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How to enter recovery mode in a watch with one button (power)? [Resolved]

I try to enter recovery mode in watch with one power button and no additional buttons , but failed to do that.

Is it possible to enter recovery mode with this single button ?

I try this with 2 different watch: microwear H5, kingwear 98

One of them is using android 5.1 , the other android 6.

Thank you

Question Credit: ransh
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Asked August 24, 2019
Posted Under: Android
1 Answers

It seems that OP got an answer from Xda-developers for Microwear H5.

You can enter recovery mode via adb command or installing a reboot to recovery app from play store.

The adb command is the usual one for rebooting to recovery:

adb reboot recovery

The answer also applies for Kingwear KW98.

credit: Reddy Lutonadio
Answered August 24, 2019
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