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Why free AWS EC2 server t2.micro instance of 750 hours exceed 85% in less than month? [Resolved]

I started to use AWS EC2 server t2.micro instance with 750 hours for 12 months on 21.02.2019 and on 14.03.2019 I received this mail:

enter image description here

From 21.02.2019 I started just one instance and keep it running without interruption to this day. That is something around 500 hours, not 654. Even my account on AWS portal after login shows about instance this:

enter image description here

Could you please advise me what to do next, why it happens? All about this topic is written here. But it does not clarify my problem. I saw some similar questions through multiple domains but they told that problem is that someone run multiple instances, not just one... but I can clearly see that I have just one that I still not stopped or interrupted... I do not use any AWS database, but Google Cloud PSQL DB that is close to Frankfurt, where my AWS server is located...

Maybe this will be helpful:

enter image description here

One interesting sentence is this here: "Some of the most common limits are by time, such as hourly or by the minute, or by requests, which are the requests you send to the service, also known as API operations." I do not understand it, maybe stupid question - sorry, but the more GET / POST request on my web occur, the quicker time goes? OR the more terminal SSL session instances I have the more time it consumes?

What's more, I connect with terminal to server 2 times a day for an 4 hours and I have 0 visitors on my web page. I use 2 ports, one for production(where I have runnig permanently thread with my site with nohup & and screen commands) and one for development simultaneously.

I wrote to AWS support, but as far as it is free account for now, the severity is LOW and therefore no respond. I have 3 days left I think and then I have to pay...don't understand why and why they did not reset calculation of hours with first day of March?

Other evidence:

enter image description here

And solution found thanks to answer here, 2 instances running, Frankfurt and Ohio:

enter image description here

But after shutting down an Ohio instance, another was created and started without my permission again:

enter image description here

In order to terminate instance permanently, disable auto scaling:

enter image description here

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Asked March 17, 2019
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The only possible cause of this would be that you actually have two, not one, instance running. Check EC2 in all the other regions in the console, to find the other instance.

Time does reset on the first of the month, and this line item is not usage sensitive -- as little or as much traffic as you want does not change how machine hours are calculated. API requests do not change how machine hours are calculated. Formerly, stop/start events (similar to power off/power on, excluding simple reboot) on an instance would inflate the hours by 1 hour for each event but this has not been the case for a couple of years.

654÷2÷24 = 13.625 days of two separate instances running since the first of the month.

credit: Michael - sqlbot
Answered March 17, 2019
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