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Fuzzy Fonts in Vim-Like (Webkit) browsers [Resolved]

I tried several vim-like browsers such as uzbl, vimb and dwb recently.

All they have in common is the Fuzzy fonts rendering in some pages such as stackexchang or github.

enter image description here

I've searched and found out the problem is cause by a bitmap font named Clean. I added this to my ~/.config/fontconfig/fonts.conf but I had no luck.



Is there a way to fix this problem (preferably without sacrificing all of my bitmap fonts).

Question Credit: r004
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Asked April 16, 2019
Posted Under: Unix Linux
2 Answers

Hi, I had the same issue and I basically installed the following fonts:

ttf-dejavu ttf-droid ttf-droid-monovar ttf-inconsolata ttf-freefont.

I don't know which distribution you are using but on Archlinux they are all available in the official package repository. You may want to try to install each of them one by one

credit: Rui F Ribeiro
Answered April 16, 2019

Other solution is to remove xorg-fonts-75dpi and xorg-fonts-100dpi packages. See this post for details.

credit: petRUShka
Answered April 16, 2019
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