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Seeing Wi-Fi password on Android 6.0/EMUI 4.0 [Resolved]

I couldn't find nothing on Google, nor Stack Exchange, sorry for duplicate. So, I want to see a password to an connected Wi-Fi, without rooting my Huawei P8 Lite (ALE-21). Is it possible to access /data/wifi/ using Ubuntu 16.04 or Windows 10, if I can't directly from the phone? A friend, told me something about giving full admin rights to a root explorer app (sideload) If nothing is possible, can someone explain me how to root Android 6.0/EMUI 4.0, accessing /data/wifi then delete the root and get back to the normal, like nothing happened? I don't want to damage my phone, I just want to access that section.

Question Credit: sticsk
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Asked August 24, 2019
Posted Under: Android
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