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Control external IP address range for nodes in kubernetes cluster on Google Cloud [Resolved]

I would like to provide a whitelisted range for connections to a MongoDB Atlas instance running on Google Cloud. VPC Peering isn't yet available on Atlas for Google Cloud - Is it possible to provide a CIDR range for external IP addresses allocated to nodes in a kubernetes cluster?

Alternatively, any tips on ensuring the source of connections are from an authorized node? (Other than SSL + username and password)

Question Credit: Stan Bondi
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Asked March 15, 2019
Posted Under: Network
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There is no direct way to determine which external IPs will be used by VMs (unless you have already reserved IPs) or clusters. Nevertheless there are some workarounds you could consider.

One of them is making outgoing connections from the POD via a proxy. The proxy could be an another Pod or a dedicated VM. Some other approaches are described on this discussion

credit: Carlos
Answered March 15, 2019
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