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Who gets rich from the Square IPO tomorrow (SQ)

Posted November 18, 2015 6:20 PM
Who gets rich from the Square IPO tomorrow (SQ)

vinod khosla

Square's long-awaited IPO is going to make a lot of money for founders, investors, and early employees. 

The mobile payments startup set its IPO price at $9 a share

Here are the major shareholders in Square and how much their stakes will be worth when the company goes public at that price.

Jack Dorsey, Square CEO and co-founder: $640,116,738

Total shares owned: 71,124,082
Percentage of company: 24.4%

Value at $9 IPO price: $640,116,738

Dorsey is pulling double duty as the CEO of Square and Twitter. He's been Square's only CEO since 2009. 




Vinod Khosla, Khosla Ventures: $454,705,020

Total shares owned: 50,522,780
Company share: 17.3%

Value at $9 IPO price: $454,705,020

Khosla invested early in Square and has been on the board since 2011. According to EquityZen, Khosla Ventures will have the largest returns because the firm invested when it was only $0.22 a share.

James McKelvey, the other co-founder of Square: $246,106,080

Total shares owned: 27,345,120
Company share: 9.4%

Value at $9 IPO price: $246,106,080

McKelvey co-founded Square with Dorsey in 2009. He's since served on the board of directors for the payments company while Dorsey has been in charge of its day-to-day. 

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