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Emails still going to Gmail & Hotmail spam after removing host from several blacklists [Resolved]

As I mentioned briefly in the subject the IP address of our mail server got blacklisted a while ago. One of the sites on the server got hacked, which resulted in the addition to a couple of blacklists. The hacked site got repaired.

In the meanwhile we managed to get our IP removed from all these blacklists. So the IP is clean again for a couple of weeks already. But still our mails are sent to the SPAM folders within Gmail and Hotmail.

You can see that in the glockapps report I just ran from here

I did plenty of tests in several mail testers and all the authentication is fine: SPF, DKIM, DMARC is all set up correctly. Also we're not listed in any blacklists anymore. Already for a couple of weeks.

Any ideas if there are any measures that could fix this in a short time, or is the only solution just to have patience ...? It's actually quite problematic as it's my work e-mail that's hosted on this server.


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Asked March 15, 2019
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Follow the recommendations like Michael suggested in the comments

  • Also for Hotmail you can file a request from this form
  • And for Google you can file a request from this form
  • It's recommended Also if you are managing your own mail server better use a mail gateway like Proxmox mail gateway for future risk mitigation
  • You can Also change the IP Assigned to sending/receiving mails to a clean one if it's available from the datacenter/service provider

credit: Kerolos William
Answered March 15, 2019
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