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How do I use Freenode IRC with SASL in Adium? [Resolved]

I received the following error when trying to join Freenode with Adium:

*** Notice -- You need to identify via SASL to use this server

I understand why they want me to use SASL in my case, and I can see this is a common problem. I can see that Adium supports SASL, and I can find the help ticket that prompted the Adium dev group to add SASL support.

What I can't find is... how to use SASL in Adium. I don't see any options for enabling SASL or configuring it or anything. Thanks for your help.

Question Credit: TravisThomas
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Asked September 7, 2019
Posted Under: Apple
1 Answers

Adium 1.5 doesn't support using SASL for IRC. That will be added in 1.6:

In 1.6, there will be a checkbox to activate SASL. When that is activated, the password field is treated as the SASL password.

The following build can be used successfully: Adium_1.6hgr5915.dmg

And this guide may help if you have question using it after you've enabled SASL.

credit: ylluminate
Answered September 7, 2019
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