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How can I import a list of words and shortcuts into my Android Personal Dictionary? [Resolved]

jc able

ab about

bv above

ac account

This is a sample of the words and shortcuts that I'm trying to add into my Personal Dictionary. I've tried exporting my current dictionary with shortcuts and the text file inside of the zip contains this:

# Gboard Dictionary version:1

q ing

# From OS

jc able
t the

I'm able to import the above file, but as soon as I copy and paste my words into it I'm hit with an "Import failed" toast.

Here"s the full wordlist that I'm trying to copy and paste into the other file.

I've also tried the User Dictionary Manager app with no success as it doesn't seem to support shortcuts for words. It just assumes that the shortcut is part of the word.

Why isn't this working? What do I have to do too make it work?

Question Credit: Christopher Peralta
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Asked August 24, 2019
Posted Under: Android
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