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The Apple Watch's biggest competitor has seen sales double (AAPL)

Posted November 5, 2015 0:48 AM
The Apple Watch's biggest competitor has seen sales double (AAPL)


Pebble, the company behind one of the first smartwatches, has seen sales double after Apple released its Watch, according to CEO Eric Migicovsky

Migicovsky said in an interview with CNBC at Web Summit in Ireland that Apple's wearable product had had "no material impact" on the company. "In fact we're selling two [times] the amount this year than we were last year," he said.

Pebble is focused on being the mass market smartwatch, according to Migicovsky, while Apple is focused on "being the Rolex or the Tag [Heuer]" and so there is no overlap.

Pebble recently launched the Time, which brought colour screens to the lineup that had previously been restricted to monochrome. The original Pebble smartwatch — which came from a $10 million (£6.4 million) Kickstarter campaign — was bare bones and the company is clearly looking to branch-out into higher-end markets. 

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