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Issue retrieving value of People Picker using PnP PowerShell for SP 2013 [Resolved]

I'm retrieving all of the values from a list and it's working fine on all of the fields except the People and Group Picker column.

It returns:


I'm trying to retrieve it using the following syntax (although I've tried everything):

 "Content Author" = $libitem["KBContentAuthor"].LookupValue


Question Credit: Martin Muldoon
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Asked July 11, 2019
Posted Under: Sharepoint
1 Answers

You need to also additional fetch details as below via Get-PnPUser command:

$value = $libitem["KBContentAuthor"]

$user = Get-PnPUser -Identity $value.LookupId

# added this just for explanation, you can remove it from the code
$email = $user.Email  
$username = $user.LoginName
$fullname = $user.Title

"Content Author" = $user.Title

credit: Gautam Sheth
Answered July 11, 2019
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