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I visited Whole Foods on the day it was acquired by Amazon — and it's clear it'll never be the same (AMZN)

Amazon now officially owns Whole Foods — and the grocery chain is already transforming.

On Monday, Amazon's $13.7 billion acquisition of Whole Foods formally went through.

It was immediately clear that this wasn't a gradual transfer of power or slow evolution. Instead, Whole Foods slashed prices overnight. The price of grass-fed ground beef dropped to $6.99 a pound from $10.99, and bananas went from $0.79 to $0.49.

Amazon and Whole Foods announced on Thursday their plans to cut prices but didn't get into the nitty gritty of how the experience of shopping at the grocery chain would change.

An exec at Alphabet's moonshot lab teaches people to be happier — and his favorite strategy takes only seconds at a time

Every day on his walk to work, Mo Gawdat snaps a photo of something beautiful. Sometimes it's a butterfly; sometimes it's a stranger's face.

But "it's not about the picture," Gawdat said. "It's about the process of searching for it."

Gawdat is the chief business officer of Alphabet's moonshot lab, X. After his son Ali's untimely death, he published "Solve for Happy," a book in which he applies his engineer's mentality to the problem of unhappiness.

In August, I attended a free "Solve for Happy" workshop that Gawdat led in New York City, where he shared some of his best practices for getting and staying happy on a daily basis. The beautiful-photo exercise is one such practice.

The 12 biggest questions we have after the 'Game of Thrones' season 7 finale

Warning: Spoilers for "Game of Thrones" season seven episode seven, "The Dragon and the Wolf."

This week's episode of "Game of Thrones" set up a gloomy, zombie-ridden future for our heroes in Westeros. The Night King has officially arrived in Westeros, but Cersei privately refuses to join the fight while publicly stating she intends to.

After a show-and-tell starring a wight in King's Landing, a lot of character storylines move forward. The Stark children stage an epic betrayal of the man responsible for instigating everything that started the war that killed their family members. Jaime finally turns on Cersei, and the Night King takes down the wall with a newly resurrected Viserion.

But with the ice settled, we still have some burning questions that will keep us awake at night until season eight.

'Overwhelmed' journalists are jumping in to rescue those trapped by Hurricane Harvey as people are 'sending addresses and desperately looking for help'

Journalism ethicists occasionally debate at what moment it is necessary for a reporter to cross the line from reporting on a subject to actively helping an individual in need.

Traditionally, reporters have been able to help many people in disaster situations by drawing attention to people in need of assistance — Fox News' Matt Finn, who has been reporting for the past several days with a crew outside Houston, was one of several cable news reporters who helped first responders find an individual trapped in a flooded home by broadcasting images and details of the individual's location.

But as first responders in southern Texas faced an overwhelming need for assistance on Sunday, many reporters on the ground increasingly found themselves briefly setting aside their work to help in search and rescue.

The NYPD is giving up on its 36,000 Windows phones and moving to iPhone (AAPL, MSFT)

In October of 2016, the New York Police Department finished a two-year-long rollout of Windows-based smartphones to all of its 36,000 officers.

Now, less than a year after that $160 million initiative came to fruition, the NYPD is giving up and moving its officers to Apple iPhones.

"The NYPD has begun the process of transitioning to iPhones. The new devices will be deployed starting this fall, with the same applications that have led to an 8% reduction in response times," an NYPD spokesperson said.

The new iPhones, like the Windows phones they're replacing, were provided to the department at no cost, the spokesperson said, although the department had to pay for software and services. Despite replacing the phones, the overall cost of the police department's deployment of mobile devices is "45% under budget," the spokesperson added.

A startup created by ex-Google engineers is raising $40 million to make drones that fly themselves

A three-year-old startup created by ex-Google engineers is raising approximately $40 million in venture funding to make the world's most advanced consumer drone, Business Insider has learned.

Skydio is looking to raise roughly $40 million for its Series B round at a pre-money valuation of around $180 million, according to people familiar with the matter. The drone maker has already raised $28 million to date and is backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Accel, and others.

Skydio CEO Adam Bry confirmed that the company is raising money in an email to Business Insider on Monday but declined to comment further.

Skydio was Founded by three MIT graduates who set out in 2014 to create an AI-powered drone capable of flying itself without the complexity of current drone controls. CEO Bry and CTO Abraham Bachrach were also early engineers at Project Wing, Google's drone delivery effort.

Here's what it was like spending a whole day photographing the solar eclipse

While not in the path of totality, I found myself during eclipse weekend on a homestead in the heart of central Pennsylvania.

Here, all food comes from the garden. To my amazement, I gazed upon a row of melons seeming right at home above the Mason-Dixon.

Sunday was a chance to walk the property and enjoy the company of our host and their animals. My girlfriend Rika and I had come here initially to stay for a night, after visiting a friend playing a gypsy jazz gig nearby. With the eclipse around the corner, we decided to stay, and thankfully our hosts were able to accommodate the extension with an unused camper. What started as a relaxing weekend became an opportunity to see the solar eclipse in a more rural setting, away from the light pollution and atmospheric haze of the city.

This forgotten news clip shows the insanity of Burning Man in the '90s

Today, we know Burning Man as an oasis in the Nevada desert where the tech elite and modern-day hippies gather in the shadow of some pretty crazy art installations.

But not too long ago, the annual festival looked a bit more like "Mad Max" set on the playa.

A video clip from 1997 has resurfaced that shows a news crew from ABC's "Nightline" discovering Burning Man for the first time. 

This was Burning Man before it became a survivalist-themed 

Buzzfeed just sent out a message to the digital publishing business
BuzzFeed has decided to run banner ads — the ubiquitous, clickable square and rectangle ads that appear all over the internet — after years of talking them down. The decision shows the limitations of native ads, customized ads designed to emulate the look and feel of the websites or apps they appear on. A number of digital media companies bet big on these native ads, but time has shown that they are difficult to produce at scale.  As an IPO approaches, Buzzfeed will now turn on the taps to "programmatic ad" revenue. 

Never say never in digital media.

For years, BuzzFeed executives preached two things. The digital ad industry

Uber investor Shervin Pishevar says he is 'gratified' a bombshell lawsuit didn't hurt the CEO pick

Uber finally decided who will take over for ousted CEO Travis Kalanick. 

Dara Khosrowshahi, Expedia's CEO for the last 12 years, has reportedly been asked to the lead the ride-hailing startup, which is valued at roughly $69 billion by investors in the private market.

The CEO selection occurred in the midst of a