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50 stunning photos reveal what microkitchens are like in New York and San Francisco

Posted December 3, 2018 0:33 AM
50 stunning photos reveal what microkitchens are like in New York and San Francisco

Carmel Place micro kitchen

  • Like the cities themselves, microkitchens in New York and San Francisco can be either dazzling or dreary.
  • The concept has become increasingly popular amid a housing shortage in crowded urban areas.
  • Whether they're coveted or criticized, microkitchens have given rise to many creative solutions for saving space.


As cities become more crowded, and urban real estate becomes less and less affordable, many residents are turning to tiny units as a way to avoid being priced out.

The concept of microliving has its critics and advocates. For some, it’s a creative exercise in adopting a more minimalist lifestyle. For others, it’s a last-stop solution to rising rents in their host city.

This is especially the case in New York City and San Francisco, the two most expensive rental markets in the US.

In these cities, apartments are often sold with tiny kitchens that cram storage and appliances into a single unit. While some units are equipped with high-tech features like motorized cabinets and retractable minibars, others are plagued by cluttered countertops and makeshift stoves.

A glimpse into these microkitchens reveals the stunning divides of the cities themselves.

Like many neighborhoods in New York and San Francisco, tiny kitchens can be either dazzling or dreary. Take a look.

For many years, New York's 400-square-foot regulation prevented the construction of tiny apartments like this one.

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In 2013, though, Mayor Bloomberg announced a city-sponsored contest for developers to create microapartment designs.

That same year, the Museum of the City of New York debuted a 325-square-foot model apartment featuring creative ways to maximize space.

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