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Walmart made a game that lets you see what it's like to work at one of their stores — here's how to play (WMT)

If you have ever, for whatever reason, wondered what it'd be like to work at Walmart — well, now's your chance.

The retail giant has released a game for your smartphone that lets you live a day in the life of a Walmart manager. Over the course of your workday, you monitor inventory, stock shelves, adjust prices, and perform tasks to the satisfaction of your boss and customers alike.

The app, which Buzzfeed News first spotted, started out as a training tool for employees, Walmart spokesperson Michelle Malashock told Business Insider. The game, which is called Spark City, was piloted in a dozen Walmart stores over the summer before it was made public in Apple and Android app stores at the start of October. As of Oct. 16, the free app had around 60,000 downloads, Malashock says.

Steve Jobs fanatics may be able to buy a toilet, thermostat and other random household objects that were part of the Apple founder's old Silicon Valley mansion

Next week, the Town of Woodside will discuss what to do with some of the housing fixtures salvaged from a former home of Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Jobs bought the Jackling Estate in 1984 and lived there for a decade. He intended to tear down the home and rebuild but because of litigation the house wasn't destroyed until shortly before his death. Among the 150 items now in the town's possession are a silver-plated ice-tea spoon, a thermostat (circa 1925), and a chandelier. In all, the items have been appraised at $30,285. 

Steve Jobs, cofounder and CEO of Apple, could boast legions of faithful fans and disciples across the globe, referred to frequently as "Apple fan boys."

These are the 15 best video games to put your 4K HDR screen to the test

Televisions with 4K and HDR functionality are more affordable than ever, but there's still a lack of actual 4K HDR content to watch. Luckily, video game developers are constantly pushing the boundaries of new visual technology, and there's no shortage of new games to showcase the power of modern displays.

Also known as Ultra HD, or UHD, 4K describes the display resolution. 4K images are 3,840 by 2,160 pixels, making them about about four times the size of an image at 1080p, the highest resolution currently offered by cable broadcasts. HDR is used to describe images with a high-dynamic range. As the name implies, displays with HDR have a higher contrast between lights and darks and a larger overall range of colors than older displays.

MIT is giving you control of a real person on Halloween in a dystopian game that sounds like an episode of 'Black Mirror'

MIT Media Lab is hosting a mass online social experiment on Halloween at 11 p.m. EDT. Called "BeeMe," the goal of the "dystopian game" is to let participants control an actor and defeat an evil artificial intelligence program. Internet users will program the actor by crowdsourcing commands and then voting on them. BeeMe's creators say they want the project to stoke conversations about privacy, ethics, entertainment, and social interactions.

As the much-hyped startup Essential runs into troubles, a smaller company called OnePlus shows the right way to compete with Apple and Samsung (AAPL, GOOGL, GOOG)

Essential, the smartphone company founded by Android co-creator Andy Rubin, isn't showing many signs of success.  The company reportedly cut 30% of its staff, cancelled its next phone, and paused development on a smart home product. It's easy to see where Essential went wrong. It's possible to succeed as an upstart smartphone manufacturer — OnePlus, a critical darling of a smartphone manufacturer, managed to do it in 2014. But you need the right strategy.

Essential, the smartphone company founded by Android co-creator Andy Rubin , isn't looking too good right now.

The company cancelled its second smartphone, paused development of a smart home device, and had to lay off 30% of its staff, according to Bloomberg.

We drove a $46,000 Subaru Ascent SUV that will take on Toyota and Ford — here are its best features

The 2019 Subaru Ascent is the newest contender in the mid-size family SUV market. Recently, Business Insider spent a week with a new Subaru Ascent Touring in Magnetite Gray Metallic. The Ascent impressed up with its well-designed cabin, peppy driving dynamics, strong infotainment, and a solid suite of standard safety features.  The base 2019 Subaru Ascent starts at $31,995, while our top-of-the-line Ascent Touring starts at $44,695. With fees, our test car carried an as-test price of $45,670.

In 2017, more than 2.4 million new mid-size crossovers and SUVs rolled out of American dealerships accounting for 14% of US auto sales for the year.

12 devices and services that could help you ditch Amazon completely (AMZN)

Amazon's formerly sterling reputation has taken a hit from all sides recently. That has led some customers to threaten to boycott and cut themselves off from Amazon completely. Amazon relies on the interconnectedness of its services — and Amazon Prime in particular — to keep customers in its ecosystem. But there are plenty of alternatives to nearly all of its offerings, if you're willing to do a little research.

