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Live wallpaper selection on Pie? [Resolved]

I find the new Wallpaper app on Pie doesn't let you pick live wallpapers. Even when I downloaded the APK and installed it, it says 'cannot install'.

It's not as though 9 doesn't support them, the first time I installed a live wallpaper, I was able to click 'open' on the package installer and set it, but now since it doesn't provide an app icon I can't go back to it if I change to something else. I'm running the LineageOS 16 based Resurrection Remix custom ROM on a OnePlus 3.

Question Credit: Rex
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Asked August 24, 2019
Posted Under: Android
2 Answers

Overkill - I had to install the Pixel 3 live wallpaper collection that weighs in at 159 MB. It lets me choose my own live wallpapers in addition to the built in ones (that made it so bloated).

I've marked this as the answer - but open to other alternatives too.

credit: Rex
Answered August 24, 2019
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