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What happens when a server runs out of space? [Resolved]

And by "runs out" I mean totally, including space reserved for root. Can I still log in? Can I spawn processes? Can I delete a big file if I know its location? Can I find or ncdu big files or directories?

Question Credit: x-yuri
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Asked March 23, 2019
Tags: linux
Posted Under: Unix Linux
1 Answers

Can you still login?

  • locally, yes, though problems may occur with your shell (bash auto-completion won't work, for instance).
  • through ssh, no. It will generally fail because it won't be able to create locks.

Can you spawn processes?

  • Generally speaking, yes. However starting up services may fail (once again, because they would fail to create locks, write to logs, etc).

Can you delete files?

  • Sure. Auto completion may not work, but generic shell commands work fine, including find (for ncdu I don't know, it may use temporary files and require at least some space).

credit: wazoox
Answered March 23, 2019
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