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how to have ad-blocked browsing? [Resolved]

I use Firefox and uBlock on my PC to save CPU time and data. Is there a similar way to get faster browsing in Android? I prefer not to use Adblock Plus.

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Asked September 10, 2019
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Firefox Mobile supports add-ons! Including but not limited to: uBlock Origin. So install Firefox and add uBlock. Should run just like your desktop. Problem solved!

Fun bonus: Firefox Mobile's user agent string causes some funny stuff I've noticed (check You can get an add-on to fix that, too, though! Just add "AppleWebKit/9999" to the user agent string and suddenly websites are prettier :3

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Answered September 10, 2019

AdBlock does not make your browsing faster. It simply blocks ads. Maybe it does, but that's probably insignificant.

If you want to improve browsing speed, try Opera Max - Data manager.

Opera Max is a free, data-savings and data-management app that extends your data plan. With Opera Max, you can easily manage your data by monitoring daily data usage and limit data-hogging apps to Wi-Fi only. Opera Max also provides data savings by compressing videos, photos, media and more on almost all of your favorite apps and websites - without any noticeable loss of quality. Data overage fees are a thing of the past with Opera Max!

You can also try Opera's Off-Road feature (different from Opera Max).

Save time and money On a slow connection? Or, need to control your Android phone or tablet’s data use? Switch to Off-Road mode in Opera to save data and browse faster.

Or if you already have the Chrome Browser installed, enable Reduce Data Usage in its settings.

Save Data - reduce mobile data usage by up to 50% while browsing

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Answered September 10, 2019

If you have a rooted device. I suggest installing Ad Away

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Answered September 10, 2019

There is a fast browser that block ads called "uc browser" you should download the latest version from google play because this feature is only found in the newset version

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Answered September 10, 2019

Android Ad block from browsers and app as well

Block all ads by replacing hosts file. Easiest way to block ads :) No app or proxy required.


  1. Root required
  2. Install android emulator or use file browser to replace the hosts file
  3. Replace the hosts file from the repo ( to the existing hosts file present in /etc/hosts

credit: Sangram Chavan
Answered September 10, 2019
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