Amazon is quickly growing to be one of the most powerful companies on earth, spreading into so many categories and offering so many services that it can be difficult to keep track of them. 

Forget about 'Fortnite' — the new 'Call of Duty' makes 6 brilliant changes to the Battle Royale formula

For the first time in years, the new "Call of Duty" has something truly new: a Battle Royale mode, along the lines of "Fortnite" and "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds."

It's still got traditional multiplayer modes like Control and Deathmatch, and the fan-favorite "Zombies" mode, but the big addition in "Call of Duty: Black Ops 4" is the Battle Royale mode: Blackout.

In a surprising twist, the "Call of Duty" version of the insanely popular Battle Royale game type is a fresh, innovative take on Battle Royale — rather than the copycat mode that many were expecting. It's so good, in fact, that "Fortnite" and the rest of the Battle Royale competition could take a few cues from Blackout. 

1. The Blackout map is still huge, but it's small enough to easily traverse the entire thing in a match.

This $1000 countertop smart oven uses 'pure light' to cook food even faster than a regular oven can preheat

Brava is a soon-to-be-released $1000 smart oven that cooks with "pure light," uses less energy than your traditional oven, and can even cook some foods faster than it takes a regular oven to preheat. It's capable of cooking different foods at different temperatures — all at the same time — by directing different levels of light at each food item.  You can opt in to purchase a-la-carte meal kits from Brava, or you can use your own food from the grocery.  Brava's app contains a continuously-updated list of recipes. You simply select one, arrange the food as shown, and the oven will do the rest. 

It's easy to get in the habit of not cooking at home, either because you're feeling lazy, or because you're hungry and don't want to wait for a meal to cook. 

To combat this attitude,

I bought a used Nintendo Switch console that was refurbished by Nintendo itself, and I'm happy I didn't buy it new

Up until recently, I was on the fence about the Nintendo Switch.

Apart from the great games, getting a nice little discount on a used unit that's been refurbished by Nintendo itself helped push me over the edge.

I found Nintendo's own refurbished standard Switch consoles on eBay for $265, which makes for a $35 discount off the $300 price tag of a brand-new unit. 

After taxes, I paid $281 for the refurbished Switch, versus the $317 I would have paid after taxes on

Russia has allegedly been spreading far-right propaganda on Facebook to try and influence the US midterms — here it is (FB)

A Russian woman has been charged by the US Justice Department with conspiring to interfere with the US midterm elections. She has been accused of orchestrating a $35 million social media scheme to create fake accounts and post divisive propaganda, similar to what happened in the 2016 election. The US Justice Department shared examples of the content being shared, from fiscally conservative memes to far-right, Islamophobic propaganda.

The US Justice Department has charged a Russian woman with links to a close ally of President Vladimir Putin with conspiring to interfere in the upcoming US midterm elections.

The criminal complaint,

A Google self-driving car reportedly caused a crash in 2011 after a former engineer changed its code to drive where it wasn't supposed to (GOOG, GOOGL)

Before Anthony Levandowski was accused of stealing trade secrets from Google sister company Waymo, he worked on Google's in-house self-driving car unit, nicknamed Project Chauffeur. Former Google executives claimed that Levandowski ignored safety concerns, including in one instance where he allegedly took a self-driving car on an off-limits route. The executives said that self-driving car then boxed out another car that was trying to merge — causing the other driver to crash.  The executives also claimed that more than a dozen accidents happened during the beginning of Project Chauffeur, according to the New Yorker. 

Anthony Levandowski, the engineer at the

Still not sure what mirrorless cameras are? Here's how they compare to DSLRs

DSLR cameras have been at the forefront of photo technology for two decades now.

But a newer kind of photo gadget is starting to challenge DSLRs for the lead — mirrorless cameras.

You might not know exactly what they are, but you've probably heard of them, because they're hot in the photo world right now. Whether you should buy one or not, though, depends on your needs as a photographer or videographer. 

Here's how mirrorless cameras compare to traditional DSLRs: 

How is a mirrorless camera different from a DSLR?

The big difference between a mirrorless camera and a DSLR comes from how their image sensors and viewfinders work.

I used DuckDuckGo for a week instead of Google to see if switching to the privacy-focused search engine is worth it — here's the verdict (GOOGL, GOOG)

DuckDuckGo is a privacy-focused competitor to Google Search that doesn’t collect or share your search history or clicks.  I switched to DuckDuckGo for one week, and learned to appreciate some aspects like fewer advertisements, comparable search results, and an easy-to-navigate settings page.  I did miss Google's layout — especially the "Top Stories" thumbnails that appear at the top of the search results page— and I often wondered if I was actually getting the best possible results with DuckDuckGo.  Ultimately, I didn't find the privacy features of DuckDuckGo compelling enough to permanently make the switch from Google.

