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What is the relationship between IV&V professionals, Testers and QA engineers? [Resolved]

In the context of SDLC, I know that Verification and Validation is about verifying the deliverable input from previous phase and validating the output of the current one. And that testing is a phase among the SDLC phases.

Based on my research, I found from UToronto lecture notes that:

V&V performed by a separate contractor

Which means that IV&V (Independent Verification and Validation) professionals are externally involved in SDLC, and thus have nothing to do with the testing phase.

On the other hand, I find on another course that:

Testing is the most common, but not the only form of V&V

Which means testers are involved in IV&V.

This makes me confused about whether both testing phase and IV&V are made by same person (let's say QA engineer) or the persons doing IV&V are not involved in the testing stage.

Does the job V&V professional exist in the software industry? What relationship exists between QA engineers, testers and IV&V?

How is the V&V process involved during the project management: is it performed continuously within SDLC in the early stages or in the last stages?

Also does the SDLC include IV&V as a stage?

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Asked April 16, 2019
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2 Answers

The relationship... doesn’t exist.

Modern software development generally doesn’t have discrete phases where you take and validate some input, do some work, and then pass it down the assembly line. And these days even having a separate role for testers or other quality assurance work is more and more rare.

At the scale necessary for most software, the verification process is automated and included in the continual deployment process. There are occasionally dedicated professionals that automate those tests, but they are just QA engineers or Software Develoment Engineer in Test (SDETs). The labels don’t much matter, but I’ve never heard V&V used.

credit: Telastyn
Answered April 16, 2019
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