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What can schools see on school issued Mac? [Resolved]

My school gave everyone Macs that were sealed in the box and everything. From what I’ve seen so far, the root certificate hasn’t been tampered with. Can they see my https web history? Can laptops have monitoring software preinstalled to decrypt before being placed in the manufacturing box?

Also, my personal Apple ID is on the computer and I realized some of my phone searches (not on their network) were syncing to my laptop. Can they see or decrypt my iCloud Safari data web history because of the sync with my phone? It is stated that files and messages stored on the Mac are not private.

Also, school email and data over their network of computers can be seen and there are antivirus and firewall software installed. Nothing about web monitoring was noted.

Question Credit: Calvin Wang
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Asked May 16, 2019
Posted Under: Security
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