Back in the day, there were options when it came to search.

Choosing between AOL, Yahoo, or Alta Vista kind of just depended on your mood that day. And then came Google, and a clear search engine king was crowned. 

Nightmarish fragmentation and expensive phones: Here's how Google's big Android changes could play out (GOOG)

Google has announced major changes to the way its mobile software Android will work inside Europe. It will start charging phone makers to preinstall Google apps on their devices, theoretically opening the door to competing services. It's hard to know exactly how this will play out, but it may worsen Android's fragmentation problem and increase phone prices inside Europe.

Google is making fundamental changes to the way Android works inside Europe, thanks to a $5 billion fine imposed by the European Union earlier this year.

Here's a summary of the changes, because it's complicated:

Phone makers that want to run Android on their devices will no longer be forced to exclusively install a bundle of Google apps (Chrome, Search) in order to access Goog...

DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT: How to wipe your personal information from Facebook, Amazon, Google, and other major websites and apps (AAPL, MSFT, SNAP, AMZN, GOOG, GOOGL, FB)

Facebook revealed last week that hackers got access to the sensitive personal information of as many as 30 million users, causing many to rush to delete their accounts and protect it from any further breaches. 

But Facebook is definitely not the only website on the Internet that has a chock-full of data stored on you.

Even if you were one of the lucky Facebook accounts to be spared (you can check if you were affected here), it's possible that any of the other major websites, apps, and services — Amazon, Apple, Google, even Snapchat — could be next.

Everyone wants to work at Google — but we found out how 15 ex-Googlers knew it was time to quit

Google is a dream job for many workers in the tech industry. We spoke to former Google employees to find out why they decided to leave the company. Their answers ranged from frustration with company politics to a desire to take the next step in their career, whether that's learning new skills, building a new company, or becoming a social-media influencer.

Google is routinely rated one of the best places to work in the US.

It's no surprise that with a median salary over $160,000, generous benefits packages, and perks like free gourmet food, massages, and music lessons, Google is considered a dream job by so many people in the tech industry.

So why would anyone ever want to leave?

The CEO of Silicon Valley DNA testing startup 23andMe shares the health product she hopes to sell next

Anne Wojcicki, the CEO and founder of Silicon Valley's most popular genetics testing startup, 23andMe, said this week that she hopes the company expands its current health offering lineup. 23andMe, which made headlines recently on the heels of a new $300-million partnership with drug giant GlaxoSmithKline, currently offers health screenings for some of the genes involved in breast cancer, Alzheimer's, and Parkinson's. On Tuesday, Wojcicki said she hopes to add a new health offering that looks at how you process  medications including those for depression. Albertsons pharmacies and gene testing startup Color Genomics currently offer that kind of test for $250-$750, but many

A former Googler and Facebook exec says a simple shift in mindset can help you land the raise you want

Libby Leffler, a former Facebook executive and Google employee, is now the vice president of membership at SoFi. Leffler recommends that, before you ask your boss for a raise, you put yourself in their shoes. What are they going to be thinking and feeling when you start negotiating? She also reminds people that they can negotiate for things other than a salary bump, like benefits.

"Being able to put yourself in someone else's shoes is really important."

This is true of life in general, but it's especially true when you're asking your boss for a raise.

According to Libby Leffler, who is the vice president of membership at

Jonah Hill says he showed only one movie to his cast to prepare them for 'Mid90s,' his directorial debut

Jonah Hill had his "Mid90s" cast of kid actors and non-professionals watch the 2006 indie movie, "This Is England," before they started production. Hill wanted to show them that even kids can give gripping performances. "This Is England" looks at a teen finding acceptance from a group of skinheads. Hill was also inspired by another English movie, "Fish Tank."


One of the main highlights from Jonah Hill’s directorial debut, “Mid90s” (in select theaters Friday), is the authentic performances he gets out of his cast. Hill uses a mix of kid actors and non-professionals to depict a group of teen skateboarders who befriend a 13-year-old and introduce him into their world of sick skate moves and even sicker jokes they throw at one another.

And though Hill will admit the cast watched mostly skate videos to get in tune with the decade the story is set in, there was one movie he required all of them to watch.