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Documenting a distributed application [Resolved]

Recently, I've became the integration lead for a large distributed system. I have two main challenges before I can take on anything else: first document all system interfaces and it's relationships and prepare to upgrade for a new cloud infrastructure (and getting away from IBM stuff).

The first goal is tricky. We got an excel spreadsheet with all applications, databases, clusters and file systems. Every change on our system must be reflected on this spreadsheet, for example, a new web app being deployed. How it communicates?

This solutions is not good, it's hard to keep update, hard to consume and our team does not trust it.

My question is: How to document system interface (interfaces being boundaries where systems communicates)? Have you guys faced similar challenge? The previous integration lead tried to create a custom app for that, but is just too much effort. I was considering using confluence (wiki) to accomplish the same.


Question Credit: Bruno Moreira
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Asked April 16, 2019
Posted Under: Programming
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