's different

LONDON — Financial technology entrepreneur Nick Ogden on Tuesday unveiled the UK's first new, purpose-built clearing bank in 250 years after 3 years secretly working on the multi-million-pound project.

ClearBank is a "bank for banks," Ogden told a crowd in central London at Tuesday's launch event. It will not offer any services to consumers, instead offering payment processing and core banking services to fintech startups, credit unions, building societies, and other challenger banks.

ClearBank has two key propositions. Firstly, it is what's called a "clearing bank," meaning it can process payments across all major schemes in the UK, including Swift, MasterCard, Visa, CHAPS, BACS, and Faster Payments. It is only the fifth clearing bank in the UK — the others are Lloyds, Barclays, HSBC, and Royal Bank of Scotland. Any company that takes or makes payments has to work through one of these banks one way or another.

Chinese 'Taobao villages' are turning poor communities into huge online retail hubs

For many people, selling knickknacks online is a hobby. In China, it's becoming a national policy to solve poverty.

As part of one of the more ambitious — and successful — approaches to reach President Xi Jinping's goal of eliminating poverty by 2020, China has created more than 1,000 "Taobao villages" within the last decade.

These villages are so-named because residents sell everything from dance costumes to electronics to children's toys on one of the world's largest retail sites, Taobao. Within just a few years, many communities have seen thousands of people who left for brighter futures come back to build up the local economy in these Taobao villages.