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How do I install IIS management console? [Resolved]

I just installed Windows 7 Enterprise along with some development tools. I didn't see IIS (the management console) anywhere in the start menu. I went to Turn Windows Features On or Off and saw that indeed IIS was present. Even http://localhost/ responded. I even turned all IIS features off (uninstalled them) and back on (rebooting each time). I still don't get IIS on my start menu.

I also tried just launching MMC and adding the IIS snap-in, but that too, is absent.

How can I manage the IIS on my box?

Question Credit: Andrew Arnott
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Asked September 17, 2019
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3 Answers

Doh! I guess it's just an unchecked (and strangely non-default) feature: Internet Information Services -> Web Management Tools -> IIS Management Console.

I'd seen it before, but didn't think it was relevant as Web Management Tools suggests to me a web-based management interface. Misnomer I guess.

credit: Andrew Arnott
Answered September 17, 2019

Protip: Start -> Run -> inetmgr

Bonus points for WinKey+R !

credit: p.campbell
Answered September 17, 2019

Install the Internet Information Services (IIS 7) from the Web Platform Installer 3.0. link: Then, you would be able to find out the IIS Manager from the Administration Tools.

credit: Nicholas
Answered September 17, 2019
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