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Facebook is officially a mobile-first company (FB)

Posted November 5, 2015 0:43 AM
Facebook is officially a mobile-first company (FB)

Facebook has done a better job of capitalizing on the move to mobile than any other major internet company.

When it went public in May 2012, it had just launched a mobile advertising business. Now, mobile advertising makes up the vast majority of its revenue — 78% in the quarter ended September 30.

As this chart from Statista shows, the number of mobile-only Facebook users has grown 7x since the beginning of 2012, and last quarter it surpassed the number of mobile-and-desktop users for the first time. A lot of that growth comes from developing countries where people are using their mobile phones as their only computers, and Facebook has done a lot over the last couple years to make sure the site works well over slow mobile connections


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