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How to detect that internal hard disk is removed and which files were copied? [Resolved]

Its easy to steal internal hdd, which do not generate sound signals to aware the owner while removing and allows Thief to copy the data.

Is there any way by which these thieves acts can be traced.

Question Credit: M.Patil
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Asked September 14, 2019
Posted Under: Programming
1 Answers

Encrypt the entire harddisk, then the copied data is useless.

But if someone malicious has unrestricted access to your hardware, you have lost the security game anyway. They can install all kinds of spyware or even hardware bugs. Then the encryption will not help you either. See Evil Maid Attack.

Securing your hardware is the first and most basic layer of security. If you cannot do that, everything else is somewhat pointless.

credit: Michael Borgwardt
Answered September 14, 2019
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