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If you can't stream Kanye's release party on Tidal try this trick

Kanye West is live-streaming the Madison Square Garden release of his new album, "TLOP," on Tidal. But not everyone can stream it.

Scores of people have taken to Twitter and Facebook to vent about their inability to watch the stream. If you are one of these people, there is one trick you can try. The stream seems to function if you set it on the lowest quality video: 240p. Any higher and you might experience technical difficulties.

Here is what it looks like:

Here's what you need to select:

Don't be stuck like this guy:

@TIDALHiFi fix this live stream

— Eddie Mora (@realeddiemora) February 11, 2016


Uber agrees to pay $28.5 million to end lawsuit about safety ads

Uber can't call its safety checks "industry-leading" any more.

On Thursday, Uber agreed to pay $28.5 million to 25 million riders to settle a class-action case surrounding its safety practices advertisements.

After expected lawyer's fees, that will leave riders with a whopping 82 cents each.

As part of the settlement, Uber must refrain from using certain superlatives like "industry-leading" or "best in class" when describing its background checks. 

Plaintiffs in two separate lawsuits argued that the company misled its customers about its safety practices in its consumer advertising when it said it was "safer than a taxi" or had "industry-leading" background checks. 

Zenefits was using a secret training program that may have enabled employees to skirt the law

More details are rolling out about Zenefit's compliance issues and decisions that were "just plain wrong" that led to the ousting of founder CEO Parker Conrad earlier this week.

Apparently, after Zenefits was accused of not being properly licensed to sell insurance in multiple states, as reported by Buzzfeed, the company did an internal investigation.

And it discovered a secret training program called "Macro" that "may have allowed" employees to cheat at a mandatory online course, letting them complete it in less than the legally required 52 hours of training, Zenefits current CEO David Sacks admitted in an an email sent to employees.

Business Insider has obtained a copy of that email from a person in the company. Here it is: 


THE PAYMENTS ECOSYSTEM: Everything you need to know about the key players and trends in the payments industry

The way we pay is changing dramatically. For example, people are beginning to use their smartphones for every kind of formal and informal transaction — to shop at stores, buy songs online, and even split their rent.

At the heart of these changes in how we pay are thousands of companies competing and collaborating to facilitate transactions.

To understand why the payments industry has faced so much disruption in such a short time, there's just one key thing to understand: Payments is about transferring information from one party to another, and nearly every stakeholder in the industry benefits when that process runs on digital rails.

But payments is also an extremely complex industry that few fully understand. 

In BI Intelligence's 2016 Payments Ecosystem report, we make it simple, explaining how it works, who the key players are, and where it's headed.

Pandora is shopping itself around — and the stock is soaring on the news (P)

Pandora, the streaming pioneer and biggest internet radio service, has held talks about selling itself, according to The New York Times.

Pandora stock popped over 10% immediately following the news.

Pandora is said to be using Morgan Stanley to scope out potential buyers. The Times, however, stresses that these talks are preliminary.

Pandora's stock has plummeted in recent months, and its executives have

The 25 hot L.A. startups you need to watch

While locals hate the name "Silicon Beach," the L.A. tech scene is becoming a real rival to Silicon Valley.

We've compiled a list of the 25 hottest startups that investors, founders, and networkers in the Los Angeles tech scene are buzzing about. To limit our list, we excluded older than five years, which eliminated some popular picks like Headspace.

Here they are:

Jessica Alba's Honest Company has created a commerce empire selling nontoxic versions of bath and baby products.

What it is: What started as a line of baby diapers has turned into one of L.A.'s hottest startups. Jessica Alba's Honest Company makes non-toxic and eco-friendly products, ranging from baby supplies to cleaning products. Last September, the company also launched a new beauty line, called Honest Beauty, to make more natural make-up. The company has secretly filed for an IPO,

THE ELON MUSK TRAINING DIET: How to toughen yourself up to change the world

Long before reaching billionaire status, Elon Musk challenged himself to live off $1 a day for a month.

He was a teenager wondering whether or not he had what it takes to be an entrepreneur and figured he could get a good idea of the answer after completing (or failing) this $1-a-day experiment.

As he explained to astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson in an episode of Tyson's StarTalk Radio podcast, "So I was like, 'Oh, okay. If I can live for a dollar a day — at least from a food cost standpoint — it's pretty easy to earn $30 dollars in a month, so I'll probably be ok."

He passed his own test, living mainly off hot dogs and oranges for 30 days.

Roughly a decade later, he became a self-made millionaire

The most popular New York City restaurants for Valentine's Day, according to Facebook

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, Facebook has revealed the top 10 most popular New York City restaurants to dine at for the special occasion.

The data is based on check-ins from last year and includes everything from posh eateries like TAO to low-key spots that serve irresistible food, like Katz's Delicatessen. 

Here are the top 10 most popular New York restaurants with Facebook users: 

1. 230 Fifth

2. Hard Rock Cafe New York

3. TAO Downtown

4. TAO

5. Katz's Delicatessen

6. Jekyll & Hyde Club


7 mind-blowing facts about gravitational waves, the 100-year-old prediction just confirmed by scientists

On Thursday, a team of scientists announced that they had detected a phenomenon called gravitational waves for the first time.

Rumors are circulating that the discovery is worthy of the prestigious Nobel Prize in Physics because it gives humans a new way to study our universe.

How you can watch the live stream of Kanye's new album performance

Update: You can stream the performance live on Tidal starting at 4 pm. You don't have to subscribe to the service to watch, though the stream seems to be freezing for many users.


After three previous announced titles, Kanye West has finally settled on a name for his seventh album: "The Life of Pablo."

West posted the newest title and track list to Twitter Wednesday night, less than 24 hours before Yeezy Season 3, his live performance of the album at Madison Square Garden on Thursday. It will be streamed in theaters around the world. 

The album was originally known as "So Help Me God," before it became "SWISH," then "Waves," the most recent name ditched by the rapper.

Final track list for The Life Of Pablo