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Bash terminal trying to read a previously installed file on each start up [Resolved]

Whenever I open the (Gnome) terminal from my Fedora 26 system this line is being displayed first before the command prompt:

-bash: /home/kiran/AIPS/LOGIN.SH: No such file or directory

I understand that on each start up the terminal is trying to read the above mentioned file. I find this irritating. Why is this happening?

(PS: AIPS was a software I had installed previously. After installing it I was not being able to open the system settings. The installation was incorrectly overriding the system libraries and hence I removed it. This warning that I am getting seems to be an artifact from that AIPS installation)

Question Credit: pziphi
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Asked March 23, 2019
Posted Under: Unix Linux
1 Answers

Based on one person's installation guide I suspect you have an AIPS-related line in your ~/.bashrc file; edit that file and remove the line that reads something like:


It could use variations such as:

source ~/AIPS/LOGIN.SH



Search for the text AIPS/LOGIN.SH and you should find the right spot.

credit: Jeff Schaller
Answered March 23, 2019
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