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Reload IMAP folder list in K-9 mail [Resolved]

Recently I changed the folder structure of my E-Mail account, actually merging a lot of them. K-9 didn't realize the changes. It neither added new new folders nor removed those, no longer existing.

Pressing the refresh button in folders view seems only to refresh the mails, rather that the folders.

How can I achieve a re-read of the account's folder list?

Question Credit: Andreas H.
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Asked September 4, 2019
Tags: k9-mail
Posted Under: Android
1 Answers

Go to the list of folders by clicking on the folder icon next to the IMAP account listed under the Accounts view. That's your list of folder's you'd like to update. Tap the three dots in the lower right. There should be an item called "refresh folder list."

credit: Jacob
Answered September 4, 2019
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