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10 things in tech you need to know today (FB, AAPL)

Good morning! Here is the tech news you need to know this Wednesday.

1. Mark Zuckerberg refused to give evidence to British politicians about Facebook's role in the Cambridge Analytica scandal. He's putting two senior executives, CTO Mike Schroepfer and chief product officer Chris Cox, in the firing line instead.

2. Facebook will reportedly delay the launch of smart speakers it had planned to unveil at its annual F8 conference in May. The speakers will have a digital assistant and video-chat functionality, according to Bloomberg, and may be released later in the year.


A major US publisher linked to Trump allies has put out a 97-page propaganda spread on the Saudi crown prince

A major US publisher with links to President Donald Trump has released a nearly 100-page magazine devoted exclusively to praising Saudi Arabia and Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman.  The magazine has been popping up at retailer across the US, and seems to be part of a reported multi-million-dollar global PR campaign to change the West's perception of the Middle East country. The magazine coincides with the crown prince's two week visit to the US.

A major US publisher with links to President Donald Trump has released a nearly 100-page magazine devoted exclusively to praising Saudi Arabia and Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman.

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New safety questions emerge after the fatal Uber crash in Arizona

The Uber self-driving Volvo SUV involved in a fatal collision with a pedestrian earlier this month had its standard collision-avoidance equipment deactivated. Uber equipped the vehicle with its own autonomous-driving hardware for testing purposes. The Uber-controlled vehicle slammed into 49-year-old Elaine Herzberg on March 18, killing her. Aptiv, the company that makes cameras and radar equipment that comes standard on the Volvo, said "We don't want people to be confused or think it was a failure of the technology that we supply for Volvo, because that's not the case."

The Volvo XC90 SUV that Uber was operating as part of its autonomous-driving program had its manufacturer-installed crash-avoidance equipment deactivated when it hit and killed a pedestrian in Arizona earlier this month.

Uber had installed its own technology on the vehicle instead, according to Aptiv, the company that provides the Volvo with its cameras and radar,

Lincoln just added another new SUV to its luxury lineup (F)

Lincoln's latest New York auto show debut is a future crossover SUV, the Aviator. The design shown to the media should be close to the production version. It will be Lincoln's first plug-in hybrid offering.

NEW YORK — Lincoln unveiled its new Aviator crossover SUV at an event for media on Monday, before press previews officially began for the New York auto show.

In a statement, Ford's luxury brand called the Aviator it showed in the Big Apple, a "distinctive three-row plug-in hybrid production preview" and used it as a way to introduce a brand value it termed "quiet flight" and a design philosophy it characterized as "seduced by beauty."

"The 'teaser' model serves to preview the direction Lincoln plans to take with its newest SUV when the production model goes on sale next year," Lincoln said. 

A startup that raised $62 million to kill the post office is shutting down

Shyp, a startup that let users ship packages with a few taps on a smartphone, has shut down. CEO Kevin Gibbon personally apologized in a blog post, expressing regret for embracing a "growth at all costs" strategy. The company raised $62 million, including a series B round led by John Doerr of Kleiner Perkins.

Shyp, an on-demand shipping startup once compared to Uber, has shut down after five years in business and $62 million in venture funding. The news was announced via Twitter, as well as an e-mail sent to customers.

Shyp allowed users to ship anything with a few taps on a smartphone, bringing a courier to your location to pick up and package the items. It was pitched as a more user-friendly alternative to the post office. In total, Shyp raised $62 million, including a $50 million series B round led by legendary investor John Doerr of Kleiner Perkins.

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Apple is finally selling space gray Mac accessories, two months after the rare items were being resold on eBay for thousands of dollars

On Tuesday, Apple finally made several of its Mac accessories available in its signature black-and-silver color combination known as "space gray."

An Apple spokesperson confirmed the news with Business Insider: "As we normally do with the input devices that we provide in-box, we are now offering the Space Gray Magic Mouse 2, Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad, and Magic Trackpad 2 as standalone accessories on”

The introduction of the space-gray Mac accessories comes only a few months after the space-gray keyboard, mouse, and trackpad were being resold for

BARCLAYS: 'The bear case that Facebook’s platform is likely to implode seems over-done' (FB)

The market is overreacting to the news of political research firm Cambridge Analytica's Facebook data scandal, according to Barclays analyst Ross Sandler. Further, Facebook's revenue won't be impacted too muc by the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation, according to Sandler. Facebook's highest performing advertisements use non-sensitive user information that is not subject to GDPR rules.

Facebook's recent woes are excessive, according to Barclays analyst Ross Sandler. Shares of the social media giant

Airline CEO explains why Airbus lost a major order to Boeing (BA, HA)

Hawaiian Airlines announced an order for 10 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners while canceling an existing order for six Airbus A330-800neos. The Dreamliner was selected after an intense sales competition between Airbus and Boeing. In an interview with Business Insider, Hawaiian Airlines CEO Peter Ingram explained why his company decided to abandon its long-standing Airbus order and go with Boeing.

On March 6,

British politicians slam Mark Zuckerberg as 'cowardly' for refusing to testify to Parliament (FB)

British politicians have labeled Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg "cowardly" and "absolutely astonishing." The 33-year-old exec has refused an invitation to appear before a Parliamentary committee over the Cambridge Analytica scandal.  He has reportedly agreed to testify before US Congress — but apparently won't do the same in the UK.

Mark Zuckerberg has been branded "cowardly" and "absolutely astonishing" by British politicians after rejecting a request to appear before a Parliamentary committee following the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

The Facebook CEO was hit by a barrage of criticism in the UK on Tuesday,

An Apple facility that repairs iPhones in California called 911 over 2,000 times in 4 months — and nobody knows how to stop it (AAPL)

A string of false 911 calls from an Apple repair facility has for months plagued a city near Sacramento. The calls appear to originate from iPhones being repaired — and at one point, they tied up all six emergency lines for the city of Elk Grove, California. The city has been working with Apple to resolve the problem but has been frustrated by Apple's inability to stop the phones from calling the emergency lines.

A city near Sacramento has been dealing with a never-ending string of false emergency calls from a nearby Apple repair facility.

Between October 20 and February 23, the police department in Elk Grove, California, received 2,028 calls on its 911 lines originating from the Apple facility — an average of 16 calls a day.

At one point in January, the calls tied up all six of Elk Grove's 911 lines, according to public documents reviewed by Business Insider.